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Why Corporate Housing Is the Best Option for Your Company’s Housing Needs

August 5, 2023
woman working in corporate housing

Finding temporary corporate housing is a logistical puzzle that every project-based company needs to solve from time to time. Whether your business is in construction, film & production, finance, technology, your on-site employees and partners need a place to stay while your project runs its course. 

But finding a flexible option is challenging. And finding one that can improve your employee’s quality of life is even harder.

Corporate housing is a solution that gives your company a powerful tool to improve guest experiences for employees, partners, and other VIPs to your business. Having a functional space that your employees can use for short-term stays, events, and projects can improve their satisfaction, productivity, and promote collaboration.

Corporate housing is the most straightforward way to handle your employees’ housing needs. Your corporate housing provider will work with you to help you find your employees appropriate housing on site. 

Furnished Suites, Hotels, or Airbnb Rentals for Corporate Housing?

Hotels may be the industry standard, but they often fall short when it comes to their accessibility and flexibility. And if you’re planning for a longer stay, your company may need a more cost-effective option.  Meanwhile, Airbnb offers flexible experiences, but the quality of that experience may vary depending on the host. 


Consistency is one of the biggest challenges with Airbnb. Each host may have their own standards and regulations which can impact your employees, partners, and VIPs.

DelSuites standardized furnished suites guarantee your employees the same conditions every time. Each suite is based on industry standards, features a predictable design, and we service them all according to our internal cleaning procedures. This level of consistency ensures a predictable experience for everyone involved.

Fluctuating Prices 

Airbnb and hotel rentals are generally intended for short stays in high-demand areas. Airbnb’s prices often fluctuate, making it difficult for you to budget. This isn’t an ideal fit for companies with sporadic projects that require some flexibility.

If you predict your project or expansion will take multiple months, furnished suites are a better option. Corporate housing suites are designed to be lived in for up to a year, or even longer. 

DelSuites even offers discounts for stays longer than six months, so it’s easy for you to get good value from our suites and adapt to changing project timelines.

Quality of Service

When you rent from an Airbnb, you are trusting a stranger to provide the right level of service. Your employees are a valuable asset to your company, and it’s important they have a safe and secure place to stay.

You may even need to relocate your employee should a host decide to stop renting their property during a longer stay. When it comes to corporate housing, you need a proven company that’s entire business is built around positive guest experiences.

DelSuites has decades of experience providing residential housing to clients visiting Toronto and the GTA. Our teams can help you find the right accommodations, provide recommendations for your neighborhood, and keep your company unit up to your standards.


The safety of your employees is a top priority. COVID-19 has only demonstrated the need for widespread sanitation practices. You may be putting your employees into an unsafe situation by housing them in at a hotel or Airbnb. 

Airbnb created a guideline for COVID-19 sanitation protocols, but it’s still up to the individual host to follow these guidelines. And with hotels, high turnover rates are another issue that could put your employees at risk.

DelSuites puts staff and guest safety above all else. We have strict social distancing and cleaning protocols that ensure rooms are kept clean, look presentable, and safe. 

Try DelSuites’ Customized Approach to Corporate Housing

corporate housing party room

Corporate housing isn’t just a reliable, consistent option for temporary rentals. Our Toronto furnished suites often provide higher standards than you can find in temporary rentals, especially for the same price. There are many advantages that your company can benefit from when it comes to corporate housing.

Livable Spaces

Corporate housing suites are designed to be lived in for relatively long periods, and are laid out, furnished, and serviced accordingly. Our rooms are always fully furnished and include a kitchen,  separate living area, and come with a workspace. They are self-contained units that we carefully designed to be as convenient to live in as possible. 

Your employees can use them as a living space, host meetings, work on projects, or as a getaway when they need a quiet space to focus.

Large Selection of Rooms

DelSuites provides your company with access to a large portfolio of corporate housing options. Our catalogue includes studio apartments and one, two, and three-bedroom condos that are perfect for solo or business travellers, families, and VIPs.

In-Suite Kitchen

Are your employees tired of eating out? Every one of our units comes with a fully-equipped kitchen. Your employees can cook their own meals from a space that feels like home, making it easier for them to relax and unwind.

Our bi-weekly cleaning service also ensures that your suite and kitchen are properly cleaned and sanitized.

Additional Unit and Building Amenities

DelSuites make a point of offering the same high-quality amenities with each one of our suites. Each room includes high-speed internet and a landline with local and North American long-distance calls. 

Our buildings also include additional amenities such as laundry, gyms, swimming pools, and more.

24/7 Security

We take our guests’ safety seriously. Most of our suites have built-in alarm systems to prevent break-ins. 

Every building also has 24-hour security, so you can be sure your employees and guests are safe.

VIP Options

Does your company need a corporate housing solution to impress VIPs? We have a selection of VIP suites for you to choose from. 

DelSuites will help you find the right unit, so you can focus on creating an exceptional experience for your VIPs.

A Second Home for Commuters

Your employees may need to regularly commute from one city to another for business. Corporate housing provides employees with a stable place to stay when they visit. 

This makes it easy for you to plan and schedule employee stays without worrying about customer service desks and other delays.

Multi-Use Rooms

It’s not uncommon for hotels and other temporary lodgings to restrict how you can use a space. Corporate housing allows you to use the area however you need. If your room is left vacant, you can still use it as an office and hold meetings, or events. 

DelSuites gives you complete control and flexibility over how you use the space.

Dedicated to Your Business

When you rent corporate housing from DelSuites, our inside sales team will handle all of the logistics. We handle the moving-in processes, and reservations, and learn how your company operates to allow us to serve you better. 

We assign a dedicated account manager to your company to negotiate a housing budget that works for you. The account manager will make sure everything suits your needs, and handle specific requests, and any escalations.

Investing in Corporate Housing Benefits Your Business

Corporate housing is a budget-friendly option that can reduce the amount your company spends on hotels, meal expenses, and other travel-related expenses. It also provides your employees with a consistent experience they can count on.

Investing in proper housing for your employees can improve their productivity and overall satisfaction. Keeping your employees’ well-being in mind will result in better returns for your business from the talented people that make it possible.

Locations That Suit You and Your Employees

DelSuites has locations all across Toronto and the GTA. If your company is starting a project anywhere near Toronto, we almost certainly have corporate housing suites conveniently close to your work site.

We choose the locations for our suites carefully, with your employees in mind. We carefully position our suites near schools and other conveniences, with safe neighbourhoods in mind. Our goal is for our locations to be conveniently located in proximity to the workplace, and be good locations for your employees’ families. 

Create a Customized Corporate Housing Plan With DelSuites

When it comes to choosing Toronto corporate housing, it’s crucial to select a well-established housing company. Housing is a serious investment, and you want to make sure there are contingency plans in case things go wrong.

As a Tridel company, and a member of the Corporate Housing Providers Association (CHPA), Corporate Employee Relocation Council (CERC), and Global Business Travel Association (GBTA)—we have a deep understanding of industry best practices and use that knowledge to create exceptional guest experiences.

You can’t go wrong with a short-term rental by DelSuites. If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today to see what a corporate housing suite can do for your business.

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Cooking With Kids: All the Basics You Need to Know

June 18, 2021
cooking with kids

Cooking With Kids: All the Basics You Need to Know

We’ve all been on lockdown for quite some time. Are your kids stuck inside? Have they started to get restless to do something? Now is the best time to teach them to cook and help them productively gain this skill.

You can take this opportunity to start them off young and teach them a skill that will benefit them later on in life. 

But you may have a lot of questions. You may be wondering what the actual benefits of teaching your kids how to cook actually are. Or maybe you don’t know what a safe age is to start letting them cook. 

Read on to learn why you should teach your kids how to cook, where to start, and more.

The Benefits of Teaching Your Kids to Cook

There are many benefits to teaching your kids how to cook that may not be apparent at first. Here are the ways that teaching them this skill can help them gain life skills and can aid their development:


  • Helps them learn math concepts at any level: At the start of every recipe, there’s an ingredients list with various units of measurement. Cooking leads them to learn how to read these units of measurement. It also lets them practice applying math skills, such as multiplying to double a recipe for older children or counting out cups of ingredients for younger ones.
  • Helps them improve their reading and comprehension skills: Cooking with a recipe can help small children who are learning to read and identify words. And older ones can practice reading comprehension by learning to comprehend complex recipes. 
  • Practice their fine motor skills at any age: Regardless of your child’s age, cooking can be an excellent way for them to improve their fine motor skills. Younger kids can practice new fine motor skills to help them when they need more advanced skills later on, including writing, drawing, and using scissors.  


How to Teach Children to Cook at Different Ages 

Whatever age your child is, you can start teaching them to cook to help them gradually learn how to perform various tasks in the kitchen. 

Here are the cooking activities you can teach your kids at each age level:


  • 2-3 years old: You can get your toddlers involved in the kitchen while supervising them. Focus on having them perform basic tasks. They’ll be able to squeeze lemons, use the salad spinner, and gently stir ingredients.
  • 4-5 years old: They have more motor skills and can focus on longer tasks. So, you can have them do many of the same tasks you’d have them do if they were younger but with more independence. These can include stirring independently, setting the table, and greasing pans (with your help).
  • 6-7 years old: At this age, they can start doing more detailed work in the kitchen. But they still need a lot of help and guidance. Remind them where to keep their fingers to safely grate and peel food.
  • 8-9 years old: You can start teaching them cooking activities that they’re interested in. Use your discretion to determine whether or not they’re already mature enough to use the stove. But if not, they can still make easy toaster oven recipes.
  • 10-12 years old: Once they’ve learned the basic kitchen skills, they can work more independently in the kitchen. You can even let them do basic stove tasks. For example, they can make scrambled eggs or flip pancakes. 


Foods You and Your Kids Can Enjoy Cooking Together

Here are a few recipes that can get your kids involved in the kitchen and are fun to make:

  • Strawberry SunButter Bites are great for helping your kids practice their fine motor skills as they spread and roll the ingredients.
  • Yellow Rice Cakes let kids have fun mixing the ingredients before you cook them.
  • Your kids will love being able to choose the toppings for these Whole Wheat Pizza Bagels. And it can give older kids experience using an oven.

DelSuites: Enjoy Cooking with Your Kids in a Fully Furnished Rental 

Planning on going on a vacation with your family? Need a place to stay while you transition from your former home to a newly purchased one? Want to rent a condo in a family-friendly neighbourhood? DelSuites has a rental for you.

Our furnished rentals and serviced apartments let you use our amenities to cook in the kitchen with your kids. Have fun cooking with them and don’t miss an opportunity to let them practice their skills. 

Whether you’re looking for a short-term lease or condo for a longer period of stay or a short-term rental, we’ve got you covered with our family-friendly options. Start browsing our rentals today and find one that’ll truly feel like home.

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Short-Term Rentals & Pets: What You Need to Know When Travelling With Pets

May 13, 2021
short-term rental pets

Leaving your pets behind on a business or personal trip can be difficult. 

So, why not take them with you?

While many rental units and hotels may not allow pets to stay on their properties, DelSuites is happy to welcome furry friends in our furnished, all-inclusive rental suites. 

Travelling With Pets: The Basics

There are some restrictions regarding pets, so please make sure to research if your pet and your pet’s needs would be suitable to your specific building’s requirements before booking your stay. 

Each of our locations has its own special page that outlines pet restrictions, special features, room perks, and services. Click on the building you would like to stay at and scroll down to see all additional requirements and restrictions. 

DelSuites Pet Policy at a Glance

Our typical pet policy does state that domestic dogs and cats are welcome as long as they weigh 25 pounds or less, although some additional restrictions may apply. 

For example, at the Livmore, pet accommodations permit two pets per suite of any size, while at SkyMark West in Mississauga, pets are not permitted. 

Your pets must be leashed at all times in common areas and carried through the common areas. Since there are other guests and residents with their own pets, we want your and your furry friends to be as safe as possible. 

As is standard with condo and apartment buildings, pets are not permitted in the recreation facilities in the building. However, if you have emotional support, or a trained and certified animal to help you with an accessibility need, please verify this rule with the building you’re staying at. Service and assistance animals are welcomed at all of our buildings with no additional charge for your stay. 

To be courteous of our staff, we ask that if your pet is left alone in the unit on cleaning day, we suggest it be contained for the safety of both your pet and our housekeeping personnel. This can also be a safety issue in case of allergies, or if your pet becomes skittish around a stranger unsupervised.

Please be advised that a $300 + tax non-refundable Pet Cleaning Fee will be charged as part of our cleaning services. 

Toronto is a Pet-Friendly City

Are you planning to come to Toronto for work or a vacation, then you’ll want to know that Toronto is an incredibly pet-friendly city. There are numerous dog parks, both off and on-leash for you and your pet to explore while staying at our downtown Toronto rentals. 

Some of the most popular dog parks in Toronto include:


  • High Park: Located in the heart of Toronto’s beautiful west-end, This sprawling dog park is one of the biggest in Toronto. High Park is Toronto’s equivalent of Central Park in New York City, making it a great place to breathe in some fresh air as you and your dog walk the long off-leash paths.
  • Cherry Beach: Located in the dock’s district, Cherry Beach is another large off-leash park that includes a beach. Whether you want to walk or let your dog swim, there’s no shortage of options at Cherry Beach.
  • Cedarvale Park: Located in the St. Clair West area, this is another large dog park that’s perfect for dogs of all sizes. The surrounding communities are beautiful as well, making it a great spot to go for an on-leash walk as you take in the city.
  • Wychwood Barns Park: This is another dog park located in the trendy St. Clair West area. While this one is smaller, it is quite busy and has a dedicated community of dog lovers. It’s definitely worth checking out if you want to see the live-in art studios located at the Wychwood Barns.

Some downtown businesses and cafes even permit animals to come inside the establishment.

If you’re coming to the city during the summertime, Toronto boasts a fabulous patio season where pets are welcome at most outdoor patios—just verify with the business before booking your meal reservation. 

Travelling to Toronto With Your Pet? DelSuites Has You Covered

We understand the love you have for your pets, and we want you to be able to enjoy your stay with us knowing that your pets will be well taken care of and safe alongside you. Whether you’re coming alone or with your furry friends, you’ll always be welcome.

Are you interested in exploring our pet-friendly suites? Contact us today or reach out directly by calling 1-877-228-7677.

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Throughout Toronto & the GTA — DelSuites Has You Covered

March 16, 2021
short-term rentals toronto

With a population of around 6 million people, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is the largest and most diverse metropolitan area in Canada. 

The City of Toronto and the surrounding Regional Municipalities of York, Halton, Peel, and Durham offer great places to live no matter what types of short-term rentals someone is looking for. 

Whether you want to live along Lake Ontario, downtown in the City of Toronto, or in a more rural suburb, DelSuites has the expertise and knowledge to offer services everywhere!

City of Toronto

Within the city of Toronto itself, there are a variety of districts and neighbourhoods, all having their own unique character and community. As the epicenter of culture, entertainment, cafes, restaurants, shopping, and art, Toronto has something to explore down almost any and every street. If you prefer downtown, Midtown, or a surrounding neighbourhood, DelSuites has the perfect short term rental for you.

Downtown Toronto

Our downtown suites are in the heart of the business, entertainment, and financial districts. And downtown has so much to offer: world-class galleries, museums, music, ballet, theaters, hotels, restaurants, and hospitals. You can be near the numerous internationally respected universities or close to one of the many transportation hubs around downtown. 

Midtown and Yorkville

For an area that’s up-and-coming and vibrant, the Midtown district is a perfect location to call home. Between the countless restaurants and cafes and all the beautiful parks, this district always has something close to home for you to explore. Nearby is Yorkville, with its Victorian homes and the finest dining options in the city, as well as luxury apartment buildings for your next home. 

Markham and Scarborough

On the east side of Toronto are the areas of Markham and Scarborough, offering quick and easy access to Toronto while providing neighbourhoods that are more laid back and family-friendly. Markham also has a variety of entertainment and shopping options. Although Scarborough can seem far from the city, with its green corridor along the Rouge River Valley, the area is well-connected by Highway 401 and the subway lines on Eglinton and Sheppard Avenues. 

North York

Considered one of the most affluent neighbourhoods in Toronto, North York also contains numerous shopping options and the Toronto Centre for the Arts. Whether you want to live in a neighborhood along the Don River or within the North York City Centre, we have furnished, short-term rentals that are second-to-none. With numerous subway lines connecting to downtown, the rentals here benefit from proximity to both locations.


Located on the western boundary of the city of Toronto is Etobicoke. Famous for its wide selection of shopping districts and its proximity to the Lester B Pearson International Airport, Etobicoke also has beautiful Tudor and Georgian-style houses from the early 1900s. Nearby you’ll also find golf courses, several parks along the lakefront, and the large Centennial Park with its endless activities. 

Surrounding Regional Municipalities

The regional municipalities of Durham, Halton, Peel, and York, are considered part of the Greater Toronto Area and within each municipality, you will find numerous cities and neighbourhoods with vastly different lifestyles. Don’t worry, DelSuites has you covered in these cities as well!


Within the regional municipality of Peel, you’ll find Mississauga, the sixth-largest city in Canada. For those wanting to be near the arts and shopping districts of Mississauga, our furnished rentals are a perfect choice. They offer everything you need, being near both the Living Arts Centre and Square One Shopping, the largest shopping centre in eastern Canada. These rentals also benefit from their proximity to Pearson International Airport.

About DelSuites Short-Term Rentals

DelSuites provides quality furnished suites in superb residential communities within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). DelSuites has developed a reputation for quality accommodations in prime locations and personalized service.

If you’d like to learn more about short-term rentals anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and the options that DelSuites can offer, please contact us today or reach out directly by calling 1-877-228-7677. We are more than happy to help!

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Short-Term Rentals and Cold Weather: What You Need to Know

January 22, 2021
short-term rentals in winter

Whether you’re here for business or personal travel, Toronto is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. It’s also known for its infamously cold weather, so it’s important that you’re prepared for a Toronto winter. 

In addition to packing a winter jacket, it’s important to look for short-term accommodations that are prepared for winter temperatures.

What are some things to be aware of when searching for a short-term rental in Toronto during the winter season? Make your trip a pleasant and comfortable one by making sure your destination is properly “winterized.”

Are You Looking at Home-Sharing Options?

Thousands of homes are available on popular home-sharing services in Toronto. But there are a few things you should be aware of, especially during the colder winter months. Home-sharing services don’t always verify hosts, which means you may encounter things like:

  • Poorly maintained roof, windows and doors. This may lead to leaks, cold air drafts, and other unpleasant experiences.
  • Problems with plumbing and hot water. It’s not uncommon for pipes in older homes to freeze, which could leave you without access to hot water or a place to stay.
  • Issues with the primary heating source. A winter stay in Toronto means you need access to a reliable heating source. Heating in older homes can quit unexpectedly if it’s not properly maintained.

You shouldn’t have to deal with these complicated issues by yourself. Find a location where the management is responsible enough to cover these potential problems.

Will You Be Close to Amenities?

For the few times you will need to be outside, see how far you will need to travel. Ideally choose a property that’s close enough to grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, or other locations so that you won’t be outside for long.

Some properties can provide internal services like laundry to minimize the need to go outside. Others might even have some hot chocolate or coffee makers included in the package.

Does the Property Have Supplies Already?

It’s not uncommon for some short-term rentals to have extra equipment in case the cold weather hits hard. Your unit may contain extra blankets and other supplies to improve your stay. 

If you’re planning to drive, make sure your rental has parking spaces that are shoveled and salted, or underground parking that’s protected from the weather.

What About Safety?

Safety is extremely important when dealing with cold winter conditions. We recommend looking for a unit that receives proper snow removal and salting.

You also want to rent a unit that comes with frequent cleaning. Given the current pandemic, look for short-term rentals that offer deep cleaning services.

Will You Be Ready to Stay Indoors For a While?

While it may sound silly, getting bored while being stuck indoors is always a possibility. Check if your short-term rental includes high-speed Internet, television, or even a space to put all your books and board games in case you find yourself inside for too long.

How Responsive Is the Property Manager?

Excellent communication is key to a positive experience in a short-term rental. Check reviews or references from other clients to see whether a property manager responds to concerns and support tickets.

In the event an accident or issue does occur, you want to make sure you will have help available. Ask how quickly the response from the property is and whether the property manager was able to fix the problem.

Visiting Toronto This Winter Season? Stay With DelSuites

Need a short-term accommodation in Toronto but not sure where to start looking? Find a property managed by DelSuites. We provide properly furnished rentals to both business users and those looking to relax in one of Canada’s most active and cultured cities.

Because we help manage, furnish, and maintain our properties, we can ensure every offering we have listed matches up to our high standards. Check out all available units on our website today.