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DelSuites: the Perfect Housing Option for Film and TV Productions

November 28, 2023
toronto film crew housing

You and your team may be looking for an affordable, convenient housing solution for your out-of-town film and TV Production team members. 

The Film Industry in Toronto

After many months of downtime, many productions have started up again. As BlogTO points out, productions now need to work around new COVID-19 health and safety protocols. 

Marguerite Pigott, the Film Commissioner and Director of Entertainment Industries at the City of Toronto, said, “This means that productions frequently need more time, more space and more safety supplies, in addition to having staff appointed to positions that focus on compliance with provincial and production-specific protocols.

So, what does this mean for the industry? It means productions are starting up again, many of which have international casts that will need accommodations.

Temporary Housing for Film and TV Cast and Crew from DelSuites

Here at DelSuites, we offer luxurious, affordable temporary condo accommodations for people looking for short-term stays in Toronto and the GTA.

If you are looking for temporary housing for your production team and cast while you shoot your next film in Toronto, here are some of the ways DelSuites can help.

Intensive Cleaning Procedures

We take hygiene precautions incredibly seriously at DelSuites. We are committed to ensuring that all of our guests stay safe and healthy during their stay. 

When bi-weekly is provided, we use intensive bleach-based disinfectant products to ensure that our suites are deep cleaned. 

Convenient Locations Close To Film Studios

Filming in Toronto can happen just about anywhere. While some productions will use locations in the downtown area, others may need to film in the outskirts of the city. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic, you can minimize the amount of time your team spends on public transport by finding an ideal housing option close to your filming locations. We have suites all over the GTA for your convenience. 

Not only are our housing locations convenient for travelling to and from location, they’re also located in some of Toronto’s most exciting areas. This means that your team can enjoy shopping, dining out, and exploring the city during their time off.

That All-Important Homely Feel

With many film productions, the team ends up being housed in a hotel for the duration of filming. While hotels are comfortable and clean, they rarely have that homely feel that your team is after. 

If your cast and crew are moving to Toronto for a month or more, they will appreciate having access to the comforts of home. 

Our suites are fully furnished and are incredibly spacious. Choose between our 1,2, or 3 bedroom suites, all of which have room for dining, working remotely, and lounging around during time off. They even have their own high-speed Wi-Fi connections and TVs.

Flexible Start and Finish Dates

While most film and TV productions make their plans well in advance, we understand that plans can change without much notice. If you end up finishing the scenes with several actors early, you can use our flexible end date system to end your contract with us early and send your actors home without paying extra fees in rent. DelSuites just requires 14 days notice to alter or change your dates of stay.

We even offer instant move-in dates if your plans change last minute and you need to bring members of your team to Toronto early. 

Building Amenities

Your team will absolutely love the amenities in some of our condo buildings. Our buildings offer everything from round-the-clock security to fitness centers, spas, and pools. 

For people on a tight, intensive filming schedule, these extra amenities will be greatly appreciated. Be sure to ask us about which buildings offer the amenities you’re after. 

Fully-Equipped Accommodations

Many actors end up spending money on takeaway and room service when they’re housed in a hotel during a film shoot. With DelSuites accommodations, your team will all have access to their own fully equipped state-of-the-art kitchens and dining areas. This means they’ll be able to cook their own meals and stay healthy during the shoot.

All of our suites also include washers and dryers, which will prove to be another incredibly useful timesaver.

Discover the Perfect Accommodation For Film And TV Productions With DelSuites Today

If you’re ready to find out more about whether DelSuites is the right choice for your production, click here to start browsing our available suites. See our locations in Downtown Toronto as well.  

Contact us today to chat with someone from our team about what we can offer you and your film crew.

Corporate Housing

Safety And Security: Ensuring Peace Of Mind In Toronto’s Corporate Housing

November 15, 2023
safety and security

In a constantly moving world, the modern business traveller seeks more than just comfort in corporate housing. The true essence of a home away from home is found not only in its amenities but also in the security and peace of mind it offers. 

As Toronto re-emerges as a hub for business travel in 2024, DelSuites stands at the forefront, providing secure and serene corporate housing that meets the evolving needs of its guests. 

Let’s explore how DelSuites prioritizes your safety, ensuring that your focus remains on what brought you to this vibrant city while we take care of the rest.

Access Denied: Your Privacy, Our Priority

The cornerstone of feeling secure in any accommodation is knowing that access is controlled and monitored. DelSuites takes this seriously, employing state-of-the-art access control systems.

We prioritize your privacy by implementing advanced access control systems, ensuring that only registered guests and authorized individuals can enter the premises. 

Each guest is provided with a personalized FOB upon registration, meticulously programmed for individual use. These systems ensure that your sanctuary in the GTA is guarded against any uninvited disturbances, giving you the tranquillity to rest, work, or play.

Our Security Personnel Make Your Stay Personal

Around the clock, every day of the week, the buildings’ security personnel remain vigilant so you can relax. Their presence is both a deterrent and a reassurance, a silent testament to your well-being. The men and women who watch over your temporary home are not just guards; they are custodians of your peace of mind, trained to maintain a safe environment while remaining discreetly in the background.

Eyes Where You Need Them

Surveillance is a vital piece of the security puzzle. At DelSuites, strategically placed cameras oversee common areas and entrances, acting as both watchdogs and witnesses. 

These digital eyes enhance the feeling of security, ensuring that while your privacy remains intact, any unusual activity is not unnoticed.

Fire Safety is Your First Line of Defence

Your safety is multi-dimensional at DelSuites, extending beyond security measures to include comprehensive fire safety protocols. With readily available fire extinguishers and regularly tested smoke detectors, you’re enveloped in a proactive environment that prioritizes your well-being.

Choosing Only the Best Toronto Neighborhoods

Location is key in real estate, and this holds true for your safety as well. DelSuites carefully selects corporate housing locations in some of Toronto’s safest neighbourhoods. You’ll find tranquillity not just within your suite but in the community that surrounds you, where the streets are well-kept, well-lit, and welcoming.

Emergency Response 27/7

At DelSuites, help is never more than a call away. The commitment to your safety is a 24/7 promise. Whether a minor concern or an unexpected situation, responsive support is always at your service, ensuring that every unforeseen event is swiftly and efficiently addressed.

Additional Safety Features 

Attention to detail is what sets DelSuites apart. Safety features like secure underground parking, well-lit pathways, and in-suite alarm panels mean that your security is integrated into your lifestyle, not just an added-on service. 

It’s about creating an environment where every detail, no matter how small, is considered through the lens of your safety and comfort.

Continuous Improvement Through Feedback

DelSuites understands that the pursuit of perfection is a continuous journey. Feedback from guests is not just welcomed; it is a cornerstone of the company’s evolution. Your experiences drive innovation and foster improvements, ensuring that each stay is safer and more secure than the last.

We’re More Than Just Security: The DelSuites Pledge for an Unforgettable Stay

At DelSuites, we know that it’s not just the high walls and locked doors that make a stay exceptional – it’s the world that flourishes within. Here’s how DelSuites pledges to make your stay unforgettable:

The DelSuites Comforts

Every suite is a sanctuary designed with the Tridel seal of luxury and an unwavering commitment to style and substance.

Amenities at DelSuites include:

  • Airport Transportation Services to ease your arrival
  • Bi-weekly cleaning services for a sparkling living space
  • A fully equipped kitchen for culinary adventures
  • En-suite washer & dryer, iron, and ironing board for effortless living
  • Upgraded wireless, secured internet for seamless connectivity
  • Separate bedrooms for privacy, rest, and rejuvenation

The DelSuites Advantage

We blend the convenience of hotel-like luxuries with the comfort of residential living. Our amenities are thoughtfully chosen to provide you with a perfect balance of comfort, space, and privacy.

The DelSuites Promise

With rates that are competitive with hotels, our value extends beyond cost. It’s about giving you a luxury experience that includes everything from LCD flat-screen TVs to comprehensive kitchen content packages.

Family-Friendly Stays: Customized Comfort for Every Age

Travelling with children comes with its unique set of challenges, but at DelSuites, we transform those challenges into opportunities for joy and ease. Understanding the importance of family, we strive to make your stay seamless by equipping your suite with all the essentials for your little ones.

From the moment you enter our doors, your family’s comfort is customized. Cribs, highchairs, playpens, and change tables are available upon request to ensure that your accommodation suits the unique needs of your family structure.

With these provisions, we aim to alleviate the packing stress for parents so that more time can be dedicated to creating memorable experiences with their children in the vibrant city of Toronto.

Our Green Commitment

Our suites are designed to conserve energy and water, reflecting our environmental consciousness in every light switched on and every faucet turned. The use of CFL lighting and low-flow bathroom fixtures are not mere amenities; they are a testament to our pledge for a greener tomorrow. 

These energy-efficient installations ensure that while our guests enjoy the warmth and brightness of their temporary home, their ecological footprint remains as light as possible.

In supporting sustainable living, we equip each suite with energy-saving appliances that allow guests to maintain a modern, comfortable lifestyle while reducing energy consumption. 

By integrating recycling programs and green bins within our properties, we encourage responsible waste disposal among our guests. 

Furthermore, we champion the local economy, with our prime locations offering access to a host of locally-owned shops and restaurants, inspiring our guests to make sustainable choices effortlessly.

Find Your Peace of Mind

As you chart new territories in business and explore all that Toronto has to offer, DelSuites is your steadfast partner in security and comfort. Here, corporate housing transcends the ordinary, weaving safety and peace of mind into the fabric of your stay. 

With DelSuites, you’re not just finding a place to stay; you’re discovering a haven where security is as natural as the sophisticated Canadian skyline. 

Step into the future of business travel with DelSuites, where every detail is designed with your safety and satisfaction in mind. Because when you feel secure, the possibilities are limitless.

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Why Serviced Apartments in Toronto Are the Best Option for Your Stay

November 1, 2023
serviced apartments in toronto

When you’re travelling to a new city, the array of options for where you might stay can be overwhelming. Depending on the purpose of your trip, whether it’s business or leisure, popular choices like hotels and Airbnb-type lodgings have their perks and drawbacks. 

But which one is better? Fortunately, there is a third option. When deciding on where to stay, choosing serviced apartments in Toronto can give you the best of both worlds.

With a combination of the specialized and tailored customer service of luxury hotels and the home-style comforts of short-term rentals, you can have it all. 

1. More Space and Private Common Areas

Serviced apartments, like traditional apartments, provide privacy and ample space for you to settle into and enjoy all to yourself. This means no interactions with other guests in common living spaces and having to share seating or dining areas. Instead, you can enjoy a nice and quiet meal in your own rental or have a relaxed night without outside interruptions. Make your temporary home your domain and live at your own pace. 

2. High-Quality Customer Service

Renting a service apartment means you are in good hands. With 24/7 reliable and consistent customer service and specialized care, your stay is always catered to you. Unlike Airbnb housing, at DelSuites, we offer maintenance at your disposal and bi-weekly housekeeping to enhance sanitization to keep your home fresh and clean. Likewise, without hundreds of hotel rooms to tend to, we can focus on your needs and make your stay the best it can be.

Our highly trained team is dedicated to service culture and maintaining top standards of care and cleanliness. Protecting and focusing on the well-being of our guests and associates is our number one priority. So if you have any questions or requests, service is just one call away. 

3. Saves You Money

You do not have to worry about hidden fees. That means you don’t have to compare hotel rates and additional fees that come with luxury hotels or pay added fees per guest like some Airbnb listings charge. Serviced apartments in Toronto offer fully furnished living spaces with amenities for short-term or long-term stays are all included in the rental price. Along with more savings, be confident you are getting consistent world-class service and accommodations. 

With all that space and more savings the longer you stay, there is more to love every time you choose a serviced apartment for your trip to the city. 

4. A More Local Feel

While the big seller of hotels is the number of locations and hotel chains that are offered in many major cities, there is often a disconnect between the culture of the neighbourhood and the hotel bubble. Luckily, with serviced apartments in Toronto, you can really feel like a part of the community. 

With carefully selected locations around the city, you can get the most of where you are staying. At DelSuites, we take pride in offering residential housing that really immerses you in the cultures and values of Toronto’s distinct neighbourhoods. With 15 locations throughout the city and surrounding GTA, have your pick on where you’d like to experience Toronto. 

Feel like a local and get the best intel on great restaurants, attractions, and hidden gems on your trip. Whether you’re on business or here on vacation, your serviced apartment will be your home base where you can explore and discover the city.

5. All the Amenities You Need at Your Fingertips

Amenities are one of the biggest advantages of serviced apartments in Toronto. Everything you need is included in your rental:

  • Save money and prepare a meal in your fully operational kitchen
  • Make the most of the comfortable fully furnished living spaces
  • Hand fresh linens and cleaning supplies right at your disposal
  • Release some stress in our state-of-the-art gyms, pools, saunas, and more. 
  • Conveniently do laundry right in your suite with available washer and dryer combos

6. Work Effectively Right From Your Living Space

As working from home becomes a reality for more and more of us, having the right tools at your disposal is a must in conducting business and everyday tasks. With our fast and reliable Wi-Fi and high-speed internet, staying connected online and with the outside world is never a problem. You never have to worry about cutting out of a virtual meeting or losing the signal inside your serviced apartment.

We also provide local and North American long-distance calling within each of our suites.

DelSuites Serviced Apartments in Toronto: The Best of Both Worlds

These days, many travellers are looking for alternatives to mainstream hotel chains and looking for more home-like accommodations. With Airbnb often being either a hit or miss, serviced apartments provide what makes both options great. Offering freedom with consistent and reputable customer service, you can live independently in this home away from home. 

At DelSuites, we have the move-in ready solution for your trip to Toronto. With flexible pricing and an array of serviced apartments for you to choose from, you can get the most out of your stay in the city.

Visit our website and book your perfect stay today. We have suites great for corporate travel, medical stays, and stays during renovations.

Giving Back

Dedicated to Helping Those in Need, DelSuites Makes a Difference

November 1, 2023

DelSuites Gives Back To Those In Need

In an era where economic uncertainty is the norm, you might find yourself increasingly mindful of where you spend your hard-earned money. You want to patronize businesses that offer more than just a service or product; you want to know that they are giving back and making a difference. At DelSuites, we share that sentiment wholeheartedly.

In this article, we’ll give you a closer look at how our commitment to community service is as important as the quality accommodations we provide. From our donations to Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto to extending our support to the Discalced Nuns of Carmel of the Infant Jesus, we aim to provide you with a luxurious and comfortable stay and make positive contributions to the community. 

Because when you choose to stay with us, you’re not just securing a place to live; you’re becoming part of a larger initiative to bring aid where it’s needed most. Interested to know more? Let’s delve into the ways your decision to stay with DelSuites can be a choice that benefits many.

Spreading Comfort and Care: Supporting The Discalced Nuns of Carmel of the Infant Jesus

At DelSuites, we believe in extending our hands to various corners of the community, even those that might not be immediately visible. Take, for example, the Discalced Nuns of Carmel of the Infant Jesus, a contemplative order serving the Archdiocese of Toronto. 

Although they lead a secluded life of silence and solitude, their prayers and sacrifices reverberate throughout the community, offering immeasurable spiritual and emotional support.

That’s why we recently donated bath towels to their residence. These seemingly mundane items are everyday essentials that allow these dedicated women to focus more on their prayerful contributions. 

We recognize their selfless work, often without asking for anything in return, and we want to do our part to make their lives a bit easier.

So, when you choose to stay with DelSuites, know you’re indirectly contributing to our ongoing efforts to give back. Your stay allows us to continue making a real difference in the lives of various community members, from those facing homelessness to spiritual caretakers like these devoted nuns.

A Special Day of Giving: DelSuites Visits Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto

It was a day that meant more than just business for us at DelSuites. Dan Henderson, our President, and Justin Van Dette, Senior Director of Government Relations of Tridel, visited two cornerstone organizations providing indispensable services to those who need them most: Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto.

We donated bath towels, hand towels, facecloths, shower curtains, and an assortment of bathroom amenities. These donations are more than just items; they are small luxuries offering a sense of normality and dignity to people going through some of the most challenging times. 

And the numbers speak for themselves—both Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto have seen a significant rise in the number of people seeking help since the pandemic began.

At DelSuites, our collaboration with these incredible organizations doesn’t end here. We are actively looking forward to more opportunities to lend a helping hand. Want to be a part of this journey? For more information or to contribute to these organizations, you can visit Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

When you choose DelSuites, you’re investing in a home away from home. We take pride in offering furnished suites that serve as personal sanctuaries. Located across the Greater Toronto Area, from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto to the peacefulness of Markham and North York, we ensure you’re never far from what you need. We’ve won the Consumers’ Choice Award (CCA) in Executive Apartment Rental, but our real reward is seeing our guests genuinely relaxed and pleased with their stay.

But it’s not just about comfortable living; it’s also about the community we build and the world we share. That’s why we donate gently-used furniture to Furniture Bank, providing basic home essentials for women, children, and families in need.

Why Choose DelSuites?

When searching for your next corporate housing in Toronto, you’ll undoubtedly have a list of criteria. At DelSuites, we’ve tailored our services to meet and exceed your expectations. Here’s what we offer:

  • Exceptional accommodations: Our suites are designed for comfort and functionality, ensuring that your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Unparalleled service: Our team is committed to providing top-notch service throughout your stay. Your comfort is our mission.
  • Continuous improvement: We regularly upgrade our suites to meet the ever-changing needs of our clientele.
  • Community commitment: As you’ve seen, choosing DelSuites means you’re indirectly participating in our various community initiatives.
  • Sustainability focus: Our commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle significantly impacts the environment.

Conclusion: Making a Difference Together

As we draw to a close, let’s recap the critical points: At DelSuites, we are not just a corporate housing provider; we are a community enabler. From our high-quality suites to unparalleled customer service and community outreach programs, we aim to make a difference in every aspect of your life and those around you.

We’re committed to our mission of providing exceptional accommodations while also improving the lives of those less fortunate in our community. Whether supporting the spiritual work of the Discalced Nuns of Carmel of the Infant Jesus or contributing essential items to Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto, every gesture counts.

If you want to make your next corporate housing decision meaningful, look no further. By choosing DelSuites, you’re not just securing quality accommodations; you’re becoming a part of something larger—a community that believes in giving back and enhancing lives.

So, why wait? Make your reservation today and step towards a stay that makes a difference. Your choice to stay with DelSuites is a choice that extends well beyond the four walls of a suite; it’s a choice that benefits the community and, ultimately, the world at large.

Visit our website to explore how you can join our ongoing efforts to make a difference. Because at DelSuites, we believe that together, we can build a better tomorrow.