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Best Halloween Events in Toronto For A Scary Good Time

October 24, 2022

When it comes to a memorable Halloween, experience is everything. Whether it’s the scary storytelling or the anticipation-filled haunted houses, the best experiences build up tense feelings, include some mystery, and provide that adrenaline-seeking jump scare, or a great photo opportunity for social media.

There are different experiences that are happening all over Toronto this year, so it’s important to know what type of event you would like to go to first before you purchase tickets.

For Halloween events, there are ghouls ghost walks, fun Halloween costume parties, theatre shows, movie festivals, and classic haunted houses.

Here are our recommendations for the Top Halloween Events Around Toronto

The Howland Inn Séance

Those who dare can join a small group of 16-18 other guests to try to make it through one of the Greater Toronto Area’s scariest experiences, The Howland Inn Séance. This experience is a spine-chilling recreation of an authentic Victorian Séance that takes place in one of Toronto’s oldest and most haunted Inns. It’s a psychological experience not for the weak or faint of heart and is for those over 18+ years of age.

Fort York After Dark

History buff? Tour the historic Fort York in a different light. Fort York After Dark is a spooky lantern tour of the grounds of Fort York and its historic surroundings! Learn about a haunted lighthouse that’s on the property and the Battle of York, explore the military burial ground and tour the creepy shadows and 200-year-old buildings of Fort York at night.


Can it really be Halloween in Ontario without SCREEMERS? SCREEMERS is celebrating its 28th year and they are excited to be back to deliver a fear-filled production. There is a lot to enjoy with this event including 7 haunted walks through mazes with over 120 people there to help you have all the scares and shrieks you need. They also have food trucks and a Midway of Madness, and a fully licensed VAMPIRE LOUNGE on the property to make a whole night of it.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Looking for more of a movie experience? The Toronto After Dark Film Festival is perfect to grab some popcorn and stay on the edge of your seat for what’s going to happen next. Every year it attracts over 10,000 attendees who love a good horror, science fiction, or action movie. There will be 10 feature films and even 26 short films to enjoy from Canada and the world.

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – In Concert

Haunted houses and ghost walks not for you? Enjoy a classic Halloween movie accompanied by a live orchestra celebrating The Nightmare Before Christmas. Tim Burton’s cult classic Halloween film comes to life and is projected on the big screen while Danny Elfman’s delightfully quirky score is performed live by the Toronto Symphony Orchestra.

Costume Party Haunted Hotel at Mister C

Staying at one of our DelSuites and looking for something to do for Halloween night? Be sure to put on your best costume and head to Mister C in downtown Toronto for a Halloween costume party. Only located a 5-minute walk from our 300 Front St. West property!

From haunted houses to historical ghost walks, there is something for everyone this Halloween. We hope you all stay safe, dress to impress and enjoy the spooky season of upcoming events, and most importantly, have a scary good time this year.

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