Housekeeping and Maintenance


Housekeeping is provided once each week unless otherwise noted in your Accommodations Agreement and your scheduled day is listed on your Welcome Letter. We will remove any garbage/recycling, make the beds with fresh linen, replace towels, dust, sweep, vacuum and mop the floors. We will also replenish your supply of bathroom and facial tissue and garbage bin bags on housekeeping day, throughout your stay.
Our weekly cleaning is intended to help our guests maintain the suite. Dish washing, daily garbage/recycling removal and personal laundry are the Guest’s responsibility. Please clean spills in the kitchen as they happen. Adjust stove/oven temperatures to prevent spill over. If your suite has a ceramic stove top, please wait until the stove cools and immediately wipe up any spills. Use the overhead hood fan when cooking. Open a window if cooking heavily aromatic foods. Wash dishes and cookware regularly to avoid food build up and replacement.
Contact your DelSuites representative with any extra or special cleaning requests or concerns. Deep cleanings will be scheduled for our longer stay guests (3 months or more).

Please note that if you have arrived the day before or are departing the day after a scheduled suite cleaning, your suite will NOT be receiving service.

The following linens are replaced once weekly, when used:
- bed sheets and pillowcases
- bathroom towels
- kitchen tea towels and dish cloths
- table napkins and place mats if required
- sofa bed package if required.

If you need to wash the above items between housekeeping days, please take care to wash whites with whites only to prevent discolouration and damage.
We also ask that you not use DelSuites linens for cleaning purposes. Any stains or damage to the linens caused by the guest will have charges applied.

Your Personal Items
We may move items on counter and table tops to allow for proper cleaning. As such, your items may not end up in the exact same spot. If your bathroom has a medicine cabinet or drawers, we would suggest that you place personal toiletries there. To facilitate vacuuming, dusting and changing of linens, clothing is handled as follows:
Clothing found on the bedroom or closet floor is placed in the laundry basket provided for that bedroom. Clothing found in bathrooms is placed in the laundry basket in the corresponding bedroom closet. Clothing found on top of the bed is returned to the top of the bed after the sheets have been changed. If several personal items are found on the bed (suite cases, laptop, etc), Housekeeping may not be able to change the linens and in this case will leave spare linens on top of the dresser. We kindly ask that you keep the bed clear for cleaning day so Housekeeping is able to make up your bed with fresh linens. Clothing found outside the bedroom/bathroom is left in the same room. 

Please advise DelSuites if you are using your own linens or towels. We promise to do our best to ensure we do not take your linens or towels when we clean but mistakes can happen.

We place any food or drink debris in the garbage. If there is a food item you prefer to keep on the counter, such as fruit, please place it in a container or store it in a cupboard on cleaning day, to avoid confusion.
If you have a specific question about our housekeeping approach, please contact your guest service representative.

We have listed some preventative maintenance items to be aware of in order to avoid damage to the suite that could be deemed your responsibility.

Climate Control
Heating and air conditioning are switched seasonally by central building equipment. This changeover is pre-scheduled by building maintenance. The individual suite controls will adjust the levels of heating and cooling, but will not allow a change from heating to air conditioning or vice versa. Notices will be posted in the building advising of changeovers.
The recommended temperature settings are a minimum of 65 degrees for cooling and a maximum of 75 degrees for heating. Please keep the windows closed when operating the heating and cooling unit. The units are maintained and serviced seasonally by the Building Corporation.
Thermostats are to be set to AUTO. If the fan runs continuously on a lowered setting, there is a risk of freezing in the coils. It can cost upwards of $1500 for repair.
In the colder months, there is a chance of condensation forming around the windows if the suite is kept too warm. Here are some helpful tips to minimize the condensation and any possible damage in the unit:

  • When cooking turn on the exhaust fan above the stove.
  • When taking a bath or shower turn on the exhaust fan in the washroom.
  • If the condensation is quite bad we suggest running the exhaust fan for a few hours.
  • Slightly open the window or door for 5-10 minutes to let outside air circulate inside the suite but be sure to close after the 5-10 minutes.
  • If you have humidifiers please try to avoid using these during extreme cold weather as it increases the amount of condensation.

If you have any problems with your heat or A/C, please contact your Guest Services Representative.

Please do not leave the stove unattended when cooking. Clean spills as they happen. Do not leave the suite when the dishwasher or washing machine is in operation. Watch for and report any leaks immediately. Use the appropriate soap for the dishwasher and washing machines. We have left a small start-up supply of dishwashing liquid and dishwasher powder. Using the incorrect soap can cause the machines to overflow and leak. It is very important to clean the lint trap inside the dryer after each use as this can be a fire hazard. The lint trap can be found on the inside at the front of the machine.

Energy Conservation
We ask that you turn off lights and the televisions when not in use or if you leave the suite. Additional charges could apply for higher than average consumption of electricity.
Please note that your light switches are powered by a master light switch located beside the entrance door in order to conserve energy. This switch will allow you to turn off all your lights as you are leaving the suite or turn them on as you enter. You will need to ensure that the switch is in the “ON” position for any of the light switches to work.Click here for more tips

Garbage and Recycling
Housekeeping will remove the garbage and recycling on your scheduled cleaning day. To maintain the freshness of your suite and to prevent insect activity, we ask for your cooperation in removing your garbage and recycling regularly throughout the week. The Garbage Chutes and Recycling Chute for small items are conveniently located on each floor. Extra costs may be incurred if excessive amounts of garbage or recycling are left for Housekeeping to dispose of. To facilitate proper cleaning of your suite, please remove all refuse and recycling materials (glass, plastic, tin and paper) from your suite on a regular basis. The Recycling Room is located on the Ground level beside the Moving Room for larger items.

Do not let water accumulate or sit on the floor. Water can cause damage very quickly. Clean any water spills immediately. If you have a leak, report it immediately to your Guest Services Representative. Keep the plastic shower liner inside the bathtub during a shower and leave it there until it has completely dried. There are NO floor drains in the bathrooms. There is a bath mat on the side of the tub to stand on after stepping out of the tub. There are no exhaust fans in the bathrooms and instead Parc Nuvo offers an Energy Recovery Ventilator. The switch is located in your bathroom and it is important to keep this system on at all times.

Energy Recovery Ventilator
The ERV system is an innovative system that allows better air-quality by delivering fresh air directly into your suite. It is controlled by the wall mounted touch pad in the bathroom. There are 4 modes (Yellow light for minimum, Red light for maximum, Green light for recirculation and no light for off). It is suggested to keep the system on YELLOW regularly, RED if you have condensation in the suite, pets or there are a larger number of residents in the suite and GREEN if you will be away for an extended period of time. The ERV system is ONLY to be turned off for maintenance. DelSuites is responsible for the regular maintenance of this unit.

Toilet Issues
When flushing the toilet, hold the handle of the toilet long enough to completely clear the bowl. Please be mindful of the amount of toilet tissue used. If the toilet is clogged, use the plunger. It is placed beside the toilet in the main bathroom of each suite. If the water level continues to rise, turn the water supply OFF immediately and place towels on the floor to absorb any water that flows over. The water supply valves are located behind the toilet. In most cases, using the plunger will clear blockages. If you continue to have problems, contact your Guest Services Representative immediately. Charges may be incurred if a plumber is called and the issue was a result of guest mis-use or carelessness.