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How Digital Technology Enhances Your Property Rental Experience

July 19, 2021
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Toronto is finally recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, and local governments have allowed businesses to reopen safely. Traveling might be back on the table for many professionals too, so it’s not uncommon anymore to seek short-term rentals in the Toronto area. Best of all, many building amenities like gymnasiums (such as fitness centres and swimming pools with additional safety protocols) are starting to reopen as well.

It’s an excellent time to jump back into the world of short-term business rentals in the lively and active city of Toronto. We thankfully live in a world where new technologies make the rental experience far less of a headache than it used to be.

DelSuites has taken advantage of these digital tools to enhance the customer journey of our renters. Now that business rentals are starting to rise in popularity again, it’s time to see them in action.

Booking Online

The days of seeing a rental in a paper brochure and then calling to check whether the rooms are booked are over. Online platforms for rental properties can show you all the up-to-date room rates and vacancies instantly.

Internet listings also contain high-quality pictures and descriptions with lists of amenities to make the decision easier. Effortlessly fix up your itinerary through built-in map functions.

You can book directly through the DelSuites online portal that’s available 24/7. Whether it’s day or night, we can make that last-minute booking job an easy one. You don’t have to wait for opening hours to secure yourself that vital spot.

Flexible Stays

Digital management of our properties and tenants allows us to offer more flexibility than ever before regarding stays. You only need to provide a 5-day notice if you wish to depart, and rentals are handled on a month-to-month basis.

Digital Agreements

Signing an agreement doesn’t require you to drive to an office. Go digital and use your own personal devices to sign contracts online. From the comfort of your own living room, skip the paperwork and go green with online digital agreements.

Online documents are also much easier to organize and keep secure. Important files can be accessed from almost anywhere, including your smartphone.

Online Payments

Business professionals want to stay focused on the task at hand, even when traveling. Paying rent then should not be a hassle. Modern solutions let renters pay remotely without having to stop by the office in the lobby or bother with sending in a check.

Instant Communication

Ever want to talk with your housing provider, but are not sure how to align your schedules? Keeping in touch with the DelSuites team is one of the best ways to ensure an optimal living experience. Guests can quickly share information about changes to services, emergencies, and other matters.

In the other direction, guests can file maintenance requests online and will receive updates conveniently. At any time of day, messaging the property directly helps prevent miscommunication and makes handling issues easy.

Check Out the DelSuites Difference

Give yourself the best environment to get the job done right. Whether your next business venture brings you to downtown Toronto or any of the surrounding areas, DelSuites is the team to call for the best rental experience within your budget.

We use the best technologies to streamline the process for you, and we even offer additional services like pre-arrival groceries that get delivered to your door. 

Find out why so many reviewers on TripAdvisor, Facebook, and Yelp love our services so much by getting in touch today.

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