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Dedicated to Helping Those in Need, DelSuites Makes a Difference

November 1, 2023

DelSuites Gives Back To Those In Need

In an era where economic uncertainty is the norm, you might find yourself increasingly mindful of where you spend your hard-earned money. You want to patronize businesses that offer more than just a service or product; you want to know that they are giving back and making a difference. At DelSuites, we share that sentiment wholeheartedly.

In this article, we’ll give you a closer look at how our commitment to community service is as important as the quality accommodations we provide. From our donations to Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto to extending our support to the Discalced Nuns of Carmel of the Infant Jesus, we aim to provide you with a luxurious and comfortable stay and make positive contributions to the community. 

Because when you choose to stay with us, you’re not just securing a place to live; you’re becoming part of a larger initiative to bring aid where it’s needed most. Interested to know more? Let’s delve into the ways your decision to stay with DelSuites can be a choice that benefits many.

Spreading Comfort and Care: Supporting The Discalced Nuns of Carmel of the Infant Jesus

At DelSuites, we believe in extending our hands to various corners of the community, even those that might not be immediately visible. Take, for example, the Discalced Nuns of Carmel of the Infant Jesus, a contemplative order serving the Archdiocese of Toronto. 

Although they lead a secluded life of silence and solitude, their prayers and sacrifices reverberate throughout the community, offering immeasurable spiritual and emotional support.

That’s why we recently donated bath towels to their residence. These seemingly mundane items are everyday essentials that allow these dedicated women to focus more on their prayerful contributions. 

We recognize their selfless work, often without asking for anything in return, and we want to do our part to make their lives a bit easier.

So, when you choose to stay with DelSuites, know you’re indirectly contributing to our ongoing efforts to give back. Your stay allows us to continue making a real difference in the lives of various community members, from those facing homelessness to spiritual caretakers like these devoted nuns.

A Special Day of Giving: DelSuites Visits Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto

It was a day that meant more than just business for us at DelSuites. Dan Henderson, our President, and Justin Van Dette, Senior Director of Government Relations of Tridel, visited two cornerstone organizations providing indispensable services to those who need them most: Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto.

We donated bath towels, hand towels, facecloths, shower curtains, and an assortment of bathroom amenities. These donations are more than just items; they are small luxuries offering a sense of normality and dignity to people going through some of the most challenging times. 

And the numbers speak for themselves—both Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto have seen a significant rise in the number of people seeking help since the pandemic began.

At DelSuites, our collaboration with these incredible organizations doesn’t end here. We are actively looking forward to more opportunities to lend a helping hand. Want to be a part of this journey? For more information or to contribute to these organizations, you can visit Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto.

Your Comfort, Our Priority

When you choose DelSuites, you’re investing in a home away from home. We take pride in offering furnished suites that serve as personal sanctuaries. Located across the Greater Toronto Area, from the hustle and bustle of downtown Toronto to the peacefulness of Markham and North York, we ensure you’re never far from what you need. We’ve won the Consumers’ Choice Award (CCA) in Executive Apartment Rental, but our real reward is seeing our guests genuinely relaxed and pleased with their stay.

But it’s not just about comfortable living; it’s also about the community we build and the world we share. That’s why we donate gently-used furniture to Furniture Bank, providing basic home essentials for women, children, and families in need.

Why Choose DelSuites?

When searching for your next corporate housing in Toronto, you’ll undoubtedly have a list of criteria. At DelSuites, we’ve tailored our services to meet and exceed your expectations. Here’s what we offer:

  • Exceptional accommodations: Our suites are designed for comfort and functionality, ensuring that your stay is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Unparalleled service: Our team is committed to providing top-notch service throughout your stay. Your comfort is our mission.
  • Continuous improvement: We regularly upgrade our suites to meet the ever-changing needs of our clientele.
  • Community commitment: As you’ve seen, choosing DelSuites means you’re indirectly participating in our various community initiatives.
  • Sustainability focus: Our commitment to reduce, reuse, and recycle significantly impacts the environment.

Conclusion: Making a Difference Together

As we draw to a close, let’s recap the critical points: At DelSuites, we are not just a corporate housing provider; we are a community enabler. From our high-quality suites to unparalleled customer service and community outreach programs, we aim to make a difference in every aspect of your life and those around you.

We’re committed to our mission of providing exceptional accommodations while also improving the lives of those less fortunate in our community. Whether supporting the spiritual work of the Discalced Nuns of Carmel of the Infant Jesus or contributing essential items to Haven Toronto and YWCA Toronto, every gesture counts.

If you want to make your next corporate housing decision meaningful, look no further. By choosing DelSuites, you’re not just securing quality accommodations; you’re becoming a part of something larger—a community that believes in giving back and enhancing lives.

So, why wait? Make your reservation today and step towards a stay that makes a difference. Your choice to stay with DelSuites is a choice that extends well beyond the four walls of a suite; it’s a choice that benefits the community and, ultimately, the world at large.

Visit our website to explore how you can join our ongoing efforts to make a difference. Because at DelSuites, we believe that together, we can build a better tomorrow.

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DelSuites Builds Community With Rapid Rehousing Initiative Donation

September 19, 2021
delsuites furniture donation

DelSuites understands how important it is to have a comfortable, safe place to call home. Every day, we go above and beyond to make sure travellers from around the world can step through our doors and relax, knowing we’ve done the rest.

That’s why we’re deeply proud to have donated ten full and six partial sets of modern, stylish furniture—a gift worth $55,000—to the City of Toronto’s Rapid Rehousing Initiative: the city’s primary program for helping chronically homeless Torontonians find stable, permanent homes.

This contribution builds on our April 2020 donation of almost 25 apartments’ worth of furnishings to City of Toronto housing programs—a partnership that proved DelSuites hospitality can make a difference that lasts.


More than bare walls or a bandaid solution

The City of Toronto established its Rapid Rehousing Initiative in April 2020, as part of the response to COVID-19. This coordinated approach to public health and fighting poverty offers help to the people who need it most, by permanently housing people who have experienced chronic homelessness.

Recognizing how disproportionately COVID-19 would affect people without homes, the City of Toronto launched a collaborative effort between 20 city agencies, local non-profits like the Toronto Furniture Bank, and the City’s Follow-Up Supports program in March 2020.

By taking a complex, systemic view of what makes homelessness happen, the Rapid Rehousing Initiative helps Torontonians who have repeatedly been without a home not just find one in their own downtown neighbourhoods, but keep that home—and overcome the greater obstacles they’re facing. Furniture, housewares, and lease assistance are provided to give each participant a stable start—one where they can not just survive, but thrive.

Through the City’s Follow-Up Supports program, neighbourhood-based community agencies provide programs, resources, and social supports tailored to help each participant stabilize their future.

In 2020, the Rapid Rehousing Initiative helped 459 people—singles, couples, and families—move into permanent and fully furnished housing.

Phase two of the initiative started in January 2021, bringing 450 more units into the program. 160 Toronto families have already moved in, keys in hand, since June 1, 2021—and set themselves on the path to a better future.

Making a real impact in our community

Our April 2020 partnership with the City of Toronto showed us how much impact stylish, durable furniture can make when you’re starting fresh. Good dishes mean your favourite home cooking; a comfortable couch means time with friends and family; and modern, attractive ready-made décor means an instant boost to dignity.

Starting with a space that’s not just four walls, but a home doesn’t just let people save for education, family, or their future—it creates the place where we can be at peace, feel proud, and flourish.

Having seen the lasting effects of a comfortable space on our neighbours’ lives, we’ve targeted this newest donation to do the most good: help ten households move from living precariously into homes they can take pride in, with fundamentals that were made to last.

As Toronto’s groundbreaking housing program grows, DelSuites will be there to show we know a welcome is something you build every single day—and a welcome is for everyone.

Learn how you can help

Our cities become communities when we all pull together. Learn how you can help bring every Torontonian a safe and stable home at

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DelSuites Working Together with the City of Toronto

June 22, 2021

DelSuites exists because we believe cities are communities—and the best hospitality, whether you’re traveling, recovering from crisis, or new in town, is living right inside our community. In April 2020, COVID-19 made working together more important than ever. So when DelSuites heard about two chances to help our neighbours most in need—newcomers and Torontonians without homes—as DelSuites president Dan Henderson said, “We jumped at the opportunity.”

All the Fundamentals for a Home

In April 2020, the City of Toronto embarked on a huge, life-saving effort to help Torontonians sleeping on streets and in shelters find safe temporary homes—and prevent the spread of COVID-19. The DelSuites team immediately reached out to Mayor John Tory, Deputy Mayor Ana Bailao, and city staff to see where our expertise could make a positive difference.

What City leadership told us they needed was the things that make a house into a home: our specialty.

So in April 2020, DelSuites donated approximately 22-25 entire apartments’ worth of furniture (valued at $120,000) to two programs: the emergency housing effort, and the Transitional Housing Program for Newcomers to Toronto, which temporarily hosts new Torontonians until they can find permanent homes.

Program participants will receive everything they need to not just use their new space, but leave the stress of not having a stable home behind. They’ll walk in to find everything a home needs, from beds, couches, and kitchen tables to dish towels, sheets, and cutlery.

For newcomers to our city, we’ve contributed furniture that’s theirs to keep when they move to their first permanent Toronto homes. Furniture can be a serious expense for families restarting their lives in a new country, and this substantial donation will let our new neighbours spend their first months here building bright futures, knowing their community is here for them.

For Torontonians without homes, we’ve donated full apartment sets of furniture to fill some of the 250 supportive housing units built. This pilot project is the first in a bold new approach to reducing homelessness in Toronto, and we’ve donated furniture that will turn the bare walls of a new house into the kind of comfort, security, and dignified style we’d all hope to come home to.

The modular units that opened in September 2020, people who started sleeping in shelters and on streets moved into permanent, stable housing—and can focus on health, happiness, and rebuilding their lives.

More recently in June 2021, DelSuites donated an additional 13 furnished suites with a face value of 55K to shelters, supporting the City of Toronto Rapid Rehousing Program

Every piece we’ve provided is durable, modern, stylish, and comfortable, so our neighbours can confidently open their new homes to friends and family—and keep that cycle of hospitality and stability going.

“Not only is it a worthy cause, but it’s an important one. We need to do everything we can to give a comfortable accommodation experience to the people who need it the most in this time of crisis, we hope our contribution makes a difference to these families and our community.” — Dan Henderson, President of DelSuites.

Living the Values of Hospitality

This past year has been a difficult time for the hospitality industry, but in hard times, communities pull together. DelSuites is proud to have partnered with the City of Toronto to help provide comfortable, stable homes for the people who need it most in our city.

We’re glad to have the opportunity to make a positive impact, and underline the belief that’s at the core of why we provide comfortable, community-based, flexible accommodations—homes away from home—every day of the week.

That a little thoughtfulness goes the extra mile, that a comfortable place to sleep at night matters, and that providing good hospitality starts at home—and as part of the community.

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DelSuites Turns 20 Years Old!

November 15, 2018

DelSuites Turns 20DelSuites Turns 20!

In October 2018, DelSuites turns 20 – reaching a milestone. Our company has been around for a full two decades. On the year DelSuites launched, Titanic was dominating at the Oscars, the first Apple iMac was released, the last episode of “Seinfeld” aired, and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were still a thing.

Crazy, huh?

Looking back over the years, we are incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful guests and clients we have been able to work with. It’s a thrill DelSuites turns 20 and to be able to be part of the serviced apartment industry in Toronto and we’ve learned so much – so thank you.

DelSuites Turns 20

Oakwood Worldwide 2017 Partner Award

We’re also honoured by the awards that we have received over the last few years, including:

  • Oakwood Worldwide 2017 Partner Award – DelSuites had the highest guest satisfaction across their internal and client surveys. ‘DelSuites always works diligently to serve our guests and their Guest Services jumps on the service issues if they arise. They are all around great suppliers to work with’ – Oakwood Worldwide Employee.
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (5 years running!)
  • CHPA (Best Green Progress) 2017 – The Best Green Progress Award recognizes a company exemplifying environmental responsibility and social performance through policies, plans and activities.

During the last 20 years, we’ve grown to become the largest serviced housing provider in Toronto with over 450 suites throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We are part of the Tridel Group of Companies, Canada’s leader in condo living.

Not bad for a 20 year old!

What Will the Future Bring?

Like many 20 year olds out there, we feel like this is the beginning of our story and we are just getting started.
Here’s what you can expect from us at DelSuites in the future:

Support for Causes We Believe In

DelSuites Turns 20

Toronto Humane Society

From donating towels and linens to Anguilla to support hurricane relief efforts, to providing blankets and bed sheets for animals at the Toronto Humane Society, to donating linens and towels to a primary school in Jamaica, we have always made the effort to support causes that are close to our hearts. We will continue in the future, as this is really important to our company values.

Commitment to Sustainability

We will continue to care about the environment. In 2017, we combined offices with our sister company Del Condominium Rentals and underwent office renovations at Tridel’s Head Office – to ensure that our working environment is sustainable as possible. We cut down our paper consumption by 75%, switched to LED light bulbs, implemented Eco Pens and made many other tweaks to reduce our carbon footprint.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are really important to us, so we are always working to improve our customer satisfaction. We do this in a number of ways, including our Preventative Maintenance program that inspects suites regularly to keep them in tip-top shape. We’ve also launched our Guest Appreciation Program, where we thank our guests with a thoughtful gift and let them know how much we appreciate their business.

Cheers to another 20 years!

DeSuites Turns 20We are always looking to the future and thinking about how we can be the best company we can be… so we are pretty excited to see what the future will bring! Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or we have just met… we send a sincere “Thank You” your way. We couldn’t do it without you!

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“Spirit of Partnership” Awarded from Oakwood Worldwide

June 24, 2016

Oakwood WorldwideDelSuites is proud to announce that it has been recognized by Oakwood Worldwide and has been granted the Spirit of Partnership Award. This prestigious award was announced during the Corporate Housing Providers Association annual conference.

Oakwood Worldwide is the global leader in the field of serviced apartments and corporate housing and it recognizes the best supply chain partners from North America at the annual Corporate Housing Providers Association conference. Other awards were given out during the conference for other achievements in the industry, such as highest service level, highest volume and more. This conference is one of the most important events in the corporate housing industry.

The Spirit of Partnership Award

This award is not for the accommodation with the most room nights or the best customer scores, but for the company that will go above and beyond to help Oakwood in any way possible. The Spirit of Partnership award celebrates companies that are involved in the community around them and are actively working to make it a better place.

This award is a direct reflection of the positive attitude and excellent customer service approach that DelSuites has. In everything that they do, DelSuites goes further and strives to be involved in the community in positive ways. It is an honour to receive this award, as it highlights the dedication DelSuites has to improving the world around them.

A Commitment to the Community

DelSuites recently visited the Toronto Humane Society and donated five bags of gently used towels to this organization. The Humane Society cares for the health of stray animals and provides them with shelter, medical care and spay and neutering services.

The organization is run by volunteers who work to match the animals with their new homes, socialize them, groom them, walk them, play with them and feed them. By getting involved with the Toronto Humane Society and donating these used towels, DelSuites is contributing to a healthier and happier community. Working together with the Toronto Humane Society is just one of the ways that DelSuites contributes to improving the city and the lives of animals and people in the community.