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Toronto in Eight Quirky Local Museums

June 29, 2022
Toronto local museums photo by Jeff Smith on Unsplash

Local museums can be the best part of a trip abroad: an afternoon of culture you can’t find anywhere else. Fun, affordable, and frequently family-friendly, they’re a great way to find the more laid-back and local side of a city.

If you’re an art-lover, history buff, doing it for the ‘Gram, or just like getting a little culture while you get your steps in, here are some of Toronto’s best lesser-known museums.

Mackenzie House

It’s not everywhere that a city’s first mayor was also its most famous—and failed—revolutionary. Tucked between hospitals, hotels, and high-rises, Mackenzie House—William Lyon Mackenzie’s original 1858 townhouse—is a downtown shrine to Victorian Toronto.

Come for practical tips on daily 1800s life, stay for the political scandals and century-old spicy opinions. Features: a working 180-year-old printing press you can try yourself. 82 Bond Street.

Market Gallery at St. Lawrence Market

St. Lawrence Market is one of Toronto’s most famous foodie attractions. But it’s also home to a lesser-known local history museum and gallery on the second floor—a space that held Toronto’s first City Hall and was lost behind boarded-up doors until the 1970s. (Yes, you can lose an entire City Hall.)

The Market Gallery hosts rotating exhibits from the City’s fine art collection and notes on the historic architecture. Start with a little culture, end it with a sandwich. 2nd Floor, St. Lawrence Market, 95 Front Street East.

The Myseum of Toronto

One of the quirkiest museums Toronto’s got, Myseum is a year-round, city-wide project produced and hosted all around the city. The result? Something that’s part art collective, part distributed historical museum, made of crowdsourced collections and digital walking tours.

While most of their past exhibits are available online, new ones are mounted annually in locations around the city–usually starting in April.

Spadina House

The closest thing to Toronto’s version of Downton Abbey! Spadina House shows off early 1900s Toronto in a sprawling, elegant hilltop mansion—complete with servants’ quarters and evolving architectural décor.

The five-acre grounds, though, are a feature all by themselves, including gardens and a heritage apple orchard that hosts everything from events to autumn cider festivals. Features: Close enough to Casa Loma to make a day of it. 285 Spadina Road.

The Textile Museum of Canada

A favourite of costumers and fashionistas alike, The Textile Museum takes a subject that feels niche—the art and history of fabric—and makes it fascinating. Behind an anonymous side-street door lurks five floors of textile history, modern art, event space, and programs—complete with a gift shop.

With collections that start local and stretch to Peru, China, and Serbia, there’s something for everyone, even if they’re not an enthusiastic crafter. 55 Centre Avenue.

The Toronto Railway Museum

Model railroad fans unite! And—regular railroad fans too. The Toronto Railway Museum packs historical trains, a train-driving simulator, and lots of information into an indoor-outdoor exhibit space. There’s a steady collection of artifacts inside: maps, tools, dishes, and uniforms used by conductors past.

While small, it’s conveniently tucked away right beside the CN Tower, Rogers Centre, and Ripley’s Aquarium on the waterfront—so there are lots of options for a full day out. Features: A mini-train ride. Because nobody says no to tiny train rides. 255 Bremner Boulevard. 

The Bata Shoe Museum

While this attraction has a little more profile than the rest, it’s not every day that a city devotes a whole museum to—shoes. Open since 1995, The Bata Shoe Museum grew from the private collection of shoe company executive Sonja Bata: a trove of rare and traditional footwear from around the world.

The result? A fascinating mix of modern couture, ancient Egyptian, Chinese, and Italian artifacts, history, and celebrity kicks. And a sometimes surprising social insight into how they’re all connected. Features: Enough glitter for your fashionista friends, and enough depth for an anthropologist. 327 Bloor Street West.

Riverdale Farm

Sometimes you just need to have a cow. Or some goats, sheep, pigs, chickens, and horses.

Riverdale Farm is the destination for downtowners who really just need something fluffy to pet. Part working farm, part historic Victorian site for learning about rural life, the farm dates back to 1849. Features: tobogganing hills, hiking trails, a wading pool, picnic areas, and year-round crafts. And the best part for families: admission is always free. 201 Winchester Street.


The authentic Toronto neighbourhood experience deserves a Toronto neighbourhood stay. Call DelSuites at 647-370-3504 or email info@delsuites.com to find out how we can open Toronto up for you to discover.


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Four Ways to Use Furnished Rentals—Without Leaving Town

June 14, 2022
Long-term rentals photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash.

How many things can you do with a furnished Toronto rental condo? It’s been a long time since furnished rentals were just for business travelers, even though we can often still think of them that way. But a temporary home built for long-term stays—30 nights or more—can bring a flexibility and freedom to your life, even if you already live in the same city.

Here’s four ways furnished rental apartments can get you where you want to go—right at home in Toronto.

Hold out for the right home—and save your money

A fully-furnished, serviced condominium doesn’t seem cheaper than a normal rental. But if you’re finding a place to call home in less-than-perfect conditions, it can be a way to save big money in the long run.

Whether it’s location, the condition of the space, rowdy neighbours, or a landlord whose problem-solving style doesn’t match yours, there are lots of reasons a lease can go bad—and be very expensive to break. From storage, reclaiming rent money, service installation fees, lost working time, and more, those abrupt and necessary moves are anything but cheap. And they have a terrible habit of adding up, since emergency expenses never show up one at a time.

If you’re not loving your housing market options, a stable and temporary home can save you both money and stress. A DelSuites furnished condo is a chance to really find the right long-term apartment, while turning crisis expenses into predictable ones. You’ll know exactly what you need to budget, and be able to keep the stress spending under control.

Or, if you’re contemplating putting money on a down payment, it’s a way to know that if construction or closing is delayed, you won’t be left scrambling. You can pick out the home you really want—and keep your life on plan and on budget, whatever comes your way.

Be closer to family when they need you

Toronto’s increasingly a city of dense, compact condominium neighbourhoods—and when our loved ones need us nearby, it’s not always easy to fit everyone into an open-concept home. It’s always easier to have help—but it’s no fun to choose between help and getting on each other’s nerves with the very predictable, very different ways adults live our lives.

If your family’s welcoming a new baby, dealing with a challenging illness, grieving a loss, or preparing for any major life change, a furnished rental can be a way to stay the right kind of close by. A furnished rental in the neighbourhood can keep loved ones on hand for emergencies or care, without turning it into a question of how to share space 24/7.

It’s a solution to getting and giving real family support that works—and that everyone can feel good about afterwards.

Study at your own pace

Everyone knows when student move-ins happen: June and September, when lots of apartments in university and college neighbourhoods go up for grabs. But many colleges and grad programs offer January or July starts—especially for professional, condensed programs—and if you’re starting one, a home you love can be harder to find.

As schools go back to on-campus classes, a fully-furnished rental condo can be the key to starting the program you want, when you want. Whether it’s to fill the gap for a few months, until more long-term spaces open, or for the whole semester—you don’t have to wait to start your education.

DelSuites Toronto rentals also let you finish your degree or college program when you want. If you’re taking your last classes in the summer semesters, we can bridge the summer housing gap—without figuring out shared sublets or signing long-term leases you’re not sure you’ll use. You can get to your future sooner, and stay comfortably while you do it.

Take a job contract without the commute

Nothing spoils a dream job offer like a two-hour commute. If you’ve got a job contract on your desk—but don’t want to uproot your whole life—a furnished DelSuites rental can be your temporary teleporter.

It’s a little more freedom to make big, bold career moves—without being limited by location. And it’s a chance to shake up your career without having made huge life commitments in case the job isn’t for you.

You can save your commuting time and still get comfortable in a space that fits your habits and lifestyle. With high-speed internet and cable included in your monthly rate, full ensuite laundry and kitchen, and biweekly cleaning to help out, you can move your hobbies and habits over without breaking a sweat.

Wherever you’re going in life, the right home in the right place and time can be a real help it getting there. Call us at 647-370-3504 or email info@delsuites.com to find out how we can take your Toronto life one step farther.


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DelSuites Welcomes You to Mississauga’s Ultra Ovation

June 10, 2022
Mississauga Ultra Ovation

Visiting Mississauga? Now you can stay in ultimate style.

We’re thrilled to open up bookings for our newest DelSuites building: fully-furnished rental suites at Mississauga’s ultra-modern Ultra Ovation Condominiums.

A ultra-modern Mississauga stay 

From the doors to the sleek decor, Ultra Ovation is designed for living life a little grander.

This established Tridel building features state-of-the-art recreation facilities: Scandinavian cedar saunas, a full fitness centre, yoga rooms, indoor virtual golf, and a sunlit swimming pool—all accessible with your keyfob.

There’s also space for friends, family, or colleagues to gather. Ultra Ovation has a fully equipped indoor party room with a wet bar and an accessible business centre.

All this is surrounded by Mississauga’s rich—and underhyped—cultural attractions: the Mississauga Living Arts Centre, Mississauga Public Library, and Celebration Square are mere steps away. A stay at Ultra Ovation means weekly farmer’s markets, free outdoor movie nights, afternoon author talks, dance shows, and concerts under the stars—all a five-minute walk away.

Celebration Square is also your gateway to Mississauga’s proud cultural diversity—with Portuguese, Muslim, Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Egyptian, and Philippine festivals scheduled for this summer alone. A stay at Ultra Ovation lets you discover the world at your doorstep or connect with community.

For sports lovers, the Mississauga Golf and Country Club offers golf and tennis, and there’s plenty of trail hiking along the lakeshore at the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area. And if you’re just in the mood to sit with nature, the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Garden is a quiet nook to sit back and smell the flowers.

With easy access to Square One shopping, both Canadian- and Asian-focused groceries, and Sheridan College’s Hazel McCallion Campus, you’re perfectly situated to enjoy Mississauga’s downtown.

When you’re ready to head into downtown Toronto—or out into Southern Ontario for a getaway—the Mississauga City Centre Transit Terminal connects you to regional GO Transit and Pearson International Airport stress-free.

All the DelSuites comforts you love

Our suites at Ultra Ovation come with all the DelSuites comforts and amenities you’ve always loved, including stylish, luxurious furnishings, soft sheets, towel and linens service, a fully-equipped kitchen, and ensuite laundry equipment. We’ll help you keep your space clean and tidy with our in-house cleaning service, and if you’re traveling with family or pets, we can welcome you with ease.

Our fully furnished rentals at Ultra Ovation come with full cable TV packages, high-speed internet, and North American long-distance calling as part of your rental quote.

Ultra Ovation’s spacious units—over 800 square feet for a two-bedroom—come with elegant views. It’s the perfect space for rest, relaxation, or a gateway into the whole Greater Toronto region.

And if you want to book with confidence, tour our Ultra Ovation spaces virtually from the comfort of your home.

Book your Ultra Ovation Stay now

Ultra Ovation bookings are open on our website now. Whether you’re coming to Toronto for business, relaxation, or your next phase in life, DelSuites at Ultra Ovation is ready to pamper you. Call us at 647-370-3504 or email info@delsuites.com to find out more about our new Ultra Ovation offerings.