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7 Signs It’s Time To Move To A New Area

January 30, 2023
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Moving to a new place can be a difficult task, but it can also be an exciting chance to start a new chapter in your life and explore new possibilities. 

When determining whether or not it is the right time to relocate to a new neighbourhood in Toronto, there are a variety of aspects to take into account. 

When moving to a new area, it’s quite the commitment to sign a one-year lease. That’s why DelSuites provides a 30-day, fully furnished rental option at multiple locations around the city, which is perfect for those who are interested in living in a new area.

Here are 7 Signs That It’s Time To Move To A New Area

1/ Your Neighbourhood Doesn’t Suit Your Lifestyle

Your current neighbourhood does not satisfy your requirements in the same way it used to. If you feel that your current neighbourhood is no longer meeting your needs, whether it be due to a lack of amenities, concerns about the area’s safety, or simply the feeling that you’ve outgrown the area, it may be time to start looking for a new place to call home.

2/ Your Daily Commute Is Too Long

Your daily commute to and from work is getting longer and affecting you negatively. If you find that your commute in and out of Toronto is becoming intolerable and the city is known for its congestion, you may want to think about relocating to a new neighbourhood that is either closer to your place of employment so you can walk, bike there, or that has access to improved public transportation options.

3/ You Want Something Different

You’re ready for something new and exciting to happen. Maybe you have lived in an area for too long. Sometimes, all it takes to bring new energy and excitement into your life is a simple change in routine. Moving to a new location provides an excellent opportunity to become exposed to new people and cultures, as well as to discover new neighbourhoods.

4/ Need More Space? Less Space?

Your current home is either too small or too large for you and/or your family’s needs. If the current size of your home no longer meets your needs in terms of space, it may be time to start looking for a new place that more closely matches your requirements in this regard.

5/ Place Is Getting Too Expensive

Perhaps your monthly payments on your rent went up, or maybe you had a change in job status. If you currently live in Toronto, which is notorious for its extremely high housing costs, and if you are finding that your monthly rent is becoming unaffordable, it may be time to start looking for a home in another location that is more reasonably priced.

6/ The Area Is Getting A Bit Too Crowded Or Disruptive

Your neighbourhood is getting to the point where it is either too noisy or too crowded. If you live in Toronto, which can be very busy, and find that your neighbourhood is becoming too loud or crowded, it may be time to start looking for a more peaceful and quiet area to call home.

7/ Looking For More Space To Expand Your Family

Perhaps you feel that the time is right to start a family. If you are planning for that family, then you should think about moving to a place with nice things like a child’s room, good schools, parks, and other similar places to grow into.

8/ Too Much Maintenance

Your current residence requires significant maintenance or remodelling work to be done. It is possible that it will be more cost-effective for you to begin looking for a new place that is already in good condition if the current home you own is in need of significant repairs. This could also mean that you need to live somewhere temporarily while you do renovations and need a clean, furnished condo rental in Toronto to live in for the time being.

Start Searching For A New Area To Live In Today

In conclusion, moving to a new place can be a hard choice, but it can also be a great chance to start a new chapter in your life and look into different options. If you notice any of these warning signs, it may be time to start looking for a new place to call home in the Toronto area. When looking for a new place to call home, it is critical to give thought to your needs, financial situation, and way of life. 

Before settling on a choice, it is a good idea to do some preliminary research, investigate a variety of neighbourhoods, and consider living in one of our DelSuites locations all around the Greater Toronto Area for an opportunity to try the lifestyle before you commit to something more long-term.

Start searching for a new, furnished condo in Toronto now.


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Enjoy the Comforts of Home in This Midtown Toronto Furnished Apartment

January 17, 2023

Let’s face it if you’re in town on business and all of your meetings are in downtown Toronto, but you prefer the relaxed atmosphere of a residential neighbourhood, it can be tough to decide where to stay.

Discover Republic at 70 Roehampton Ave

Living, Dining, Kitchen_wm

Whether your short-term stay in Toronto will be for several weeks or several months, DelSuites offers plenty of options in the heart of the city’s midtown Yonge and Eglinton neighbourhood. The 25-story high-rise condominium, Republic, is accessible to Toronto’s downtown business district as it is to the outlying suburbs.

Walking distance to Toronto’s Yonge Street subway line, a north and south-bound transit service, Republic’s accessible location means that you’re never far from any area of the city. In fact, staying in mid-town would be the elective choice for many since it offers the conveniences of city living including thriving nightlife and plenty of fine and casual dining options, while situated on a serene, tree-lined residential street.

Master Bedroom_wm

From the fully-stocked kitchen to the finely appointed bedroom suites to the spacious living areas, Republic offers you the comforts that you would expect at home. That being said, you’ll enjoy the convenient perks of these Toronto Furnished Apartments which include regular housekeeping services, 24-hour lobby security and indoor parking. In addition, each suite is fully equipped with the business guest in mind, including a work desk, free wireless Internet and local calling as well as Skype access for a small monthly fee.

Beyond this property’s incredible upscale suite features, guests will find the building’s onsite fitness and health studio makes keeping your healthy lifestyle in check a breeze. For guests who favour outdoor fitness activities, Republic is close to the city’s parks along with walking and cycling pathways. And with the relaxing water therapy spa, sauna and steam rooms, you don’t have to be a star athlete or fitness fanatic to enjoy the benefits of stress relief after a long day.

With a convenient location, plus all of these swanky features and more, checking in to Republic is your choice when you want the comfort that comes from meeting in the middle.

For availability, suite layouts, and more information about Republic, be sure to contact DelSuites today.

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2023 Resolutions: Toronto Active Things

January 9, 2023
Resolutions, new year resolutions, Toronto, fitness activities

If your New Year’s goal is to live a more active lifestyle, there are many fun ways to stick to your new habit with Toronto’s active things to do.

Regular physical activity will bring you huge benefits. Not only will it help you to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight, but it will also reduce your blood pressure, build muscle, improve your metabolism and help you to sleep better. Exercise has also been found to release positive chemicals in the brain and help to reduce anxiety and depression.

If your goal is to make a habit of being more active, there are many ways that you can do this. You can go for a run or a walk, join a gym, go for a swim, take dance classes, join a sports team or go hiking – it’s up to you. You might even want to vary your activities so that you exercise different muscle groups and keep yourself from getting bored. Even if you feel like staying indoors, our furnished apartments offer fitness facilities in every building and are always included in the rate!

Here are just a few ways to help get you started with Toronto’s active things to do.

Take Aim at the Archery District

Imagine burning calories and having a blast at the same time while playing an archery tag game involving foam-tipped arrows and paintballs. Players rush to center field to retrieve the arrows, then attempt to knock out all of the five targets on the opposing side. This thrilling game can be played with your family, friends or colleagues and it is a great way to get your heart pumping.

Perfect Your Axe Throwing

Work on your upper body strength and dexterity and unleash your inner lumberjack by learning how to throw an axe. The Backyard Axe Throwing League offers casual walk-in axe-throwing lessons with experienced coaches. (Listen to the coach before attempting your first throw, otherwise, things could get dangerous!) If you find that you have a natural talent for hurling axes, you could join the league and compete.

Spin Around the PoleToronto Active Things

Pole dancing is a highly acrobatic and challenging performance art that requires a high level of strength, control and flexibility. It’s also a ton of fun and a great way to feel confident and sexy. Brass Vixens is the largest pole dance studio in Toronto and there you can take classes on how to achieve impressive acrobatic stunts. After your first lesson, you’ll be tired and sore but you’ll want to come back again just to learn how to pull off the amazing moves.

Overcome Obstacles

At Pursuit OCR you can climb, jump, run and clamber your way through a fantastic 10,000-square-foot obstacle course – then leap into Toronto’s only adult-sized ball pit. This thrilling indoor playground will ensure that you are having so much fun that you forget about how many calories you are burning.

These are just a few of the unusual, exciting Toronto active things to do to achieve your goal of being more active this year. Now get out there and go for it!

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