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Splashing Back Into Business Travel: What You Need to Know

July 30, 2021
business travel toronto

The lively city of Toronto is finally opening up as COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted by local governments. Much like other major cities around the world, business travel is going up in demand as a result.

However, a “business trip” doesn’t have to be all work despite what you might think. If you choose the right rental provider, most of the heavy stuff will be off your plate so that you can enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Corporate Stays & Business Travel Are More Than Just a Dormitory

DelSuites wants to redefine the notion of “corporate housing.” We believe that your short-term rental should alleviate any stress of the workday, not add to it. DelSuites renters have come to expect features like:

  • A welcome package. It contains basic starting items like toiletries, soaps, and other needs.
  • Room features. There’s a fully equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer room, an intrusion alarm system for home security, and multiple utilities at your disposal.
  • Entertainment. Get ready to unwind during off-hours with our HD television package and large flat screens. Don’t forget about the DVD and stereo system in case you want to bring that next season of your favorite show. Our smart TVs are also compatible with Netflix and other popular streaming apps.
  • Outside amenities. Now that they’ve opened up again, why not take advantage of all the gymnasiums, swimming pools, and even bowling alleys during your stay?



Of course, one of the best features is the price. DelSuites is actually less expensive than many of the hotels around the area.

The Next-Best Thing to Your Home Office

Now that working from home has never been easier, it’s not uncommon for professionals to have home offices. Our designated work desks available in most suites have a minimalistic design that will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Never fear being disconnected. We have upgraded, secure wireless Internet alongside local and long-distance calling within the US and Canada. It’s practically the next-best thing to your home office.

A Positive First Impression

We believe the first few hours of move-in are extremely important. That’s why we always make pre-arrival inspections to ensure the room is working exactly as intended before you even get here.

Don’t worry about struggling to find a parking spot in the busy city either. DelSuites offers underground, indoor, and other secure parking options.

There’s also our pre-arrival grocery shopping service. Do you want to focus on move-in and don’t have time to pick up essential groceries first? Let us know, and we’ll have them delivered directly to your fridge and pantry. Delivery dates are perfectly aligned with move-in so that the food stays fresh.

Talk to your dedicated account manager to walk you through the customer-focused reservation process.

Your Health Is Our Priority

COVID-19 may be ending, but you can never be too careful. DelSuites is dedicated to our Enhanced Hygiene Practices and Protocols:

  • Virtual tours are offered to prospective guests in lieu of physical visits.
  • Housekeeping services always use disinfectant cleaners with bleach. We use a special bathroom bleach that kills 99.9% of bacteria as well as a spray cleaner with bleach for protection against germs, viruses, and fungi among others.
  • Staff members are given personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.
  • They also go through a daily Self-Assessment Health Check and are asked to stay home if they experience any symptoms.
  • New linens and towels are available in your suite upon request to supplement standard laundry services.
  • The garbage disposal procedure respects social distancing.

Need additional resources? Get in touch with Toronto Public Health for all your needs.

Find Out How Easy Business Travel Can Be With DelSuites

As far back as 1998, DelSuites started off helping single families find beautifully crafted homes throughout the city of Toronto. Today, our teams are still continuing that tradition in one of Canada’s most lucrative and active cities.

Get in touch with us today and find out why so many of our previous clients recommend us on platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and LinkedIn.

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What Our Dedicated Guest Services Can Do to Make You Feel at Your Home Away From Home

July 23, 2021
delsuites guest services

We’re finally coming to the end of the COVID-19 quarantine, and that means that public events, restaurants, theaters, and rental properties can safely open up again. There’s no better time to get that business trip you’ve been wanting to schedule for all this time.

Toronto is the perfect place to get started. You have a ton of lucrative opportunities in such an active and lively city. Restrictions have recently been lifted in the area, and many building amenities have opened up as well. Scheduling a rental doesn’t have to be a headache, so take the time to make your stay a comfortable one.

DelSuites has been serving the short-term rental market in Toronto and other surrounding areas. We have a dedicated Guest Services team designed specifically to make our properties aligned with the high standards of our guests.

Pre-Arrival Services

First impressions matter, so we always have a “Points of Perfection” inspection to make sure everything is working as intended before you reach the room. We offer pre-arrival packages for all our new stays as well that contains:

  • Directions to the property
  • Confirmations for your reservations
  • Any special requests you’ve made

Grocery Service

One of the first things you do in your new place is to purchase groceries. To take some manual work off your plate, let us bring them to you directly when you move in with our pre-arrival grocery service! The cost will be conveniently added to your standard invoice. Delivery will be coordinated with move-in and be added directly to the fridge so that foods remain fresh when they reach you.

DelSuites also strategically selects our locations so that you’re always near a grocery store, some of which may be open 24/7. Ask Guest Services for recommendations and directions.

Too busy or need to focus your time on other things than just groceries? No problem! Get in touch with us for easy shopping at your convenience. You can also use other popular grocery delivery services like Instacart or Gateway.

During Your Stay

We firmly believe that our job doesn’t end on the move-in day. Guest Services will continue to ensure everything runs smoothly for our guests. That’s why there’s a welcome message in the first few days to check on your satisfaction. Need anything specific or want an in-suite orientation? Just ask about our services (additional charges apply). Some of what we offer includes:

  • Housekeeping to keep the room in perfect shape every time you get home.
  • Airport transportation. Make travel easier both to and from the rental.
  • Family services. Bringing the kids? We have cribs, playpens, and other useful touches.

In fact, don’t be afraid to ask whenever you want, even after hours. Our On-Call Manager is available during fires, floods, lost keys, and other emergencies.

Health and Safety

We’re not quite out of the woods yet when it comes to COVID-19. We’re committed to the safety of our guests, no matter how big or small the risk is.

  • Extra linens and towels are available in your suite. You also have a washer and dryer to refresh them.
  • Isolated garbage disposal. Check your arrival package for information on how we dispose of trash with maximum sanitation precautions.
  • Virtual tours are offered as an alternative to a physical visit. Just ask our Sales Team by video chat or phone call.

Need additional resources on COVID-19? Toronto Public Health and Telehealth Ontario have ample resources available.

Turn Short-Term Renting From a Chore Into a Delightful Experience

In such an active and populated city as Toronto, finding the right short-term rental property can be a challenge if you don’t know whom to turn to. For all your business travel needs, DelSuites is here to make things easy.

Ever need something extra, or is something not quite right? Our Guest Services are ready to take care of it right away. Ask us about new openings today.

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How Digital Technology Enhances Your Property Rental Experience

July 19, 2021
work from home digital technology

Toronto is finally recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and local governments have allowed businesses to reopen safely. Traveling might be back on the table for many professionals too, so it’s not uncommon anymore to seek short-term rentals in the Toronto area. Best of all, many building amenities like gymnasiums (such as fitness centres and swimming pools with additional safety protocols) are starting to reopen as well.

It’s an excellent time to jump back into the world of short-term business rentals in the lively and active city of Toronto. We thankfully live in a world where new technologies make the rental experience far less of a headache than it used to be.

DelSuites has taken advantage of these digital tools to enhance the customer journey of our renters. Now that business rentals are starting to rise in popularity again, it’s time to see them in action.

Booking Online

The days of seeing a rental in a paper brochure and then calling to check whether the rooms are booked are over. Online platforms for rental properties can show you all the up-to-date room rates and vacancies instantly.

Internet listings also contain high-quality pictures and descriptions with lists of amenities to make the decision easier. Effortlessly fix up your itinerary through built-in map functions.

You can book directly through the DelSuites online portal that’s available 24/7. Whether it’s day or night, we can make that last-minute booking job an easy one. You don’t have to wait for opening hours to secure yourself that vital spot.

Flexible Stays

Digital management of our properties and tenants allows us to offer more flexibility than ever before regarding stays. You only need to provide a 5-day notice if you wish to depart, and rentals are handled on a month-to-month basis.

Digital Agreements

Signing an agreement doesn’t require you to drive to an office. Go digital and use your own personal devices to sign contracts online. From the comfort of your own living room, skip the paperwork and go green with online digital agreements.

Online documents are also much easier to organize and keep secure. Important files can be accessed from almost anywhere, including your smartphone.

Online Payments

Business professionals want to stay focused on the task at hand, even when traveling. Paying rent then should not be a hassle. Modern solutions let renters pay remotely without having to stop by the office in the lobby or bother with sending in a check.

Instant Communication

Ever want to talk with your housing provider, but are not sure how to align your schedules? Keeping in touch with the DelSuites team is one of the best ways to ensure an optimal living experience. Guests can quickly share information about changes to services, emergencies, and other matters.

In the other direction, guests can file maintenance requests online and will receive updates conveniently. At any time of day, messaging the property directly helps prevent miscommunication and makes handling issues easy.

Check Out the DelSuites Difference

Give yourself the best environment to get the job done right. Whether your next business venture brings you to downtown Toronto or any of the surrounding areas, DelSuites is the team to call for the best rental experience within your budget.

We use the best technologies to streamline the process for you, and we even offer additional services like pre-arrival groceries that get delivered to your door. 

Find out why so many reviewers on TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Yelp love our services so much by getting in touch today.

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What You Need to Know to Adapt to the Push for Hybrid Work

July 16, 2021
hybrid work video conference call

Were you prepared for the COVID disruption, or were you among the 88% of organizations that didn’t feel completely prepared to switch to remote work? These organizations had to rush to deploy their cloud technologies, which harmed their business continuity. 

Now we’re on the verge of another major disruption – the switch to hybrid work. This is a blended model that involves having some employees return to the office while others continue to work remotely. 

Want to be ready and prepared instead of being caught off guard by this disruption? Read on to learn how this shift will impact your business and how to prepare for it.

Why Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay

Vaccines are being distributed at a rapidly efficient pace and the government’s reopening plan is underway. So many employees will be heading back to the office soon. But will the workforce ever fully return to normal? 

Although the COVID disruption forced many businesses to switch to remote work, most of them also saw an increase in employee productivity and satisfaction. This is because 76% of employees say they’re more productive when they’re working from home

So, we’ve already launched cloud technologies that allow you to work from home and we’ve seen that it works. Why go back to the old way of doing things? 

Businesses are much more likely to adopt a flexible work model—one that allows employees to work from anywhere and come into the office whenever they need to. 

Employee expectations have also changed. Over 70% of workers want to have the option to work remotely, while over 60% crave the opportunity to work with their team in-person again. 

And competitive employers will find that they’ll need to offer flexible options to acquire the best talent in the post-pandemic workplace. 

How Hybrid Work Changes Where People Work

Because the hybrid workplace has a cloud infrastructure, businesses are more agile and flexible. And you can easily take your work from the office to your home. 

But you’re not limited to your office or home either. Hybrid work allows people to be based in or travel to any part of the world.

This gives employers access to a broader talent pool and the best talent across the globe. 

It also means that workers can visit strategic areas or even relocate to a new city with minimal disruption to their work. For example, those based outside of Toronto can be actively involved in its business, finance, arts, and culture. 

Business travel is increasing, and it’s expected that this trend will continue well into the 2020s.

The push for hybrid work makes the future of flexible travel possible. 

How to Ensure Your Employees Are Well-Equipped for Hybrid Work

How do you ensure a smooth transition to hybrid work that doesn’t disrupt the continuity of your business? 

Leaders must equip workers with the necessary tools so that they can remain engaged in the platforms their company uses – whether they’re at home or on the go. Leaders shouldn’t have a narrow focus on where to invest but also invest in remote work and business travel. 

For example, 1 in 10 workers lacks an adequate internet connection for their job. Yet over 46% say that their employer doesn’t contribute to their remote work expenses. 

And if your workers travel a lot, they may get worn out by it. They may also feel less compelled to work if they’re always staying at cheap motels. 

Make Business Travel Easier and More Productive with DelSuites

Looking for a rental where your workers can stay during their business trips? DelSuites offers short-term apartments and condos that are fully furnished and serviced, allowing employees to continue working effectively during their stay. 

DelSuites was also proud to win the 2021 TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award, a guest-voted award designed for hotels, hospitality providers, and the many TripAdvisor attractions. The award saw guests agreeing that DelSuites “consistently delivers fantastic experiences to travelers around the globe.”

Are your workers spending a lot of time away from home? Do you want to make business travel easier and motivate them to work more productively? Have them stay at one of our quality short-term rentals. Browse our locations in Downtown Toronto, North York, Scarborough, and more today.