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Toronto Rental Apartment Safety: The Quick Guide

March 29, 2022
Apartment safety photo by Oluwaseun Duncan from Pexels

Staying safe in a new rental apartment can be daunting—especially if you’re visiting another city or country, and don’t know what to expect. While there are always situations we can’t control, we can be better prepared for them—and know how our spaces are equipped to help us out.

On that note: Here are some quick basics on staying safe in your Toronto furnished rental suite.

Know the safety features in your suite

The great thing about renting a furnished condominium suite is that they’re built for everyday living—and have all the safety features you’d expect from long-term homes. Most Toronto condominium buildings have layers of built-in fire safety features, and DelSuites puts our suites in Tridel buildings, which have fire alarm panels, pressurized elevator shafts to keep the air clean, sprinkler systems, heat sensors, and more.

If you’re concerned about safety, there are a few key things to find: your fuse box, your water shutoff valve, your smoke alarm, your fire extinguisher, and your closest fire exit.

Most Toronto condominiums put the water shutoff valve underneath one of the sinks: either in your kitchen or your main bathroom. Knowing where that is can stop any drainage or flooding trouble before it starts, just by flipping a switch.

The same goes for your fuse box. Fuses will be clearly labelled, so if something doesn’t look right, you can cut the power to just that appliance without worrying about the rest.

All DelSuites units have access to a working and unexpired fire extinguisher — it’s located in the building hallway. Your building also keeps your smoke alarm tested and up to date. Finding both on your first day will help you feel confident in case a late dinner or movie-night popcorn burns a little too much.

But your fire exit might be the most important safety feature to find when you arrive for your stay. Accidents can happen, small or large. Knowing your plan to leave the building safely—which stairwell is closest, what your backup is, and where it lets you out onto the street—can make a difficult situation, or even just a fire drill, much easier. And in better situations: you’ll know exactly how to get in your daily steps.

Know your building’s specific safety features

Buildings are communities, and depending on their situation, they have a variety of safety and security features that can put your mind at ease.

Most Toronto condominiums test their fire alarms once a month, by law—so don’t be alarmed if you wake up to a deep voice telling you it’s testing day.

Many buildings have features that restrict or control who comes in and out of the building. Alongside a professional concierge at the desk, many buildings have buzzer systems, security cameras throughout elevators and hallways, and fob- or card-coded elevators to make sure only residents can access their floor.

DelSuites buildings also have security and anti-theft features in our indoor parking lots: sensors, cameras, and restricted access. You can be confident your car—rental or otherwise—will stay safe.

If you’re facing noise or something that concerns you in your hallway, you can always call down to your concierge desk and they’ll offer you advice—or come check it out.

Dress for the weather

It’s not what most people think when we think “safety”, but in a Toronto winter, having warm enough coats, boots, and clothes is a way to stay safe. On bitterly cold winter days—when temperatures drop to -15 C or below—the city issues Extreme Cold Weather Alerts, and too much time outside without the right protection can mean frostbite.

While Toronto’s adapted for those colder days—the downtown PATH system can get around them entirely—it’s smart to pack for the weather, especially if you’re not visiting from a cold-weather region.

Your concierge—and guest services team—is your resource

We often don’t think about how basic things work—until we travel internationally, and things work entirely differently.

Not sure how one of your appliances works? Or if the hairdryer you brought from home is made for Toronto’s electrical outlets? Can’t find a fire extinguisher, or what the best and safest route to the parking garage would be?

Your concierge and guest services team are your guides, hosts, and resources. Think of them as a friendly, professional tour guide for a new living space: the guest services team for your unit and your neighbourhood (where do I find a pharmacy, again?) and your concierge for the building.

If you’re worried about something in your suite, need a safe route to do something, or just want to double-check your instincts: just ask. They’ll be happy to help.


Safety means different things to all of us, but whatever you need, we can help you find it—or set it up. Call us at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how we can help you explore your furnished long-term rental apartment, or find one that fits your lifestyle.


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Toronto in Six Local Art Galleries

March 22, 2022
Toronto art galleries photo by Donna Lay on Unsplash.

There’s a reason a day at the art gallery is such a vacation staple. It’s a fun, free afternoon out for anyone who’s into the finer things in life.

Toronto is home to the celebrated, Gehry-designed Art Gallery of Ontario, which has some major collections and full events list. But there’s a whole universe of smaller, international, tucked-away Toronto art galleries which are following what’s new, fun, and weird in visual art.

If you’re into the chance to really soak in what new, local, and unique talents are doing—or just like having a reason to explore whole neighbourhoods—here are some of Toronto’s best smaller art galleries.

Harbourfront Centre

While it’s not a sprawling, massive gallery, Harbourfront Centre is definitely an institution: a combination cultural space that hosts dance shows, theatre, art installations, major literary festivals, and more all year round.

Throughout it all, you can watch resident Toronto artists pot, shape, weld, glassblow, paint, and work through glass windows. And there’s no shortage of family-friendly activities, like learning to skate on their rink in the wintertime.

But between the events, their smaller gallery spaces can get sold short. They’re always host to a mix of incredible new and seasoned artists, both local and international—and absolutely free to browse. Featuring painting, photography, sculpture, mixed media, installation art, and craft, it’s a sure source for a smart, fun afternoon. 235 Queens Quay West.

The University of Toronto Art Centre

The University of Toronto runs its own gallery—split between the Art Centre and the smaller Justina M. Barnicke Gallery in historic student centre Hart House. And while you can find all the student art exhibitions you’d expect, it’s frequently home to some great, international exhibitions.

As a teaching and research collection, the centre heaps a great list of programs on top of its diverse collection: guided tours, artist talks, and group exhibitions that are all usually free to attend. It’s a great chance to see modern and thoughtful art in some very historical buildings. 7 Hart House Circle.

The Distillery District

The historic Distillery District‘s a haven for smaller Toronto art galleries. It’s easy to find just about anything you’re interested in, within the arms of an old Victorian distillery made new.

Distillery District photo by <a href="">Michael Kristensen</a> on <a href="">Unsplash</a>.

While there’s a huge selection of high-end boutique shops—a large Fluevog store and Ontario’s only sake brewery are special highlights—it’s almost known for its commitment to art. The Distillery is home to galleries as large the Canadian Sculpture Society and Arta Gallery, a wide-open, airy space focused on contemporary art, to spaces as small as Artscape’s warren of individual upstairs studios. It also holds some genuinely unique offerings, like Toronto’s Deaf Culture Centre, which puts on regular exhibits.

It’s an experience that’s best taken in as a neighbourhood, with plenty of opportunities for shops, snacks, and enjoying the sunshine along the way. 14 Distillery Lane.

The Ryerson Image Centre

Another university-hosted gallery, the Ryerson Image Centre—just two blocks from the Eaton Centre—is all about photography and video. Whether it’s photojournalism, video installations, documentary, or new media, they’re all mixed expertly in a 4,500-square-foot space tucked discreetly away on campus.

Ryerson Image Centre’s exhibitions mix student and historical projects with an indigenous and social focus. You’re just as likely to find a history of WWII photography as a celebration of African women’s portraits. With quiet screening spots, tucked-away specialty rooms, and a huge archive collection, it’s an everlasting source for something quiet, provocative, and interesting in the middle of the downtown core. 33 Gould Street.

The Local Gallery

The Local Gallery only opened in early 2022—and as a spinoff from a Toronto ad agency, it’s absolutely focused on what’s up-to-the-minute in contemporary and pop art.

While they’re not too shy about the sales end of things—there’s a whole selection of “collectibles”—it’s one of the few spaces that has a category for 3D-printed work. If you’re looking to update your Warhol energy, this Little Italy storefront is a definite destination. 621 College Street.

Whippersnapper Gallery

Whippersnapper may be one of the tiniest Toronto art galleries. An 130-square-foot storefront at the south end of Kensington Market, where it borders Chinatown, Whippersnapper hosts most exhibitions through simply displaying them through the shop window, one installation at a time.

Whippersnapper packs more than a single installation into a small space. It’s also an avant-garde, artist-run centre focused on emerging—or “new generation”—artists. It’s also exquisitely responsive to the neighbourhood it’s in: the heritage of surrounding Chinatown often takes centre stage. 594b Dundas Street West.

The authentic Toronto neighbourhood experience deserves a Toronto neighbourhood stay. Call DelSuites at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how we can open Toronto up for you to discover.

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Toronto: Your Summer Vacation Destination

March 15, 2022
Toronto Summer Vacation photo by Scott Webb from Pexels.

If you’re like us, after two years of COVID restrictions, you’re starving for a good summer vacation: sun, socializing, and absolutely nothing to think about but having fun. A hard winter’s making this summer’s travel plans extra sweet—and also making everyone want to make those plans memorable.

If you’re putting together that dream vacation now, here are four reasons to do it in Toronto.

We’re super vaccinated

Let’s get the big question out of the way, because right now, practicalities count: Toronto has one of the highest urban vaccination rates in the world. Over 90% of eligible Torontonians have rolled up their sleeves for at least one shot, and public health measures like mask-wearing generally happen without a fuss.

Whatever COVID safety means to you, knowing you’re around people who take it seriously—and cheerfully—makes having fun much easier. And a Toronto summer vacation is one where that much easier to have a genuinely good time.

A Toronto summer vacation is a simple trip

And now: getting there. No matter where you visit from, Toronto’s one of the easier travel destinations to reach.

Pearson International Airport fields flights from over 180 destinations, and the Union-Pearson Express train makes regular trips directly downtown. For more regional visitors, the smaller, downtown Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport brings in regular flights from over 20 North American cities.

Toronto’s also reachable by train: on VIA Rail inside Canada, and Amtrak from New York State. And for an affordable, scenic trip, Megabus routes go to and from Toronto from Ontario, Quebec, New York City, Washington D.C., and Philadelphia.

While you’re here, it’s even simpler to get around: Toronto is one of the most walkable cities in the world. With regular pedestrians-only areas and the underground PATH network ready to help out when it’s rainy or cold, it’s an easy city to do on your own two feet.

If you’re heading a little farther afield—or just want to put your feet up—a web of streetcars, subways, buses, and LRTs connects every bit of the city, from the core to the suburbs.

And if you’d rather put those feet on pedals, the growing network of separated bike lanes—complete with BikeShare rental program—lets you speed through the city with ease.

An international vacation in one place

In a time when it’s easier to deep-dive in one place than plan multi-city tours, Toronto puts the whole world in walking distance. It’s been called the most diverse city in the world, with 117 languages regularly spoken and people from 230 countries calling the city home.

Wherever you’re from, you’ll be able to feel at home and discover something entirely new—usually in the same afternoon.

The dining scene is the most obvious place Toronto’s diversity shows—a United Nations of amazing restaurants that runs regular Lunar New Year celebrations and Eid-al-Fitr feasts. But those community roots run much deeper, to networks of bookstores, film festivals, classes, and what feels like ten national festivals every weekend.

It’s a city almost custom-built for sampling, befriending, and discovery, and a great way to see a little of the world without hours of travel—and at a fraction of the price.

That deep dive gets even easier with a DelSuites Toronto short-term rental. With year-round discounts on longer-term stays, a stay in a DelSuites furnished apartment makes discovering Toronto even more comfortable and affordable.

It is impossible to get bored

You have to work very hard to get bored in a Toronto summer. High culture, low culture, or subculture—whatever you love, there’s a way to enjoy it here.

For those looking for a touch of class, Toronto is home major galleries and museums, championship sports teams, several symphony orchestras, Canada’s national ballet, and the nation’s biggest opera company. There’s enough fine dining—award-winning or up-and-coming—to keep you full for days.

When you’re feeling cozy and local, there’s LGBTQIA+ theatre, movies outside in the park on a picnic blanket, and tiny neighbourhood zoos. Hundred-year-old diners, dumpling shops, and lunch counters stand ready to feed you for under twenty bucks.

And if it’s time to get away from it all, the parklike, green Toronto Islands are just a ten-minute ferry ride from downtown. You can spend the day on one of the city’s warm, sandy Blue Flag beaches, take a boat ride on the lake, or hike the Don Valley to get close to lush, thick nature.

A Toronto vacation is the kind you can spend changing it up, or changing your mind: hiking one day, and luxuriating in the spa tomorrow. All you have to do is start walking. There’s something out there for you: even if it’s only Sunday afternoon at the coffeeshop, petting the dogs.

Make your Toronto summer vacation memorable

After all the last year’s had to hold for us, we all deserve a vacation that’s unique. Call us at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how we can help you discover summer in Toronto—whether you’d like to spend it chowing down everything the town has to offer, or relaxing peacefully in the sunshine.

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Setting Your Furnished Rental Up for Spring

March 8, 2022
Furnished rental spring cleaning Photo by Tatiana from Pexels.

Hard to believe, but spring is coming to Toronto. While we’re still mired in cold weather now, the long-range weather forecast calls for sunny days and soft wind on the way. And that means it’s time for another difficult but necessary shift: moving from winter hunkering-down to spring habits.

There’s less need for a full spring cleaning in a temporary furnished rental condo. But there are still ways to get into a brighter mood—and really get to enjoy your space. Here are a few ideas on how you can set up—and enjoy—your long-term furnished rental for spring weather.

Tidy up so your building can do the work

One of the biggest advantages of condo living is that year-to-year maintenance is off your To Do list. Most condominium buildings get busy with the essentials once the warm weather hits: duct cleaning, air filter changes, carbon monoxide alarm tests, common area painting, and more. And our built-in biweekly cleaning service is ready to take care of the rest.

With a pandemic-induced maintenance backlog to work through, it’s expected that buildings are going to be busier than usual. Since you’ll have the luxury of experts coming through, make sure your panels, vents, and alarms are accessible—and your space uncluttered. It’s considerate, and it lets maintenance staff notice any issues or small repairs faster, so they can be tackled with minimum fuss.

If you’ve noticed any small issues in your unit, spring is a great time to let Guest Services know about them. We can dispatch an expert to handle it while the general seasonal maintenance happens—or see what your building can do.

Fill out your closet

Spring’s a great time to switch your closet around—bring lighter clothes and colours to the front, and send the winter wool to the back. Luckily, all our units have more than enough closet space to make the swap easy: just move those heavy sweaters one shelf upward.

If you’re on an extended stay, the winter-ready clothes you brought might not be what you need for warm spring afternoons. It’s a great time to think about switching up your wardrobe—whether that means sending some things home, and shipping some things here, or buying a few new pieces.

But beware: Toronto spring weather can be a little unpredictable, with occasional little snowfalls into early April. It’s worth being careful before you jump into a spring wardrobe with both feet.

Enjoy your outdoor spaces

It’s a little hard to feel the pull of your balcony when it’s -10 C out. But now that we’re headed into nicer days, that little piece of the outside is about to earn its keep. The balcony is one of the biggest underused stars of condominium life—whether you’re living in a condo temporarily or year-round. And it’s perfect for work, dining out, or play.

Most condo balconies have electrical wiring available—there’s at least one weather-protected plug on the wall. If you’re looking for a new remote office, it’s a simple and huge change to grab a deck chair and table and get some sun.

If you’ve got the space, you can move your exercise routine outside by setting up a yoga mat or weights. One phone playlist later, and your balcony can be your own outdoor gym.

It’s also a favourite space for gardeners, whether you’re going long-term and ambitious or just trying out a little container of lettuce and flowers. Last frost in Toronto is traditionally around mid-May, and you can get seeds from big-box stores like Canadian Tire or even delivered from local farmer’s markets.

What’s more, most condominium buildings have common outdoor areas, which are much less likely to have pandemic restrictions attached. If you’ve been itching for a little safer social time all winter long, find out your building’s rules for its green roof, terraces, barbeque area, or courtyard. They’re spaces that are usually underused by residents and just perfect for a distanced or safer outdoor get-together.

While each building has its own expectations for using common areas, booking the space with your property manager or concierge desk is a good start. Find out about damage deposits, decorating, capacity limits, and any alcohol or noise rules involved, and put together a get-together.

Get back to the patio

The City of Toronto’s restaurant patios are—we say this with love!—notorious for opening at the slightest hint of spring weather. And that’s going to be even sooner this year, as pandemic dining capacity improves.

Once it’s actually warm enough—or you just want to believe it is!—check out the patio options in your neighbourhood. Whether you’re dining out or bringing new treats back home, it’s a great way to meet up with friends, try new flavours, and be a real part of the neighbourhood.

Anything that’ll make your spring in Toronto memorable? Call us at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how you can warm up to Toronto furnished rental living this spring.


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Bringing Work and Life Together with DelSuites and Regus Office Space Rentals

March 1, 2022
DelSuites and Regus Office Space Rentals Partnership

You’ve booked your fully furnished Toronto condo suite with DelSuites. Now, you can pair it with a 10% discount on a fully mobility-accessible, 24-hour serviced office space rental from Regus—and step directly into your complete Toronto lifestyle.

DelSuites has partnered with workspace provider Regus International to complete your Toronto business travel experience. With 30 years’ experience finding you the right space to put the best face on your business, Regus opens a world of high-quality, ready-to-use offices that can be customized to your professional needs. Whether you’re a freelancer looking to travel light or confidently representing your multinational firm to clients at a satellite office, DelSuites and Regus let you live and work in convenience and style—at an all-inclusive, affordable price.

A flexible working solution to go with your flexible home

Regus offers office space with the same emphasis on quality, flexibility, and value that we at DelSuites bring to short-term, fully furnished housing. Whether it’s for a few hours on one particular day or a full-time, months-long stay, Regus provides spaces and plans that scale to your working needs.

From coworking and hotdesking memberships tailor-made for consultants to collaboration-friendly startup spaces or private offices, tailored for professionals whose confidentiality is a must, Regus has a solution that’s built to fit your working life.

Customizable co-working plans let you add or subtract services like printing and scanning facilities, full call handling, mail forwarding, bean-to-cup coffee, customized furniture and equipment, and additional meeting room use as you need them—and only when you need them.

Flexible booking terms allow you to grow—or shrink—your workspace as your needs change, or relocate to another Toronto Regus location for the day, week, or month. And our partnered Regus locations are fully mobility-accessible, in order to properly welcome all our guests.

With central, accessible locations in multiple Toronto business hubs—Downtown, Liberty Village, Midtown, North York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough—no matter what neighbourhood you’re in, you’ll never be far from your DelSuites home and a chance to feel truly part of the neighbourhood.

Finally, Regus offices are accessible to you 24 hours a day to accommodate the demands of business travel. You can take an international meeting at any hour, catch up on work as you ease through jet lag, or keep your own comfortable working hours, knowing you’ll have a comfortable home waiting when you’re off the clock.

A fully modern office space rental created with comfort in mind

Regus’s working environments include the vital touches that make DelSuites furnished condos comfortable, welcoming, and a place to call home. Comfortable, high-quality furniture and décor ensure that both you and your colleagues feel welcome, and that your space always sets the right professional tone.

You can enjoy all the perks that make a permanent office a comfortable home for your working life when you step from your DelSuites luxury condo into your Regus office. Host a meeting in a fully equipped boardroom or breakout area, use the built-in videoconferencing studio to make an afternoon Zoom meeting, have a professional reception team greet your guests or collect your overnight deliveries, and rely on a veteran answering service for important calls.

Regus offers services to help you keep your work-life balance, too. On-site coffee bars, sandwich service, and restaurants take care of lunch or midday snacks, and as well as secure parking, bike storage at select locations means you can stay lean—and green—and bike to work.

Work and travel within your budget

With DelSuites, the everyday costs of living are always included in our rates—WiFi, phone plans, cable TV, and the use of our buildings’ recreational and fitness amenities—so you can budget your Toronto trip without the stress of extra fees.

Regus also makes sure you can count on stable rates, with the cost of everything from business-grade WiFi, utilities, cleaning services, CCTV monitoring and security included clearly in your rental rate.

As official partners, DelSuites guests receive a 10% discount on their first office space rental with Regus, and the option of fully virtual office plans that give you a permanent presence in Toronto year-round.

With everything inclusive—and a competitive rate—you’ll be ready to be your best when you arrive: both at home and in the office.

DelSuites and Regus Office Space Rentals Partnership

Contact us at DelSuites by phone at (647) 370-3504 or email to start off your complete Toronto business travel solution: a fully-serviced home and office ready when you arrive.