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Delsuites Offers Convenient Accommodation During Home Renovations

September 27, 2019

Renovating your home? Get out of the dust and noise and into a furnished Toronto apartment rental.

If you are currently undergoing a renovation on your home, there are a lot of advantages to vacating the property while the work is going on. You may want to stay put, but sticking around during a renovation can be stressful and can delay the progress.

Why You Should Find Accommodation During Home Renovations

Here are some of the reasons to find somewhere else to stay during a remodel:

– Although rentals do cost extra money, it can also cost money if you stay at home and you are in the way. Many contractors will charge more for projects where clients stay in the house, as this can slow down the construction process and cause additional cleanup costs.
– If the remodel is extensive (for example, if the roof or walls will be removed), the contractor may need to turn off your electricity, heating or air conditioning – which will make your home unlivable.
– The noise caused by home renovations can be stressful for cats and dogs. There is a greater likelihood that they will escape via a door or window left open.
– There will be loud noises, plenty of dust and non-functioning bathroom facilities. This can make your home very unpleasant to live in during the renovation.
– You may be paying contractors by the hour. If you end up in long conversations with them, you will end up paying more for the project. It’s better to let them do their work uninterrupted and check in occasionally.
– If the kitchen is being renovated, you face the option of eating out in restaurants or eating processed, microwaved meals for several weeks or months. This is neither affordable nor healthy.

Also, just being involved in the day to day action of a remodeling project can be draining. There’s something nice about being able to escape to clean and quiet accommodation during renovations. You can let the contractors do their job and then return home to a beautifully remodeled home.

Delsuites: The Ideal Temporary Accommodation During Home Renovations

Delsuites is a highly advantageous option. It’s much more comfortable than trying to live in a home that has become a construction site. We offer temporary furnished apartments that can be rented by the day, week or month and can be your home away from home during your remodeling project.

Your furnished apartment will be professionally decorated and will have all of the amenities you need for comfort and convenience,. It will even include a fully equipped kitchen, coffee makers, dinnerware, linens and much more. It doesn’t feel like a hotel room, it feels much more like a home.

These serviced condominiums are located in 20 locations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Locations include Mississauga, Scarborough, Downtown, Midtown and Etobicoke. So, you’re sure to find an option that is close to your home and workplace.

Also, Delsuites offers advantageous prices and special discounts for longer stays. In other words, it will often work out cheaper than staying in a hotel for a comparable amount of time.

To learn more about our apartments and what we have to offer, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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Must Know Tips for Solo Travel

September 24, 2019

Traveling solo is incredibly rewarding. It is empowering, liberating and gives you a chance to truly explore the world at your own pace.
However, it can also be challenging. Making your way through the world on your own solo vacations comes with its own set of struggles and obstacles to overcome. Here are some important things to know before you set off on your solo travel adventure or singles vacations.

Solo Travel Tips

Research in Advance

Knowledge is your best weapon when it comes to traveling alone. The more you know before you arrive somewhere, the better you’ll be able to navigate when you’re there. Look up important information on your destination, such how to get around, things to do, how much to tip, whether or not to haggle, etc.
Also, it’s important to research the common scams in your destination before you go. That way, you’ll know what to avoid when you get there. Your best advantage for solo travel is knowledge.

Stay on Your Guard

When you’re traveling on your own, you’ll need to be wary of potential threats and look out for your own safety. This means being cautious and trusting your instincts.
Also, it means following simple common-sense advice to protect yourself. For example, don’t flash a lot of expensive jewellery or electronics as you walk down the street. Don’t walk alone late at night in an isolated neighbourhood. Don’t leave your valuables unattended. It’s alright to have a drink, but try to keep your wits about you.

But Don’t Be Afraid to Open Up

Of course, there’s a difference between being safe and sensible while you travel, and not interacting with anyone out of fear. You’ll want to meet people and make connections on your trip, as these can be some of the best memories of your travels. Consider staying in a hostel, so that you’ll naturally have the opportunity to chat with others during your trip. Or, you can take vacations for singles that will help you meet people.

Pack Light

One of the typical mistakes first-time solo travellers make is packing too much stuff. Lugging around too much heavy oversized luggage is incredibly hard on your back. But, it also means that you have more stuff to worry about getting stolen. Plus, you’ll really struggle if you have to take a flight of stairs, or run for a train.

Join a Walking Tour

One of the best activities you can do when you are traveling solo is to join a walking tour of your destination. There are great tours available in every major tourist city in the world. They will take you to the top highlights of the city and show you some of the most interesting attractions. These types of tours are great for a couple reasons. First of all, they are a safe and easy way to explore without having to worry about getting lost. Secondly, they can be a simple way to meet other travelers and make connections.

Limit Your Social Media Access

Of course, you’ll probably want to post some amazing photos of your adventures on your Facebook and Instagram. However, avoid spending your entire trip looking at your phone! Try your best to put down your phone for most of the day when you are traveling solo. You’ll pay more attention to what’s happening around you and it will help you immerse yourself in your destination.

Solo Travel Destinations: The Best Places to Travel Alone

Some of the best places to travel alone in the US are large cities, because there’s always something to do. But what are some of the best international locations in the world for solo travel?

The United Kingdom: Friendly, safe and with an extensive public transport network, the UK is a very easy and enjoyable place to travel alone. From world class museums to peaceful countryside villages, there’s a lot to explore.
Thailand: One of the best countries in Southeast Asia for first-time solo travellers, Thailand is warm, friendly, beautiful and easy to get around. You can enjoy the bustling city life of Bangkok, or find a quiet island to relax for a while.
New Zealand: A very popular destination with solo backpackers, New Zealand has gorgeous scenery, exciting outdoor adventures and culture-rich cities to explore. It’s one of the best places for solo travel.
Peru: Whether you’re marvelling at the stunning ruins of Machu Picchu or shopping for locally made textiles in Cusco, Peru is a fun, safe and exciting place to travel on your own. Plus, it’s very affordable if you are on a small budget.
Georgia: The country of Georgia, not the US state, that is. Explore the stunning Caucasus Mountains, quiet Medieval villages and the vibrant cultural scene of Tbilisi. The locals are incredibly welcoming and are always happy to help a solo traveler enjoy their stay.

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Toronto – A Pet-Friendly City

September 20, 2019

Although Toronto is one of the largest, busiest and densest cities in Canada – it is surprisingly pet-friendly.

In fact, Torontonians love their animal friends. According to city planning staff, there are three to five dogs per floor in Toronto condos. There’s a growing number of dog-friendly establishments in the downtown area, and the general attitude to canine companions is a welcoming one.

In fact, Toronto condos are beginning to build in pet-friendly features to attract a clientele with canine companions – such as dog grooming services, dog parks, pet shops and pet-friendly cafes.

The Livmore is a great example. On the fifth floor of this chic, stylish downtown Toronto apartment building you will find a convenient dog-friendly area – which is home to a pet spa and an outdoor play area known as the “Bark Park.” This area, lined with artificial turf, features fire hydrants, benches and even a mini obstacle course for dogs to play on.

The pet-friendly aspects of the Livmore are just one of the many examples of how Toronto offers our furry friends a warm welcome.

What Makes Toronto Pet-Friendly?

Let’s take a look at some of the other aspects of the city that make Toronto a great place to hang out with your canine companion.

Welcoming Shops

Many of the boutiques and shops between Bathurst and Gladstone are dog friendly and won’t mind if you bring your pooch in with you while you look around. They might even offer water and treats for your furry friend.

Laid Back Breweries

If you want to enjoy a local beer, there are many places where you can bring your four-legged companion. For example, at local craft brewery Henderson Brewing, they host monthly dog friendly events and dogs are always welcome whenever you stop in for a tasting.

Green Spaces

There are many great parks and wilderness areas scattered throughout the city where you and your dog can get some exercise and fresh air. For example, downtown Toronto borders Lake Ontario to the South, so you can head down to the waterfront to take a stroll along the boardwalk.

There’s also Trinity Bellwoods park, which features a Dog Bowl off-leash area, where you and your pooch can hang out with many other dogs of Toronto and their owners.
pet-friendly Toronto

Pet-Friendly Transport

Dogs are allowed on the Toronto transport system of buses, streetcars and subways – as long as it is outside of rush hour. So, you can bring your pooch on public transport and explore the city with them!

Canine-Loving Eateries

While most cafes and restaurants in Toronto will not allow your dog inside due to health and safety laws, there are still plenty of dog-friendly places to eat. For example, at Lick It Gelato on Queens Quay West, your pooch is welcome and they even sell a “doggie gelato” that is dairy and sugar free.

Planning a trip to Toronto with Man’s Best Friend?

If you are heading to Toronto and are looking for a convenient and pet-friendly place to stay, the Livmore is an ideal option. For more info, contact us today.

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Delsuites Announces New Property – Ten York

September 17, 2019

Here at DelSuites we strive to offer the very best short term apartment rentals in Toronto. That’s why we are so excited to announce the newest addition to our property portfolio: Ten York. 

This stunning property embodies the style and quality we have become known for at DelSuites. In a prime location along the waterfront, we think you’ll love this iconic condominium. 

Whether you’re heading to Toronto for a business trip or a vacation, these convenient and well-designed suites would be an ideal place to base yourself. 

Downtown Apartment Living

A glittering landmark on the Toronto skyline, Ten York is a bold, triangular-shaped wedge stretching 735 feet up towards the sky. With 65 floors, the building has everything you’ll need. From a gym to a cafe to meeting rooms and party rooms, this Toronto condo is designed for luxurious urban living. 

Relax in the spa and sauna, or find a moment of zen in the yoga studio – it’s all right here. On a hot summer day, you can take the plunge in the swimming pool or soak up some rays on the sun deck. There’s even a movie theatre where you can enjoy your favourite films in air-conditioned comfort. The concierge is there when you need them – and this residence has received great feedback for customer service. 

Thoughtful, Well-Designed Suites

Each of the suites at Ten York is designed with grace and style – as well as the little details that make your stay nicer. Whether you’re staying for a short visit or a longer time, you’ll love the full-size state-of-the-art appliances, designer-selected finishes and plank hardwood floors. The suites are limited to only six residences per floor, which ensures they are spacious and exclusive with a real sense of privacy. 

The ten foot ceilings and large windows let in plenty of natural light. And of course – there’s the views. Ten York is one of the tallest residential towers in the downtown core, so when you’re on one of the top floors you’ll have a breathtaking view of the city. 

An Enviable Location

Only steps away from the waterfront, your downtown home will be surrounded by the hottest dining, shopping and nightlife in the city. It’s located at the intersection of Queens Quay West & York St, right in the heart of the city. Harbour Square Park and the Harbourfront Centre are only a couple of blocks away. 

Plus, it’s also close to the GO train, Union Station and the subway – which means you can get anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area quickly and easily. With several options for shopping (including Sobeys Urban Fresh Queens Quay) right on your doorstep, you’ll love how convenient it is to stay in this highrise. 

Book Your Stay

To learn more about Ten York and to check availability, click here. If you have questions about this property, or any of our other properties, you can contact us at any time.

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Awesome Things to Do in Toronto

September 13, 2019
things to do in toronto

Toronto is often referred to as the “New York City of Canada” – thanks to its diversity, museums, excellent food scene and great attractions. It’s one of the biggest cities in the country – the Greater Toronto area is home to around one sixth of the entire Canadian population. There is so much to see in this bustling metropolis, that you won’t struggle to fill your days when you visit Toronto.

Whether you’re into art galleries, shopping, history or simply relaxing in the park, there’s something for everything in Toronto. Even if the weather is cold and stormy, there are plenty of indoor attractions to enjoy – making Toronto a great destination for all seasons.

Wondering what to do in Toronto? Here are some of the top things to do in Toronto you should have on your list:

Top Things to Do in Toronto

Discover History at the Royal Ontario Museum

Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum (aka ROM) is known for being one of the best museums in North America. It has a collection of over six million artefacts, with some galleries about natural history and others showcasing art and items from around the world.
The museum also has an impressive collection of minerals and dinosaur bones, as well as a collection of designs from the Art Deco period.
things to do in Toronto

Tour the Impressive Casa Loma

This famous Toronto landmark was designed in the style of a Gothic Revival castle. It is one of the most impressive works of architecture in the city. In fact, it has been a location for several films, including Chicago, The Pacifier and X-Men.
The castle, which has been turned into a museum, offers self-guided audio tours. So, you can explore the grounds and learn about the stories behind the many secret gardens, stables and passages within the castle.

Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame

If you’re a hockey fan visiting Toronto, you’re going to want to head straight to the legendary Hockey Hall of Fame. It’s where you can learn every detail of the history of your favourite sport. Plus, you’ll be able to see the famous Stanley Cup – in its resting place within the Great Hall.
There’s also a 125-seat 3D theatre that shows documentary films about the greatest players and moments in the history of hockey. This is one of the best things to do in Toronto Canada for hockey fans. After all, hockey is a very big deal for Torontonians!

Take the Ferry to Toronto Islands

If you want to take a break from the city and relax at a slower pace for a while, you can jump on a ferry to the Toronto Islands. These peaceful green islands offer a quiet contrast to the busy hustle of the city streets. Once you get to one of the three islands (Ward’s Centre and Algonquin), they are all connected. So, you can wander through the parks, picnic areas, gardens, beaches and play areas all day long. (Plus, the views of the Toronto skyline are incredible!)

Feast at the St. Lawrence Market

The St. Lawrence Market was once named the world’s best food market by National Geographic magazine. It’s the best place in the city to go for produce and unique artisanal food creations.
The market has been in the same location since 1803 and it is home to over 120 vendors, selling everything from gourmet bread to home-grown vegetables. If you are a food lover, this is one of the best things to do in Toronto. There are even cooking classes where you can learn how to prepare the delicious treats you’ve found. You’ll also find unique local crafts, as well as antique dealers selling a range of wonderful trinkets you’ll want to take home with you.
things to do in toronto

Admire the View from the CN Tower

The CN Tower is the tallest free-standing building on the continent, standing 553 metres above the city. It’s one of the most iconic things to do Toronto has to offer. You can take the glass floor panelled elevator to the SkyPod, where you can see spectacular views. If you really want to get a thrill, you can try the Skywalk. You’ll stand on a hands-free ledge towering over the city (while strapped into a safety harness, of course.)

What to do in Toronto, Canada

These are just a few of the many amazing things to do in Toronto. When it comes to Toronto attractions and Toronto things to do, the main problem is fitting everything into your visit. You’re going to want to extend your stay in order to take advantage of all this city has to offer. (Make sure you bring comfortable shoes – you’ll be doing a lot of walking!)

Have fun exploring one of Canada’s most interesting and diverse cities! If you’re looking for somewhere to stay during your trip, consider our short term apartment rentals in downtown Toronto.