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Accessible Travel is Yours at DelSuites

February 15, 2022
Accessible travel photo by Kampus Production from Pexels

Travel is for everybody: no matter the body you live in.

As awareness of accessible travel rises, more travel agents, carriers, and housing providers are creating spaces that meet accessibility needs for everyone. And there’s more effort being made to reduce the extra work that can go into booking business or family travel when you’re living a differently abled life.

Whether you’re traveling with a severe allergy, are mobility-impaired, Deaf, or just need a little more help now and then, here’s how DelSuites is here to meet your accessible travel needs.

Our buildings surpass accessibility standards

Every single one of our suites is located in a modern building already designed for access. Because we place our suites in Tridel buildings, every DelSuites common area is designed to surpass Ontario’s standard design requirements.

That means easy elevator access to suites, parking, and common areas. It also means our recreational amenities—swimming pools, workout rooms, cinema-style viewing rooms, and more—are barrier-free.

Our buildings’ dedicated concierge staff are always able to assist you with packages and information. And our online neighbourhood guides help you find restaurants, transit, and entertainment—whether it’s planning ahead or a last-minute night out.

Open-concept layouts help you stay comfortably

Our large, open-concept suites are perfect for travellers who use moderate mobility aids.

All our units have standard door sizes and one short step to the shower. But our wide layouts and large bathrooms make our suites easy to navigate, and give you plenty of room to turn a walker, brace a cane, or walk alongside a service animal.

Our easy-to-reach, open-concept kitchen spaces are fully equipped with all the dishes and utensils you need to cook and serve a full meal. Each unit also has a full fridge with adjustable temperature, in case you need to store important medications.

If you’re planning ahead, virtual online tours let you explore the space before you book, so you know immediately if the space is right for you—and our Guest Services team is available by phone, email, or chat to answer any questions.

Service animal-friendly

DelSuites is a service animal-friendly provider. We proudly accommodate service animals with no additional charge at any of our buildings.

Our pet-friendly accommodations are already equipped for your service animal’s comfort. Our recommended pre-arrival grocery delivery service lets you order both your groceries and your service animal’s food ahead of time.

While each building’s policies around animals vary, we’re happy to match you with the space that fits your needs and make sure your arrival goes smoothly.

Accessible booking processes

Our booking options are accessible for a broad range of guests. If you’re Deaf or hard of hearing, dynamic online rates and fully paperless transactions can make booking happen on your schedule. If you live with vision loss, our Guest Services team can book with you over the phone and set up your suite to your needs.

Our booking processes let you ask questions as you go with our live chat option, tour spaces ahead of time, and pre-book specialized needs like cribs, highchairs, and more.

An easy space to maintain

Our bi-weekly cleaning service makes it simple to get comfortable. Cleaning, linen service, and fresh towels are included in your booking, and our professional, friendly cleaning staff are ready to tailor to your needs.

Accessible travel that lets you explore Toronto

We’re always improving our ability to welcome guests from all walks of life. Contact us by phone at (416) 370-3504, email at, or use our live chat to find out how we can make your next trip to Toronto stress-free.

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