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Pandemic Immigration: Tips for Moving to Toronto in 2022

February 22, 2022
Pandemic immigration picture by Javon Swaby on Pexels

Immigrating to a new city—or country—is a big step. It’s even bigger in a year already shaped by COVID-19 and short supplies of everything from refrigerators to sanitizer.

But building your life in a new city isn’t impossible. It just takes a little planning, a little creativity—and some support from your new Toronto neighbours.

Here are a few steps to make your move to Toronto easier—even in a pandemic.

Plan for each step to take a little longer

Every part of life has been slowed down by the COVID-19 pandemic—and immigration is no exception. 2021 saw Canadian borders closed and on-and-off travel restrictions, and left Canada with 1.8 million backlogged immigration applications by the end of the year.

What’s more, Toronto’s housing market is one of the most competitive in the country—and experts predict it’ll stay that way in 2022. Even with huge construction booms in the downtown, finding a permanent home is taking everybody longer.

COVID’s slowed down some of the essential paperwork you need for Toronto living as well. The City of Toronto has a great checklist available for how to get your life here started. But important services, like applying for your first Ontario health card, still need in-person appointments. That can mean longer waits due to COVID-19 capacity limits and pandemic backlogs.

So: the short version? It’s worthwhile to plan ahead, set up each step of your immigration process early, and assume there will be delays. Knowing how the whole process fits together will let you work on one part of the process when another’s held up and keep your immigration journey moving.

Go digital

The upside of all that COVID disruption? More and more of the immigration process can be done online.

Over the next few years, the Canadian federal government is modernizing the immigration system to fully digital. And if you’re new to Canada, you can already apply for your Social Insurance Number online.

When it comes to housing, more real estate open houses are going to virtual and video because of pandemic restrictions, which makes it easier to see potential new homes and get a feel for neighbourhoods. And with job interviews increasingly going online through video calling, it’s easier to line up work before you arrive.

Immigrating to Toronto this year might make your wifi connection your new best friend—and the more you can do online, the smoother your landing will be.

Consider supply backlogs

We’re short of a lot of life’s everyday conveniences right now: not just time with friends and family, but household appliances.

With global supply chains feeling pandemic stress, some of the basics for a new home are harder to get: dishwashers, refrigerators, and other everyday necessities are backordered by six weeks to two months. It’s one more reason setting up a new home—especially in a new city—can be more of a challenge this year.

If you’re making a list of what you’ll need in your everyday Toronto life, it’s worth a quick check to see whether there are shortages. You’ll save yourself stress and trouble in the long run.

DelSuites can be a simple start to your Toronto life

While no solution in these times is perfect, a short-term furnished rental condo can take some of the work of pandemic immigration off your hands.

Our comfortable, professionally-cleaned condo suites come fully equipped with everything you need on your first day in Toronto: beautiful modern furniture, a full collection of kitchen supplies, soft sheets and pillowcases, towels, toiletries, and more. If you’re shipping your personal belongings after arriving, we’ll help you live in a comfortable home until they’re here to meet you.

Our fully equipped kitchens let you cook the food you love and remove the stress of finding vegetarian, halal, kosher, or allergy-friendly meals in a new city. And our recommended grocery delivery services can help you place a first order before you arrive, so you can start your first night in Toronto with a full fridge and no worries.

We equip every unit with high-speed wireless Internet and North American long-distance phone service, so you can set up your life from the comfort of home. Find local information, call or write family, set up real estate viewings, enroll your children in school, and connect with local employers from your steady, stable home base.

While you’re busy setting up the basics of a new life, our bi-weekly professional house cleaning service keeps things tidy.

If something in your unit breaks or is confusing, you don’t have to navigate whose responsibility it is or find a contractor for repairs. Our guest services line will make sure a repair is done swiftly and well, with all COVID safety requirements taken care of.

Between the work of immigration, our buildings’ fitness amenities—beautifully maintained exercise rooms, pools, and outdoor gardens—will let you keep up your health routine, and there’s a full cable TV package to sit back and relax in the evening.

Immigration during a pandemic isn’t simple, but a good plan and a good space to call home for a while can make it easier. Call us at 647-370-3504 or email info@delsuites.com to find out how we can welcome you home to Toronto.

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Accessible Travel is Yours at DelSuites

February 15, 2022
Accessible travel photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

Travel is for everybody: no matter the body you live in.

As awareness of accessible travel rises, more travel agents, carriers, and housing providers are creating spaces that meet accessibility needs for everyone. And there’s more effort being made to reduce the extra work that can go into booking business or family travel when you’re living a differently abled life.

Whether you’re traveling with a severe allergy, are mobility-impaired, Deaf, or just need a little more help now and then, here’s how DelSuites is here to meet your accessible travel needs.

Our buildings surpass accessibility standards

Every single one of our suites is located in a modern building already designed for access. Because we place our suites in Tridel buildings, every DelSuites common area is designed to surpass Ontario’s standard design requirements.

That means easy elevator access to suites, parking, and common areas. It also means our recreational amenities—swimming pools, workout rooms, cinema-style viewing rooms, and more—are barrier-free.

Our buildings’ dedicated concierge staff are always able to assist you with packages and information. And our online neighbourhood guides help you find restaurants, transit, and entertainment—whether it’s planning ahead or a last-minute night out.

Open-concept layouts help you stay comfortably

Our large, open-concept suites are perfect for travellers who use moderate mobility aids.

All our units have standard door sizes and one short step to the shower. But our wide layouts and large bathrooms make our suites easy to navigate, and give you plenty of room to turn a walker, brace a cane, or walk alongside a service animal.

Our easy-to-reach, open-concept kitchen spaces are fully equipped with all the dishes and utensils you need to cook and serve a full meal. Each unit also has a full fridge with adjustable temperature, in case you need to store important medications.

If you’re planning ahead, virtual online tours let you explore the space before you book, so you know immediately if the space is right for you—and our Guest Services team is available by phone, email, or chat to answer any questions.

Service animal-friendly

DelSuites is a service animal-friendly provider. We proudly accommodate service animals with no additional charge at any of our buildings.

Our pet-friendly accommodations are already equipped for your service animal’s comfort. Our recommended pre-arrival grocery delivery service lets you order both your groceries and your service animal’s food ahead of time.

While each building’s policies around animals vary, we’re happy to match you with the space that fits your needs and make sure your arrival goes smoothly.

Accessible booking processes

Our booking options are accessible for a broad range of guests. If you’re Deaf or hard of hearing, dynamic online rates and fully paperless transactions can make booking happen on your schedule. If you live with vision loss, our Guest Services team can book with you over the phone and set up your suite to your needs.

Our booking processes let you ask questions as you go with our live chat option, tour spaces ahead of time, and pre-book specialized needs like cribs, highchairs, and more.

An easy space to maintain

Our bi-weekly cleaning service makes it simple to get comfortable. Cleaning, linen service, and fresh towels are included in your booking, and our professional, friendly cleaning staff are ready to tailor to your needs.

Accessible travel that lets you explore Toronto

We’re always improving our ability to welcome guests from all walks of life. Contact us by phone at (416) 370-3504, email at info@delsuites.com, or use our live chat to find out how we can make your next trip to Toronto stress-free.

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Plan a Better Home Reno with DelSuites

February 8, 2022
Better home reno photo by Nolan Issac on Unsplash

The numbers are in: this year, Canadian homeowners took all that cash we used to spend on dream vacations and put it into our homes. According to a new report from Statistics Canada, renovation spending jumped 66% this past spring.

And we’re not done yet.

The HomeStars 2021 reno report—a state-of-the industry snapshot on home renovations—predicts 2022 will be even busier. Their survey of homeowners showed that 77% plan to do interior renovations this coming year, and with lumber prices finally coming down from last year’s highs, a whole lot more is possible on a smaller budget.

If you’re planning a renovation—whether it’s a much-needed update to that old kitchen or something to make your space feel new—it always pays to renovate smart. Here’s how DelSuites can help you get your bigger, brighter home on time and on budget, without losing sleep.

Should I stay or should I go now?

With contractors and tradespeople increasingly booked in the coming months, compressing your renovation project into fewer days of work can make it more affordable—but also more likely to fit a reputable contractor’s schedule.

For smaller projects like painting and tile repairs, it might just mean some ducking and dodging around your contractors. But for major projects like a full bathroom update, kitchens, or home additions the math changes. The average bathroom remodel runs at four and a half weeks and kitchens average six to twelve. It can be easier on your budget to let the work run uninterrupted—and move your family elsewhere for the month.

  • Daily cleanup and site protection costs. Most renovation crews take time at the end of each shift to clean up and make the space habitable again; an average of half an hour per day. This comes out of time they could spend on the primary work—and also adds up on your bill.
  • Electricity and plumbing planning. Anything that involves wiring or plumbing has to be organized around the basics of daily life: school lunches, morning showers, and for many of us, working from home. Letting your contractors work without having to carefully plan those outages moves your project forward faster—and saves you costs.
  • Save on dust mitigation. Renovations kick up dust: drywall dust, materials dust, and just the regular kind you haven’t gotten around to while living in your home. The measures you need to take to keep it out of living areas, like hanging plastic curtains, also cost money—and that’s money you can save.
  • Save on takeout. Kitchen renovations mean you’re down to microwaves or takeout for most of the construction period—and that can rack up huge expenses on meals.

Build a reno budget that works

Renovations have a reputation for running over budget—and that’s sometimes because we haven’t thought about these smaller expenses. You know, the ones that add up.

It’s worthwhile to add up the potential costs of living in your home through the reno—a little here, a little there—and stack them up against the fixed cost of a fully-furnished, ready-to-go rental.

If the incremental bill is bigger than you’d like, building a DelSuites stay into your project plan can be the low-fuss, smart financial decision. It lets your contractors finish major renovations faster, keeps your grocery budget manageable, and reduces the time you lose at work through noise, dust, power shutoffs, or fatigue from early morning carpentry.

We take the hardest part out of the renovations moving dilemma: finding the right temporary home for the right cost. With locations in all of Toronto’s major neighbourhoods, fully furnished units, fully equipped kitchens, ensuite laundry, and phone, cable, and wifi ready to go, all you have to do is show up at the door.

All our units have transparent rates, with discounts available for extended stays. And if your project does run longer than you expected, our Guest Services team can work with you to extend your stay or arrange flexible checkout without trouble.

Solve the stay-or-go equation with a better home reno plan

Ultimately, every renovation is different; it pays to ask careful questions, do your research, and weigh the options with a trusted contractor.

But if you’re leaning toward a temporary home while your dream home comes together, contact us by phone at (416) 370-3504, email at info@delsuites.com, or use our live chat to find out how DelSuites furnished short-term rentals can help you keep your reno within budget.

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Plan Your Perfect Toronto Valentine’s Staycation

February 1, 2022
Toronto Valentine's staycation photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels.

It’s been a hard winter—both in terms of the windchill and the COVID-19 situation. It’s not the easiest time to set up a romantic Valentine’s Day gesture, but it’s a good time to show the special people in your life how much you care.

Whether Valentine’s Day is a chance to spoil yourself or set up a romantic treat, here’s some of your best options for a Toronto Valentine’s staycation that feels like a real escape.

You don’t need to go far for your Valentine’s getaway

If staring at the same familiar walls doesn’t make you feel romantic—well, you’re not exactly alone. But it’s not too hard to find a change of scene and feel loved while keeping things COVID-safe.

Toronto’s famously a city of neighbourhoods—which means we never have to go far to find a whole new landscape. If you’re a downtown-dweller, the winter hiking trails at Mimico Creek and the Humber River can get you outside into nature, not far from Parc Nuvo. And if you’ve been aching for a little city action, the lake views and city lights downtown can set up a weekend of nice meals, great Instagram shots, and adventure.

Wherever you land, a DelSuites booking comes with soft sheets, fluffy towels, and warm, luxurious furniture that’s great for cuddling up together. Take a luxuriant hot bath in our deep soaker or Jacuzzi bathtubs, or enjoy sweeping balcony views of Toronto’s city lights.

A romantic dinner delivered to your door

Pandemic restrictions don’t have to mean missing an incredible Valentine’s dinner—or a catered breakfast. Toronto’s local dining scene has been getting creative with the limits of home delivery for two years—and they’re going all-out for Valentine’s.

High-end wine bar Grey Gardens offers full five-course meals for pickup a short walk from The Livmore. A stay at Qwest puts you down the block from Momofuku Toronto, which offers both takeout, delivery, and meal kits if you want to whip something up yourself—with a little help. Toronto chocolatier Soma is offering virtual tastings of both spirits and chocolate kits.

Even local specialty stores are offering serious options for Valentine’s Day. Local sustainable fish store Hooked is lining up three-course dinner specials–as well as oysters, caviar, and more. And for breakfast, the all-online Matchmaker Coffee can set up offering a DIY tasting tour of Canadian coffees—complete with flavour notes.

Our fully-equipped kitchens mean you can set the mood with fine plates, not takeout containers, or whip up a last-minute surprise dessert if you’re in the mood. Pack a few candlesticks and your best playlist, and you’re a restaurant built for two.

Do your Toronto Valentine’s staycation your way

Romance is personal—literally. For some people, it’s flowers, gifts, and fanfare; for some, it’s chocolate cake and Shark Week. And that means a little gesture, if it makes you feel heard and loved, can go a long way.

If your ideal Valentine’s weekend is keeping it low-key: our full premium cable packages and cozy couches let you curl up together for a movie night. If it’s big, bold, and classic, our building concierges can take delivery of as much chocolate and flowers as you need.

You can also book our buildings’ convenient—and romantic—amenities. Go for an evening swim at Ten York, enjoy the spa-grade saunas at Element and Republic, or take in the panoramic city view at The Livmore.

Whatever’s on your mind, our Guest Services team can help you put it together. With a little ingenuity, all you’ll have to do is open the door.

Get cozy in the city

We’re happy to set up your romantic getaway—whether it’s with friends, spoiling yourself, or with a special someone. Contact us by phone at (416) 370-3504, email at info@delsuites.com, or use our live chat to find out how we can make your Valentine’s Day extra romantic.