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Travelling Green With DelSuites

December 1, 2021
Eco-friendly travel

With the climate heating up and wild weather our new normal, we’re all looking for greener ways to travel—whether it’s as elaborate as buying carbon offsets or simple as a reusable coffee cup. But it’s easier to be eco-friendly on the road when you’ve got a helping hand.

Here’s how staying with DelSuites helps you travel green—and enjoy comfortable Toronto luxury without taking it out on our planet.

DelSuites units are built green

DelSuites sources our furnished short-term rentals exclusively in Tridel buildings—and Tridel is Canada’s recognized leader in sustainable design. With the most LEED-certified buildings in the country and 11 BILD Green Builder of the Year Awards, Tridel has led the way in innovating new ways to combine comfortable luxury housing with good ecological practices.

That means staying in a DelSuites furnished apartment is a chance to sample buildings constructed and designed from the ground up for clean air, energy efficiency, and water-saving. Tridel buildings, on average, use 34% less electricity, 57% less natural gas and 43% less potable water than your standard modern high-rise—and automatically cut down on the climate impact of your travel.

A DelSuites stay also gives you the chance to enjoy innovative new sustainable technologies. Tridel’s one of the co-founders of research laboratory Tower Labs—a space devoted to making high-rise living cleaner, greener, and more sustainable, including Canada’s first Net Zero condominium home. And DelSuites furnished apartments are located in the buildings where those innovations are rolled out first.

Booking your stay at Element means not just accessible downtown luxury, but enjoying the first condominium in Canada built with Enwave’s revolutionary Deep Lake Water Cooling System. It’s an innovation that reuses waste heat from a nearby heating plant to keep your suite warm in winter—and almost eliminate the environmental impact of heating and cooling the building.

With a DelSuites booking, you’re already ahead in making your trip an eco-friendly one.

Furnished short-term rentals let you travel green

The hospitality industry has come a long way in reducing, reusing, and recycling everywhere, from flexible housekeeping policies to changing the waste footprint of toiletries. But for the eco-focused traveler, a furnished rental is the greenest solution—because it’s designed for daily life.

All of our units have fully equipped kitchens, complete with dishes, glassware, kitchen tools, and all the major appliances you need to whip up your favourite meal. Whether you’re a home gourmet or want to sample Toronto’s world-class international restaurants, you can ditch the takeout plastic cutlery, disposable coffee cups, and coffee pods to eat a little greener.

Our kitchens’ stock of reusable storage containers also let you use Toronto’s multiple waste-free and co-op grocery stores, and cut out the waste plastic altogether. Or you can take advantage of a residential address—and the services of our friendly concierges—to have fresh, local fruits and vegetables brought to your door with Toronto’s leading-edge social enterprise produce box program, Foodshare.

When something does have to go into the trash, you’ll have the chance to choose a greener option. All our buildings participate in the City of Toronto’s Blue Bin and Green Bin programs, which divert recyclables and organic waste out of landfills.

Our suites’ full, no-fee laundry facilities are equipped with modern washing machines and dryers: built to balance energy and water use. With the chance to run laundry whenever you need, you can take advantage of off-peak electricity hours and cut out dry cleaners’ or launderers’ plastic packaging. And more importantly, you’ll have the chance to pack lighter, save luggage weight—and luggage fees—and reduce your carbon footprint while you travel.

Our locations open Toronto’s eco-friendly options to you

Toronto has a strong commitment to living green, and when you’re part of the neighbourhood—whether it’s for two weeks or half a year—it’s that much easier to take part.

Our suites are located in high Walk Score neighbourhoods, putting you just steps away from major business destinations, hospitals, theatres, parks, sports, restaurants, and green, clean public transit—and making it easier for you to get your daily steps in!

If you want to go a little faster and amp up the cardio, Bike Share Toronto stations are never more than a few blocks away, and their easy-to-use network lets you check in and check out bicycles across the city.

You’re also never far from supplies for eco-friendly living, from high-end to grassroots, or the city’s diverse farmer’s markets. Both seasonal and year-round markets make it easy for you to eat not just diverse and healthy, but local—and cut down on the kilometres your food has had to travel.

The future is green travel

We’re all changing the way we live, work, and travel as the world changes around us—and DelSuites makes it easy to embrace green living without sacrificing any of the perks that make great vacation memories.

Contact us at DelSuites by phone at (647) 370-3504 or email info@delsuites.com to ask about our green travel solutions and book today.


DelSuites Turns 23: Celebrating Our Anniversary

November 26, 2021

The Value of Home

Family, community, and redefining the value of home has driven DelSuites since we opened our doors in October 1998. As part of the Tridel Group of Companies, DelSuites shares Tridel’s belief that a home is more than bricks and mortar; instead, it’s defined by the community that connects us to each other and our surroundings.

After 23 years, we can proudly say that a stay with us always feels like home away from home. Since beginning our journey with a small number of properties and suites in Toronto’s downtown core, we’ve grown into the city’s largest extended stays provider, welcoming clients to suites across all of Toronto’s major neighbourhoods. DelSuites has created countless exceptional furnished rental experiences for our clients and their families, with stays that have stretched from the minimum 30 nights to a record-setting 1,794 nights—almost five full years!

Throughout it all, one thing is certain. We are grateful to be a part of advancing the short-term rental industry. At DelSuites, we have one firm belief: to help anyone who needs accommodation find the perfect place to call home, no matter the reason.

“I needed what I thought was temporary housing that turned into more permanent residency due to a personal situation. The situation was exacerbated because of the pandemic, which really forced me to stay put during that time. I chose DelSuites because of the location of the property and the unit itself. It was fully furnished with all of the amenities that I needed so the move was quite easy.” -DelSuites Client at Republic (Midtown Toronto)

Building Community

Building on Tridel’s mission to create inclusive, cohesive, and sustainable communities has allowed us to play a role in the inspiring stories that make Toronto beautiful.

We have been the first place new Canadian immigrants come to rest their heads before finding their permanent home, or a safe landing for families who have survived floods and house fires. We’ve provided an oasis of calm for film actors and crews working long days on hit movie sets and been a sanctuary for patients and their families travelling to Toronto for life-saving surgery.

Every guest who passes through our doors gives us a fresh appreciation for what a city like Toronto is made of: genuine human interactions and interwoven stories that connect us to one another and to places around the world.

For more than two decades, the love for our communities and surrounding neighbourhoods — and drive to help make them stronger — has taken centre stage at DelSuites. It’s inspired us to give back to our communities by making sure families in our neighbourhoods have much-needed furniture and essentials to build solid, stable lives. Committed to helping develop the next generation of industry talent, we have contributed to scholarships in the trades for young Torontonians through the BOLT Foundation, raised money for the Daily Bread Food Bank, aided in hurricane relief efforts, and even made pets feel more at home at the Toronto Humane Society.

Every day at DelSuites we make choices that positively impact our environment by ensuring that our furnished apartments are more ecologically sustainable. We situate our suites in LEED-certified buildings that use 34% less electricity, 57% less natural gas and 43% less potable water than your average high-rise. Over the past five years, we have adapted our business practices to support our environmental commitment as well. DelSuites has moved to fully paperless booking and adjusted our office supply procurement practices in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our commitment to help strong, sustainable communities has been recognized with awards from both our guests and our industry colleagues. Our guests have honoured us with seven consecutive TripAdvisor Certificates of Excellence, and we were the proud recipients of the Corporate Housing Providers Association’s Best Green Progress Award, recognizing our commitment to propelling our industry forward. We were also honoured to receive three nominations for the Americas Expatriate Management and Mobility Award. A huge, heartfelt thank you to our guests and industry associations for these recognitions.

Driving The Future of Furnished Rentals

As short-term furnished rentals evolve to welcome travellers from all walks of life, we’re utilizing new technology to elevate our personable, responsive customer service. To be accessible to everyone, we’ve partnered with all major third-party digital channels and evolved our booking process from telephone and email to an online bookings portal with live rates and opportunities for guests to take full virtual tours from anywhere, 24 hours a day.

Additionally, we’re expanding into studio spaces suited to the independent, agile traveller, and partnering with co-working spaces, grocery delivery services, and other local businesses to make staying in Toronto as seamless as possible while the way we work and live become increasingly more mobile and agile.

Part of a Tridel Community

We’re positioned to embrace new challenges and opportunities that arise over the next few years—but our success to date would not have been possible without the people in our community throughout the past 23 years of learning, growth, innovation, and service.

We rely upon the fierce expertise of the other organizations within the Tridel Group—in property management, sales, seniors’ housing, and longer-term rentals—to make the DelSuites experience incomparable. The collective knowledge of our teams encompasses all aspects of a building—the vision behind what it can be, how it’s built, how it runs and operates, and how it can become a community—is essential to giving our guests a memorable stay.

Thank you to our bookers who work to efficiently house and relocate guests within Toronto. We are proud to work with partners who align with our values and help elevate the DelSuites brand.

Behind it all, our dedicated DelSuites team makes everything happen with their passion. Our staff’s diverse knowledge of hospitality and housing is incomparable, and the ways they support one another makes DelSuites a wonderful place to work. Thank you for making our work home just as comfortable, caring, and excellent as the homes we provide.

Rising High on Our Foundations

We’re still pursuing the principles that we began with 23 years ago, in 1998: home is a precious thing, no matter how long we live there; that our families—biological and chosen—can support each other in magnificent ways; and that we can all go much farther together than we can apart.

In the words of the late Angelo DelZotto, “What we know together is limitless”.

We’re thrilled to see where this journey will continue to take us; thank you for joining us along the way. Here’s to Year 24!

Announcements, Customer Service Experience

DelSuites Celebrates 2021 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award

October 21, 2021

The DelSuites mission is being there for our guests: bringing you stable, luxurious furnished Toronto short-term rentals to enjoy worry-free.

As travel changed in 2020 in response to COVID-19, we’ve kept up that goal of being there—whether you’re local or international, here for a month or a year—as the world shut down in response to COVID.

DelSuites is pleased and proud that that unprecedented work has been recognized by the TripAdvisor.ca 19th Annual Travellers’ Choice Awards: the guest-voted award for hotels, hospitality providers, and attractions millions of TripAdvisor users agree “consistently deliver fantastic experiences to travellers around the globe.”

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel discovery platform, connecting 463 million travellers a month with reviews, accommodations, bookings, reservations, and rates.

DelSuites takes a place among winners from six continents and 83 countries as a standout provider in the top ranks of TripAdvisor’s almost 9 million listed businesses. The award is based on consistently excellent user reviews and high guest ratings across all of our Toronto locations.

The DelSuites team is happy to receive this honour for the seventh year in a row. But we’re especially celebrating because of this year’s challenging circumstances: the first year TripAdvisor’s annual travel industry ratings were collected under the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

As much international travel ground to a halt, our guests booked room nights to help or comfort loved ones, stay close to their essential workplaces, protect family members at higher risk, and navigate a year of uncertainty.

Our dedicated team was called upon to not just provide our guests with a comfortable, friendly welcome, but adjust nimble booking policies, offer stability in unstable times, and create safety precautions they could rely on when a place to call home meant more than ever.

“The hospitality industry has been hit extremely hard, including DelSuites,” said DelSuites Marketing Manager Suelyn Bloye. “We rely on visitors from all over the world, and with Canadian borders closed to all non-essential travel this had a huge impact on our business. Despite these challenges, we have pushed through and supported our guests through uncertain times. We are honoured to be recognized directly by them for excellence in hospitality, service, quality, and customer satisfaction.”

We are incredibly proud that we could rise to this unprecedented challenge and provide our guests with not just comfort, but safety precautions they could rely on and the welcome of a true Toronto community.

DelSuites is excited to continue our record of excellence with TripAdvisor—seven Certificates of Excellence since 2014—and extend the pride we take in consistently creating a welcome for our guests into 2021.

Any day, anytime, we at DelSuites are ready to welcome you to Toronto and be your home away from home in one of the world’s most unique, diverse, and dynamic cities.

Announcements, Giving Back

DelSuites Builds Community With Rapid Rehousing Initiative Donation

September 19, 2021
delsuites furniture donation

DelSuites understands how important it is to have a comfortable, safe place to call home. Every day, we go above and beyond to make sure travellers from around the world can step through our doors and relax, knowing we’ve done the rest.

That’s why we’re deeply proud to have donated ten full and six partial sets of modern, stylish furniture—a gift worth $55,000—to the City of Toronto’s Rapid Rehousing Initiative: the city’s primary program for helping chronically homeless Torontonians find stable, permanent homes.

This contribution builds on our April 2020 donation of almost 25 apartments’ worth of furnishings to City of Toronto housing programs—a partnership that proved DelSuites hospitality can make a difference that lasts.


More than bare walls or a bandaid solution

The City of Toronto established its Rapid Rehousing Initiative in April 2020, as part of the response to COVID-19. This coordinated approach to public health and fighting poverty offers help to the people who need it most, by permanently housing people who have experienced chronic homelessness.

Recognizing how disproportionately COVID-19 would affect people without homes, the City of Toronto launched a collaborative effort between 20 city agencies, local non-profits like the Toronto Furniture Bank, and the City’s Follow-Up Supports program in March 2020.

By taking a complex, systemic view of what makes homelessness happen, the Rapid Rehousing Initiative helps Torontonians who have repeatedly been without a home not just find one in their own downtown neighbourhoods, but keep that home—and overcome the greater obstacles they’re facing. Furniture, housewares, and lease assistance are provided to give each participant a stable start—one where they can not just survive, but thrive.

Through the City’s Follow-Up Supports program, neighbourhood-based community agencies provide programs, resources, and social supports tailored to help each participant stabilize their future.

In 2020, the Rapid Rehousing Initiative helped 459 people—singles, couples, and families—move into permanent and fully furnished housing.

Phase two of the initiative started in January 2021, bringing 450 more units into the program. 160 Toronto families have already moved in, keys in hand, since June 1, 2021—and set themselves on the path to a better future.

Making a real impact in our community

Our April 2020 partnership with the City of Toronto showed us how much impact stylish, durable furniture can make when you’re starting fresh. Good dishes mean your favourite home cooking; a comfortable couch means time with friends and family; and modern, attractive ready-made décor means an instant boost to dignity.

Starting with a space that’s not just four walls, but a home doesn’t just let people save for education, family, or their future—it creates the place where we can be at peace, feel proud, and flourish.

Having seen the lasting effects of a comfortable space on our neighbours’ lives, we’ve targeted this newest donation to do the most good: help ten households move from living precariously into homes they can take pride in, with fundamentals that were made to last.

As Toronto’s groundbreaking housing program grows, DelSuites will be there to show we know a welcome is something you build every single day—and a welcome is for everyone.

Learn how you can help

Our cities become communities when we all pull together. Learn how you can help bring every Torontonian a safe and stable home at www.toronto.ca/donateTO.

Relocation, Toronto Condos

Toronto student housing is closed for coronavirus–but your life can stay open

April 29, 2020

Toronto student housing has closed, but that doesn't have to shut down your Toronto life

COVID-19 cases are climbing in Ontario, and Ryerson University, the University of Toronto’s Victoria and University Colleges, and three Ottawa universities shut down their student residences last month to prevent the spread.

While that choice will save lives, it’s left some students juggling major decisions on top of adjusting to online classes. To find Toronto student housing or return to family homes where elderly relatives live? How to travel to hometowns in a hurry, and whether to temporarily walk away from their school year lives, including roommates, friends, and part-time jobs.

International or out-of-province students face travel restrictions that are changing regularly, the transmission risks of flying, how to pay for travel back home, or where to stay now that many international borders have closed.

Even students whose residences are still open are working out how to stick to social distancing guidelines with roommates and communal bathrooms.

If you’re a student coming back to Toronto after a university residence closure—or a student sticking with your Toronto life—a furnished short-term rental can help you safely self-isolate without giving up work, navigating borders, or the risk of exposing people you love.

Keep your daily routine stable

The transition from residence living to a short-term furnished rental is easy.

Our suites include everything a residence fee does—and more: housing, local and North American long distance calls (some areas excluded), broadband internet, laundry, cable TV packages, and all utilities.

If you packed last September for a furnished dorm room and meal plan, booking a fully furnished temporary rental suite lets you skip the stress of finding furniture, dishes, and cookware while non-essential stores are closed. All our suites have a fully stocked kitchen, laundry, and toiletries so you can stop searching for a pasta pot and focus on what’s important.

Our suites are run by professional property managers who know the ins and outs of the fuse box, common apartment problems, and how to get an emergency plumber if your toilet backs up at three a.m. Support staff are on call 24/7 to help you adjust to your new apartment and answer common questions.

And if your part-time job is still open, our multiple locations across the GTA let you stay close enough to skip the commute and avoid transit.

Keep your support network close

Suddenly moving out of residence doesn’t just shake up your sense of place; it splits up the people you rely on, and that’s hard during a crisis.

We have two-bedroom and family-sized units available to let you stick with your roommates and friends and keep your support networks solid. You don’t have to worry about feeling sick far from family or isolating in a newer city. Separate bedrooms with doors and multiple bathrooms let you self-isolate from roommates if someone has symptoms—without leaving each other alone.

Keep costs down

To help during this pandemic, we’re offering major discounts on our suites to keep them affordable on a student budget. We’ve priced a two- or three-bedroom suite, right for sharing, at only a few dollars more per night than many university residence plans.

We’re also making our stays flexible: You can cancel anytime up to your check-in, in case your plans change. You can extend your stay easily if your summer sublet falls through, and because there’s no long-term lease, it’s much easier to substitute another friend into your second bedroom if a roommate has to move out.

Toronto student housing that works for you

Book through our website or email Info@delsuites.com for more information on how we can help you finish the school year safely, affordably, and together. We’ll do our best to help you find the easiest transition from residence to temporary home.