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10 Ways to Optimize Your Work from Home Space and Schedule

March 29, 2021
work from home space

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, millions of people around the world are working from home for the first time. Whether you’re working from home part or full-time, there are a few important things you can do to optimize your work from home space and the time dedicated to working. 

Bear in mind that these tips are dependent on your personal space and budget. Use what you can and ignore what’s not relevant. 

That said, here are the 10 ways to optimize your work from home space and schedule:

1. Create a Designated Work Space

One of the most important steps to take, but also one most dependent on your available space, is to have a designated space just for work. This space can really be anywhere in your home, in any room, in whatever corner. But this spot should be used only for working from home. This way, your mind and body know when you are at “work” and when you are at home. 

The physical and mental division between work and home will benefit your motivation and mental health greatly. If you are renting through DelSuites, it’s good to check beforehand if there is a desk/chair for working from home. 

2. Be Near a Window

If possible, having your desk near a window has numerous benefits. You’ll be receiving Vitamin D from the sunlight, avoiding the possibility of seasonal depression. Also, the sights and sounds outside the window provide good background noise and just the right amount of distraction when brainstorming or zoning out in thought. Natural sunlight will help as a secondary light source as well.

3. Have Multiple Light Sources

Speaking of a secondary light source, it is great to have multiple light sources around your workspace. Ceiling lights can be too dim or too fluorescent and could be casting shadows on your desk. All of this leads to headaches and strain on your eyes. Having a desk lamp, especially if you’re writing, and being near a window will illuminate your desk. This should lessen the chances of getting headaches from poor lighting and straining eyes. 

4. Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Spending the money on an actual office chair will do wonders on your back. Being able to adjust the height of the chair will make sure your feet are comfortably on the ground while your arms are the correct height for typing and writing. The armrests will help support your arms as you work to remove the strain on your shoulders. And the support on your back will keep your back in good shape. Your chair doesn’t have to be an office chair though. Just make sure any chair you use is comfortable, at the correct height, and preferably has armrests. 

5. Eliminate Clutter

To keep your mind clear and able to focus on work, a workspace without clutter is best. Unnecessary papers, cords, or other knick-knacks will just distract you and get in your way. Have what you need quickly accessible but if there’s anything around you that you don’t use often (or at all), put it away in a designated storage space. For those things that you do use every once in a while, a cabinet or drawers around your desk can provide easy storage and accessibility. 

6. Greenery 

Even though clutter is bad, there are benefits to having greenery and appealing decor nearby. Easy to care for greenery adds color and oxygen into your workspace. Humans benefit from being near nature of any type, and studies have even shown that plants in a home can stimulate creativity. If you aren’t near a window, choosing a low-light plant or a succulent will help. For those of us with busy schedules, the less maintenance required from the plant, the better. 

7. Use Green and Blue Decor

Other forms of decor can be helpful if they aren’t on your desk and are of the right color. Interior designers prefer to use greens and blues while decorating to create an atmosphere that is refreshing, motivating, and even nurturing. 

8. Set a Schedule

As much as possible, create a daily routine of work time, break time, and after-work time. Also, if you have a flexible schedule, set your work time at your most productive hours. There’s no reason to wake up very early if you’re just not a morning person. Having this schedule creates boundaries in your life, letting your body and mind know when to focus and be productive and when to relax and forget about work. 

9. Leave Your Workspace for Breaks

When you do take your scheduled breaks, step away from your desk and your computer. Doing this will keep the physical and mental boundaries you have created between work life and home life. This will also reduce screen time if you’re looking at a computer during your whole workday. Go to another room and really take that break that you deserve. 

10.  Dress for Success

This might be the most controversial suggestion so far but this can have a big impact on your productivity. Do not stay in your pajamas when you begin working. You will physically and mentally want to continue snuggling down in bed and will not want to work. Now, it isn’t necessary to put on full office attire but changing into actual clothes before beginning to work lets yourself know your day has started. And you’ll always be ready for an unexpected video meeting!

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Moving During COVID Times: What You Need to Know

March 22, 2021
short-term rental moving day

The world has changed in numerous ways over the last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have put much of their lives on hold, working from home or being unable to work at all. 

That said, there still are many reasons why you might need to move at this time, despite (or even because of) the pandemic. Since this time is so unprecedented, many questions come up when planning a move. 

DelSuites is here to answer them all and help make this process as smooth as possible for you. 

Moving Right Now

The first question is probably, “Can I even move at this time?” The simple answer is yes. There are apartment buildings that are limiting or not allowing the move-in/move-out process currently so the best option is to contact everyone directly to verify. Also, something might come up that would require you to delay or cancel a move. 

Most businesses have new guidelines with more flexibility than usual for these situations. All DelSuites buildings are allowing people to move-in or move-out, with rules and restrictions in place to keep everybody as safe as possible. 

Touring a New Place

While touring your potential new home is still available, it is discouraged so you can adhere to social distancing protocols. Luckily, DelSuites includes as many photos as possible on our website and has virtual tours and video links offered as an alternate solution to tours. Also, tours by video call are available as another safe option to view a place while keeping everybody healthy. 

Purchasing Moving Supplies

Both packing supply stores and big box stores are considered essential and are still opened at this time. You should be able to purchase anything you need at one of these. If you want to keep even safer and order online, please keep in mind that there have been shipping delays during this time. Make sure to give yourself enough time for any packages to arrive. 

Staying Safe While Traveling

At a personal level, you can stay safe while traveling by keeping socially distanced from others as much as possible, always wearing your mask, and washing your hands thoroughly as often as possible. If you are traveling by air or rail, follow all rules and recommendations provided by the company providing the service. And before anything, be sure to check the Public Health Agency of Canada’s latest updates about everything COVID-19.

Traveling Between Provinces

Canada currently does not have any federal restrictions on traveling between provinces. There may be provincial or territorial rules and restrictions in place for where you are moving to so it is best to check government websites for the most current rules. If you’re moving to Ontario from another province, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health strongly advises that you self-isolate for 14 days after arriving. 

Staying Clean While Moving In

As long as you follow all guidelines recommended by the Public Health Agency of Canada and verify that the businesses you’re dealing with are doing the same, everybody should be kept clean and safe during this process. If you’re moving into a DelSuites location, we offer numerous pre-arrival and quarantine assistance:

  • Extra bed linens and towels
  • Easy Self-Service Grocery
  • Safe Delivery and Garbage Disposal procedures
  • COVID-19 Information Resources

Staying Safe Once Moved In

After arriving, it is necessary to continue to follow protocols to stay safe. As an active member of its communities, DelSuites does adhere to the safety protocols of each building. Listed below are some expected safety protocols:

  • Sanitizer stations are prominently placed throughout all buildings.
  • Mask wearing in common areas and maintaining a distance of 2m is required in all buildings.
  • Elevator spacing guidelines and a maximum of 2 people per household in all elevators.
  • Maximum capacity has been revised and new restrictions for safe use in fitness centers, swimming pools, and other amenities. 
  • Closures of some common areas or recreational amenities are possible as decided by the Property Management/Condominium Board.

For more information, please read DelSuites Enhance Hygiene Practices and Protocols.

About DelSuites Short-Term Rentals

DelSuites provides quality furnished suites in superb residential communities within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). DelSuites has developed a reputation for quality accommodations in prime locations and personalized service.

If you’d like to learn more about short-term rentals anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and the options that DelSuites can offer, please contact us today or reach out directly by calling 1-877-228-7677. We are more than happy to help!

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Throughout Toronto & the GTA — DelSuites Has You Covered

March 16, 2021
short-term rentals toronto

With a population of around 6 million people, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the largest and most diverse metropolitan area in Canada. 

The City of Toronto and the surrounding Regional Municipalities of York, Halton, Peel, and Durham offer great places to live no matter what types of short-term rentals someone is looking for. 

Whether you want to live along Lake Ontario, downtown in the City of Toronto, or in a more rural suburb, DelSuites has the expertise and knowledge to offer services everywhere!

City of Toronto

Within the city of Toronto itself, there are a variety of districts and neighbourhoods, all having their own unique character and community. As the epicenter of culture, entertainment, cafes, restaurants, shopping, and art, Toronto has something to explore down almost any and every street. If you prefer downtown, Midtown, or a surrounding neighbourhood, DelSuites has the perfect short term rental for you.

Downtown Toronto

Our downtown suites are in the heart of the business, entertainment, and financial districts. And downtown has so much to offer: world-class galleries, museums, music, ballet, theaters, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. You can be near the numerous internationally respected universities or close to one of the many transportation hubs around downtown. 

Midtown and Yorkville

For an area that’s up-and-coming and vibrant, the Midtown district is a perfect location to call home. Between the countless restaurants and cafes and all the beautiful parks, this district always has something close to home for you to explore. Nearby is Yorkville, with its Victorian homes and the finest dining options in the city, as well as luxury apartment buildings for your next home. 

Markham and Scarborough

On the east side of Toronto are the areas of Markham and Scarborough, offering quick and easy access to Toronto while providing neighbourhoods that are more laid back and family-friendly. Markham also has a variety of entertainment and shopping options. Although Scarborough can seem far from the city, with its green corridor along the Rouge River Valley, the area is well-connected by Highway 401 and the subway lines on Eglinton and Sheppard Avenues. 

North York

Considered one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto, North York also contains numerous shopping options and the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Whether you want to live in a neighborhood along the Don River or within the North York City Centre, we have furnished, short-term rentals that are second-to-none. With numerous subway lines connecting to downtown, the rentals here benefit from proximity to both locations.


Located on the western boundary of the city of Toronto is Etobicoke. Famous for its wide selection of shopping districts and its proximity to the Lester B Pearson International Airport, Etobicoke also has beautiful Tudor and Georgian-style houses from the early 1900s. Nearby you’ll also find golf courses, several parks along the lakefront, and the large Centennial Park with its endless activities. 

Surrounding Regional Municipalities

The regional municipalities of Durham, Halton, Peel, and York, are considered part of the Greater Toronto Area and within each municipality, you will find numerous cities and neighbourhoods with vastly different lifestyles. Don’t worry, DelSuites has you covered in these cities as well!


Within the regional municipality of Peel, you’ll find Mississauga, the sixth-largest city in Canada. For those wanting to be near the arts and shopping districts of Mississauga, our furnished rentals are a perfect choice. They offer everything you need, being near both the Living Arts Centre and Square One Shopping, the largest shopping centre in eastern Canada. These rentals also benefit from their proximity to Pearson International Airport.

About DelSuites Short-Term Rentals

DelSuites provides quality furnished suites in superb residential communities within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). DelSuites has developed a reputation for quality accommodations in prime locations and personalized service.

If you’d like to learn more about short-term rentals anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and the options that DelSuites can offer, please contact us today or reach out directly by calling 1-877-228-7677. We are more than happy to help!

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Downtown Toronto Apartments: Stay Close to the Heart of Toronto

March 1, 2021
downtown toronto apartments

Toronto is one of the world’s most recognizable cities. With a multicultural and diverse undersetting, you can often see Toronto posing as other cities like New York and Detroit in movies and television. 

Many production studios film projects here, many corporations have offices here, and many people immigrate here from around Canada and the rest of the world. 

Toronto is also taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. If you are looking for a short-term rental in a safe city, look no further than Toronto.

Downtown Toronto apartments are even better, with more hustle and bustle nearby than the average Toronto neighborhood. 

Downtown Toronto Is Near the Action

Even during the pandemic, Toronto is a place where the action happens. People, staying in their bubbles, are still out and about, wearing masks and social distancing as best they can. The spirit of Toronto has not faltered by this pandemic, as it did not falter when there was a SARS outbreak over a decade ago. 

The key to Toronto’s ability to remain a top destination is that there is always something to do and always something going on, combined with a communal effort regarding maintaining safety and security.

The shared culture and diversity of Toronto means there is a wide variety of places to go and things to experience. In a way, Toronto culture is a condensed version of global culture.

Experience the Best of a Global City

While options are currently limited in Toronto due to coronavirus, Toronto still offers incredible experiences, even a year into the pandemic. With vaccine distribution happening now and people continuing to distance socially, we hope this pandemic will soon be over, and economic opportunity will grow.

Short-term rentals are the perfect solution for prospective condo owners and visiting working professionals to experience a global city like Toronto fully. 

Downtown Toronto is not only walkable, but it is also bikeable. If you would instead take transit, you are also in luck. Our transit lines run 24/7, and you can easily purchase a transit pass at machines and stations spread throughout the city.

Getting across town is a breeze. We have buses, subway trains, and streetcars available to you, ensuring that you will get from our suites to your destinations in record time.

Although many businesses may be closed and crowds are discouraged, you can still sightsee like never before. The skies at night are clearer. With the end of winter not that far away, the birds are coming back.

Toronto has many architectural and cultural achievements you can view, like Casa Loma, the Harbourfront, Little Italy, city parks, and more.

Concerned About the Pandemic? We’re Here for You

We take the pandemic very seriously. As such, we have updated our health and safety policies, which you can find on the top bar on our website. 

  • Our in-house cleanings are temporarily suspended in order to guarantee the safety of our guests.
  • Bleach-based disinfectant cleaners are being used to sanitize units between stays.
  • Our staff is wearing full PPE to minimize contact with surfaces and clients.
  • In-house and ongoing training for staff regarding coronavirus
  • Our office staff can work from home
  • Video-based suite orientations and online virtual tours

Want to learn about the latest health and safety changes at DelSuites? Please check out our health and safety guide.

Providing a clean, healthy, and safe living experience to our clients is paramount. Safety is our top priority, and our ability to quickly pivot and offer our clients these and other services shows our commitment to you and your experience while staying with us.

We also offer travel flexibility for new reservations, in-house reservations, and third-party reservations, with generous cancellation and rebooking policies. We understand that the world is on hold and that your plans to travel to Canada or Toronto may be limited or impossible at this time, and we are willing to work with you to ensure you have the best short-term rental experience possible. 

Discover the DelSuites Difference

Toronto is still alive, hustling, and bustling. And despite the ongoing pandemic, the city continues to demonstrate why it’s considered a world-class city. 

We take pride in our ability to offer bespoke furnished short-term rentals to clients in Toronto. Look at our listings for downtown Toronto on our website, and contact us today to begin the process of becoming a DelSuites customer.