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How To Make A Furnished Short-Term Condo Rental Feel Like Home

February 13, 2023

There are many good things about renting a short-term that is already set up. These types of rentals are great for people who are travelling for business, going on vacation, or even in-between moves. But making a short-term feel like home is one of the hardest things about living there. Even though you may only be there for a few months, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t feel comfortable and at ease in your temporary home.

Personalizing your space is the first step to making it feel like home. This can be done in a number of ways, such as by adding a few of your own personal items or even having photos of you and your family in frames on end tables. 

Bring Small Personal Belongings With You

Adding some of your favourite amenities is another way to make a short-term furnished apartment feel like home. If you like to cook, for example, you might want to bring your own kitchen tools and cookware. If you like coffee, bring your own bags of your favourite beans. Bring your own teapot and a few boxes of tea if you like to drink tea.

Make It Feel Cozy

Comfort is another way to make a short-term furnished apartment feel like home. This means making a space that is good for relaxing, like a cozy reading nook, a comfortable chair, or even just turning down the lights. You can also make the space feel more private by putting up room dividers.

Unpack Fully And Put The Suitcase Away

Unpacking your suitcase and storing it away, as well as organizing the space, is another important thing you can do to make a short-term furnished apartment feel like home. This can be done with things like shelves, drawers, and even storage under the bed. You can also keep your things in order with tools like hanging organizers and shoe racks.

Your Home Away From Home

Tourists and renters in Toronto are becoming more and more interested in short-term apartments that are already set up. This is because they are a more convenient way to stay than a regular hotel. Also, people who rent them have more privacy and freedom than people who stay in traditional hotel rooms. This can be a great option for people moving to Toronto or coming for a short business trip. It can also be a great choice for people on vacation who want a place that feels like home.

Start Your Search For A Short-Term Rental in Toronto Today

There are many options when it comes to finding a short-term furnished apartment in Toronto. You can find places to rent in many places, like downtown, along the water, or even in the suburbs. You can also find rentals with different price ranges.

In the end, short-term furnished apartments are a good choice, but it can be hard to make them feel at home. But with a few easy steps, you can give it your own style. If you have the right idea, you can make the most of your short time in Toronto and enjoy it.

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7 Signs It’s Time To Move To A New Area

January 30, 2023
Move To A New Area, Toronto, DelSuites

Moving to a new place can be a difficult task, but it can also be an exciting chance to start a new chapter in your life and explore new possibilities. 

When determining whether or not it is the right time to relocate to a new neighbourhood in Toronto, there are a variety of aspects to take into account. 

When moving to a new area, it’s quite the commitment to sign a one-year lease. That’s why DelSuites provides a 30-day, fully furnished rental option at multiple locations around the city, which is perfect for those who are interested in living in a new area.

Here are 7 Signs That It’s Time To Move To A New Area

1/ Your Neighbourhood Doesn’t Suit Your Lifestyle

Your current neighbourhood does not satisfy your requirements in the same way it used to. If you feel that your current neighbourhood is no longer meeting your needs, whether it be due to a lack of amenities, concerns about the area’s safety, or simply the feeling that you’ve outgrown the area, it may be time to start looking for a new place to call home.

2/ Your Daily Commute Is Too Long

Your daily commute to and from work is getting longer and affecting you negatively. If you find that your commute in and out of Toronto is becoming intolerable and the city is known for its congestion, you may want to think about relocating to a new neighbourhood that is either closer to your place of employment so you can walk, bike there, or that has access to improved public transportation options.

3/ You Want Something Different

You’re ready for something new and exciting to happen. Maybe you have lived in an area for too long. Sometimes, all it takes to bring new energy and excitement into your life is a simple change in routine. Moving to a new location provides an excellent opportunity to become exposed to new people and cultures, as well as to discover new neighbourhoods.

4/ Need More Space? Less Space?

Your current home is either too small or too large for you and/or your family’s needs. If the current size of your home no longer meets your needs in terms of space, it may be time to start looking for a new place that more closely matches your requirements in this regard.

5/ Place Is Getting Too Expensive

Perhaps your monthly payments on your rent went up, or maybe you had a change in job status. If you currently live in Toronto, which is notorious for its extremely high housing costs, and if you are finding that your monthly rent is becoming unaffordable, it may be time to start looking for a home in another location that is more reasonably priced.

6/ The Area Is Getting A Bit Too Crowded Or Disruptive

Your neighbourhood is getting to the point where it is either too noisy or too crowded. If you live in Toronto, which can be very busy, and find that your neighbourhood is becoming too loud or crowded, it may be time to start looking for a more peaceful and quiet area to call home.

7/ Looking For More Space To Expand Your Family

Perhaps you feel that the time is right to start a family. If you are planning for that family, then you should think about moving to a place with nice things like a child’s room, good schools, parks, and other similar places to grow into.

8/ Too Much Maintenance

Your current residence requires significant maintenance or remodelling work to be done. It is possible that it will be more cost-effective for you to begin looking for a new place that is already in good condition if the current home you own is in need of significant repairs. This could also mean that you need to live somewhere temporarily while you do renovations and need a clean, furnished condo rental in Toronto to live in for the time being.

Start Searching For A New Area To Live In Today

In conclusion, moving to a new place can be a hard choice, but it can also be a great chance to start a new chapter in your life and look into different options. If you notice any of these warning signs, it may be time to start looking for a new place to call home in the Toronto area. When looking for a new place to call home, it is critical to give thought to your needs, financial situation, and way of life. 

Before settling on a choice, it is a good idea to do some preliminary research, investigate a variety of neighbourhoods, and consider living in one of our DelSuites locations all around the Greater Toronto Area for an opportunity to try the lifestyle before you commit to something more long-term.

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What Business Travellers Desire The Most When Relocating To Toronto (with stats from GBTA)

November 25, 2022

DelSuites has provided temporary furnished apartments for business travellers in Toronto for years, and we have noticed a pattern among our customers in recent years regarding what they desire from their relocation or travel programs with their companies.

Companies are realizing that their travel and relocation programs must now ensure travel safety, be more flexible to change and arrangements based on flight changes and cancellations, and the health of the employee as well. They have to be prepared for different outcomes all while limiting the amount of cost of the overall program.

On the other hand, their business traveller wishes for convenience, leisure, and personal time to provide their best work. According to the GBTA, business travellers have specific desires for how they want to travel now.

Here are the top 5 desires for business travellers

Booking With Their Favourite Travel Suppliers And Vendors

As business travellers, after a while, they tend to pick favourites when it comes to their stay, transportation means, meals and accommodations. According to GBTA, 46% of business travellers would love to be able to choose their own travel suppliers. This could bring more consistency in performance, fewer issues during their stay, more reward points and more overall cost, depending on the suppliers they choose. DelSuites is a favourite supplier amongst travel programs for its consistency, expectations and availability in some of the most convenient locations in Toronto.

Staying An Additional Night After Their Meetings

Business travellers facing timezone changes, long commutes, and even longer meetings, can experience heavy fatigue during a business trip, especially if they are flying into Toronto from quite a long distance away. According to the GBTA, 43% of business travellers would love to decompress after their time in Toronto after their meetings and fly out the next day. This could result in more cost for the travel program, but less fatigue and better morale for the business traveller.

Booking Outside A Corporate Travel System

Some pre-existing booking systems or relationships that many organizations have to limit the choices for business travellers to choose their accommodations. Instead of enjoying something like a fully furnished DelSuite that’s conveniently located where they need to be, they might be forced to book outside of the city in a hotel with minimal amenities, if any. That’s why, according to the GBTA, 39% of business travellers are looking to book their travel on their own terms instead of using a strict travel program booking system.

Building Leisure Into Their Business Travels

If you hear from business travellers, the trip sometimes is more focused on business than the travel itself. There have been many cases where business travellers will fly into an exotic country and not really see the light of day outside of conference centers, heavy meetings and long presentations, by the time the conference or business summit is done, it’s time to fly out, not being able to see what great aspects that area has to offer. According to the GBTA, 39% of business travellers are looking to couple leisure experiences with business travel and have the company pay for it. 

As you can see business travellers are looking for more personal experiences, something they can enjoy and not be stuck in a hotel somewhere outside of where they need to be. That’s why DelSuites makes a great solution for business travellers and travel programs. Our 30+ day short-term rentals, and fully furnished apartments in Toronto allow for flexibility, leisure, modern amenities and convenient locations to major shopping, business and travel hubs around the city. Making business travel easier and more enjoyable. 

Read the full story from the GBTA here.

Looking for a 30+ day furnished rental in downtown Toronto for your travel program?

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The Best Holiday Events in Toronto To Bring You Good Cheer

November 17, 2022

The holidays are a wonderful time of year to be enjoyed with friends, family, and loved ones. It can be a chance to relax and recharge, spend quality time with those closest to you, and exchange gifts. There are also many fun events happening in Toronto to bring out your holiday cheer.

Here are our recommendations for the best holiday events happening in Toronto this year

The Distillery Winter Village

Happening from November 18 to December 31st, the Distillery District turns into a beautiful Winter Village with everything you need to get you in the holiday spirit. From restaurants, food vendors, cute shops for buying gifts, photo walls for Instagrammable moments and more, it really is a one-stop shop for the holidays. You can purchase tickets online. We recommend ridesharing to the Winter Village as parking is limited around the area. 

Our DelSuite property, Ten York at Harbour Street and York Street is a perfect option when visiting the Distillery Winter Village with our short-term rental only a 10-minute car ride to the Distiller District.

Canadian Tire Christmas Trail

Are you looking to enjoy an amazing light show all from the warmth and comfort of your own car? Happening from November 20th to December 4th, the Christmas Trail is a 1.5km journey that takes you through this beautiful driveway of bright lights and beautiful colours. The experience is great for families too as it has interactive activities for kids as well. Purchase tickets online ahead of time to reserve your spot.

Our DelSuite property, Alto At Atria at Victoria Park and Sheppard Ave is a great option for the Christmas Trail because it’s close to the highway and only takes 20-minutes to get to the lit-up gates of the Christmas Trail. 

Cavalcade of Lights

Are you looking for a visual spectacle of glowing lights with beautiful, colourful art that you can walk through and enjoy with your friends or family? Nathan Philips Square showcases a dazzling wonderland of thousands of light bulbs as they light up the heart of downtown Toronto. Enjoy taking pictures of the glittering tree, public skating, or just walking around and enjoying the winter wonderland.

Our DelSuite property, The Livmore at Bay and Gerrard Street is less than a 10-minute walk away from City Hall, so when it gets busy around the area, you won’t need to worry about calling for a ride or parking. 

Watching A Performance of The Nutcracker

If you are looking to enjoy more of a traditional holiday showcase, then how about a trip to the Opera? The Nutcracker by the National Ballet of Canada brings a cherished performance back to life for those to enjoy on a night out. The performance runs from December 10th to 31st and is a perfect date night for those who would like to sit back and appreciate a big, pronounced showcase of the holidays.

Our property Qwest, at Simcoe and Richmond Street, is only a 3-minute walk from the National Ballet Of Canada making it one of the shortest commutes in Toronto to enjoy the Opera. 

Ice Skating On The Bentway

If large public events and marketplaces aren’t really your thing, then maybe something more low-key like public skating at The Bentway would be more your pace. It’s a great way to spend a winter day, whether you’re a figure skating pro or this is your very first time on the ice.

Our property Element, located at Blue Jays Way and Front Street is only a 6-minute car ride or 20-minute walk to The Bentway, giving you plenty of time to enjoy the skating without sitting in traffic. 

Toronto is a festive place to be during the holidays with many holiday events going on. Whether you want to enjoy them by walking around or experiencing them from the comfort of your own car, there are so many options to suit whatever you fancy. 

DelSuites has many properties close to these events so you can easily take part in the holiday festivities if you need or want to spend it in the city. Our fully furnished, short-term rentals make it easy and convenient for you to enjoy all that Toronto has to offer during the holiday season!

Looking for a 30+ day furnished rental in downtown Toronto and experiencing all of these great events? Start your search for furnished apartments in downtown Toronto today with DelSuites. 

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Best Halloween Events in Toronto For A Scary Good Time

October 24, 2022

When it comes to a memorable Halloween, experience is everything. Whether it’s the scary storytelling or the anticipation-filled haunted houses, the best experiences build up tense feelings, include some mystery, and provide that adrenaline-seeking jump scare, or a great photo opportunity for social media.

There are different experiences that are happening all over Toronto this year, so it’s important to know what type of event you would like to go to first before you purchase tickets.

For Halloween events, there are ghouls ghost walks, fun Halloween costume parties, theatre shows, movie festivals, and classic haunted houses.

Here are our recommendations for the Top Halloween Events Around Toronto

The Howland Inn Séance

Those who dare can join a small group of 16-18 other guests to try to make it through one of the Greater Toronto Area’s scariest experiences, The Howland Inn Séance. This experience is a spine-chilling recreation of an authentic Victorian Séance that takes place in one of Toronto’s oldest and most haunted Inns. It’s a psychological experience not for the weak or faint of heart and is for those over 18+ years of age.

Fort York After Dark

History buff? Tour the historic Fort York in a different light. Fort York After Dark is a spooky lantern tour of the grounds of Fort York and its historic surroundings! Learn about a haunted lighthouse that’s on the property and the Battle of York, explore the military burial ground and tour the creepy shadows and 200-year-old buildings of Fort York at night.


Can it really be Halloween in Ontario without SCREEMERS? SCREEMERS is celebrating its 28th year and they are excited to be back to deliver a fear-filled production. There is a lot to enjoy with this event including 7 haunted walks through mazes with over 120 people there to help you have all the scares and shrieks you need. They also have food trucks and a Midway of Madness, and a fully licensed VAMPIRE LOUNGE on the property to make a whole night of it.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Looking for more of a movie experience? The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is perfect to grab some popcorn and stay on the edge of your seat for what’s going to happen next. Every year it attracts over 10,000 attendees who love a good horror, science fiction, or action movie. There will be 10 feature films and even 26 short films to enjoy from Canada and the world.

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – In Concert

Haunted houses and ghost walks not for you? Enjoy a classic Halloween movie accompanied by a live orchestra celebrating The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton’s cult classic Halloween film comes to life and is projected on the big screen while Danny Elfman’s delightfully quirky score is performed live by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Costume Party Haunted Hotel at Mister C

Staying at one of our DelSuites and looking for something to do for Halloween night? Be sure to put on your best costume and head to Mister C in downtown Toronto for a Halloween costume party. Only located a 5-minute walk from our 300 Front St. West property!

From haunted houses to historical ghost walks, there is something for everyone this Halloween. We hope you all stay safe, dress to impress and enjoy the spooky season of upcoming events, and most importantly, have a scary good time this year.

Looking for a 30+ day furnished rental in downtown Toronto and experiencing all of these great events?

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