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What You Need to Know to Adapt to the Push for Hybrid Work

July 16, 2021
hybrid work video conference call

Were you prepared for the COVID disruption, or were you among the 88% of organizations that didn’t feel completely prepared to switch to remote work? These organizations had to rush to deploy their cloud technologies, which harmed their business continuity. 

Now we’re on the verge of another major disruption – the switch to hybrid work. This is a blended model that involves having some employees return to the office while others continue to work remotely. 

Want to be ready and prepared instead of being caught off guard by this disruption? Read on to learn how this shift will impact your business and how to prepare for it.

Why Hybrid Work Is Here to Stay

Vaccines are being distributed at a rapidly efficient pace and the government’s reopening plan is underway. So many employees will be heading back to the office soon. But will the workforce ever fully return to normal? 

Although the COVID disruption forced many businesses to switch to remote work, most of them also saw an increase in employee productivity and satisfaction. This is because 76% of employees say they’re more productive when they’re working from home

So, we’ve already launched cloud technologies that allow you to work from home and we’ve seen that it works. Why go back to the old way of doing things? 

Businesses are much more likely to adopt a flexible work model—one that allows employees to work from anywhere and come into the office whenever they need to. 

Employee expectations have also changed. Over 70% of workers want to have the option to work remotely, while over 60% crave the opportunity to work with their team in-person again. 

And competitive employers will find that they’ll need to offer flexible options to acquire the best talent in the post-pandemic workplace. 

How Hybrid Work Changes Where People Work

Because the hybrid workplace has a cloud infrastructure, businesses are more agile and flexible. And you can easily take your work from the office to your home. 

But you’re not limited to your office or home either. Hybrid work allows people to be based in or travel to any part of the world.

This gives employers access to a broader talent pool and the best talent across the globe. 

It also means that workers can visit strategic areas or even relocate to a new city with minimal disruption to their work. For example, those based outside of Toronto can be actively involved in its business, finance, arts, and culture. 

Business travel is increasing, and it’s expected that this trend will continue well into the 2020s.

The push for hybrid work makes the future of flexible travel possible. 

How to Ensure Your Employees Are Well-Equipped for Hybrid Work

How do you ensure a smooth transition to hybrid work that doesn’t disrupt the continuity of your business? 

Leaders must equip workers with the necessary tools so that they can remain engaged in the platforms their company uses – whether they’re at home or on the go. Leaders shouldn’t have a narrow focus on where to invest but also invest in remote work and business travel. 

For example, 1 in 10 workers lacks an adequate internet connection for their job. Yet over 46% say that their employer doesn’t contribute to their remote work expenses. 

And if your workers travel a lot, they may get worn out by it. They may also feel less compelled to work if they’re always staying at cheap motels. 

Make Business Travel Easier and More Productive with DelSuites

Looking for a rental where your workers can stay during their business trips? DelSuites offers short-term apartments and condos that are fully furnished and serviced, allowing employees to continue working effectively during their stay. 

DelSuites was also proud to win the 2021 TripAdvisor Travellers Choice Award, a guest-voted award designed for hotels, hospitality providers, and the many TripAdvisor attractions. The award saw guests agreeing that DelSuites “consistently delivers fantastic experiences to travelers around the globe.”

Are your workers spending a lot of time away from home? Do you want to make business travel easier and motivate them to work more productively? Have them stay at one of our quality short-term rentals. Browse our locations in Downtown Toronto, North York, Scarborough, and more today.

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The Benefits of Using DelSuites for Your Work From Home Location

May 6, 2021
work from home location

With DelSuites in Toronto, you no longer have to choose between business or pleasure. Make the most of your business trip and the work-from-home environment with the luxury options of DelSuites short-term rentals. 

With the current trend of corporations and businesses moving to a work from home format and offices are closed to their staff, DelSuites can provide our guests with the perfect business getaway. 

Find all the amenities you’ll need to complete your work responsibilities in the luxury of our fully furnished suites. 

Why Book With DelSuites?

DelSuites offers great accommodations that inspire productivity for our business guests in a setting with luxurious finishes, furnishings, and amenities to help you relax after a long day. 

Additionally, for situations where businesses are recruiting global talent and need to provide accommodations, the short-term rentals DelSuites offer are fantastic spaces to introduce new out-of-town employees to the city and show them that you care about their wellbeing. 

Relocation for New Employees or Travelling Staff

Maybe you’re not looking for lodging for yourself, but rather organizing stays for your employees. DelSuites can also help with employee relocation as they move to a new city or office. 

Help your staff transition to a new role or city with ease with the fully furnished apartment in downtown Toronto provided at DelSuites. With internet and cable packages, all our guests can connect anywhere in the world and complete their daily activities. 

Discover Amenities and Convenient Services

Whether you’re an employee looking to find temporary short-term accommodations in Toronto or you’re an employer looking to find the stay for travelling staff, DelSuites excels in providing corporate lodging suited to the needs of any business person. 

For employees coming to stay at a DelSuites accommodation, expect premium service from the moment you arrive with our Welcome Greeting and Orientation. Of need be, request a tour of your suite to learn of all its features, including a fully functional kitchen, laundry unit, and more. 

Depending on the building you choose to stay in, you’ll also learn about bonus amenities such as pools, bowling alleys, movie theatres, saunas, billiard rooms, and everything you need to stay entertained in your leisure time. 

Location Location Location 

While your trip may not exactly be for vacation reasons, choosing the right location is still important. Make sure your or your employees can access all the crucial points of the city and GTA to get where they need to go for work or life. 

DelSuites has over 20 locations near major highways and transit routes to ensure that transportation and accessibility are always available to our guests during their stay. 

We have business locations from the heart of downtown Toronto to just outside the city in surrounding neighbourhoods like North York, Scarbrough, Markham, and neighbouring city Mississauga. Take a look at all our offered locations here.

Enjoy Spacious Suites 

Just because you’re travelling for work doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to stay in comfort. Enjoy all the comforts of home, plus extra amenities with our short-term rental apartments. Choose from different floor plans and accommodations ranging from studios to 1, 2, or even 3-bedroom suites. Travel in comfort with all the space you need in any of our luxury rooms. 

Our short-term rentals are available for a minimum of 30 nights or longer more and have provided larger rooming options in order to accommodate anyone travelling with family. Whether you’re travelling alone or with your loved ones, everyone can enjoy their own private space while still being together. While you’re working, enjoy the benefit of a private workspace (most suites) in order to minimize distractions and continue to be productive. 

Book Your Next Work From Home Suite With DelSuites

Travelling for work does not have to be difficult or bland. DelSuites is dedicated to providing our business travellers, and their families with stress-free, comfortable stays. Complete with all the amenities needed to complete business responsibilities as well as leave opportunities for fun and relaxation. Just bring along your clothes, food, and toiletries—and you are all set.

Trusted providers of employee relocation and corporate accommodations for over 20 years in Toronto, DelSuites understands how to provide a welcoming and relaxing stay for all our corporate guests. 

Are you ready to get started? Contact us today or reach out directly by calling 1-877-228-7677.

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How You Can Protect Your Mental Health While Working From Home

April 5, 2021
mental health work from home

Many of us have recently begun working from home due to COVID-19 while others have been doing it for years. No matter your reasoning or experience, there are many enjoyable benefits of remote work: no commute, comfortable clothes, your pets nearby, and working from your furnished condo.

But like many things, there are challenges as well. Isolation can lead to loneliness, a disrupted and different routine can make the work-life balance even more difficult than usual. 

So how do you protect your mental health while working from home? 

According to the experts at working from home, the simple answer is to stay on schedule and stay connected. Let’s break this down.

Stay on Schedule

One of the easiest and most important actions for you to take is to create a schedule and stick to it as much as possible. If you have the flexibility, set your schedule around your most productive hours.

Create a Morning Routine

It is good to have a normal routine similar to when you went into the office. Take a shower, if that’s what you usually did, and give yourself time for a healthy breakfast. Sit down with your breakfast and coffee (or drink of choice), giving yourself a moment to fully wake up and mentally prepare for the day. 

Get out of Pajamas

Putting on a set of clothes for the day, comfortable but different than your pajamas, will have an impressive impact on your mindset for the workday. Your brain will separate sleep/snuggle time from work time and know that the day has started. 

Take Breaks Away From Desk

As part of your daily schedule, you should have a few breaks that are around 15 minutes long. When you do take these breaks, move away from your desk. If possible, try going to a different room. This will help with minimizing screen time and clearing your mind. Doing this will also prevent burnout from hours of focusing on one task or staring at one screen. 

End Your Work Day

Your schedule should also have a set time off. This time might change from day to day because of your flexibility or needs but whatever time you decide on, end your workday at that time. Shut the laptop, close the notebook, walk away from the desk. The rest of your day is for you and your home life. This is very necessary to protect the boundary between work life and home life. Working from home and not doing this will make it feel like your workday never ends.

Stay Connected

To resist those feelings of isolation while working from home, staying connected with colleagues, family members, and friends is incredibly important. Luckily, in today’s digitally interconnected world, this is easier than ever. 

Conversing with Colleagues

When you work in an office, interactions with your colleagues can play a huge part in your daily activities. From collaborations over a project to gossiping in the break room, many of us have so many conversations within the office. Working from home, you should try keeping these conversations going as much as possible. Most companies will have some form of recommended messaging service so keep a few of these windows open. Keep chatting with your friends, collaborating with your peers, and asking questions when needed. 

Use Video Calls

Whenever possible, use video calling with colleagues to actually see their faces. This will more replicate the in-person interactions from the office and can also be a more productive form of communication. Facial expressions play a large role in conversations and are lost with messaging. A video call or meeting will help with each person’s focus and involvement in the conversation at hand. 

Don’t Forget Friends and Family

Outside of work, video calls with friends and family will be very helpful. If you had a group of friends going to happy hour on a particular day of the week, keep this going digitally! Having a few group chats and individual chats going throughout the day will keep you connected to your loved ones, no matter their location or the current restrictions. 

Mental Health Support

For some, the struggles of working from home might be deeper and more difficult than the recommendations above can help with. If you are feeling depressed or isolated and need to talk to someone, Crisis Services Canada provides local resources and support, no matter where you live. 

If you:

  • Are not feeling yourself
  • Are experiencing a crisis
  • Have emotional pain
  • Have thoughts of suicide
  • Know someone who needs help

Visit Crisis Services Canada for the distress centres and crisis organizations nearest you. You can access many of these services virtually from your furnished condo.

Looking for a Change of Scenery? DelSuites Can Help

Sometimes a change of scenery can make all the difference in your work routine. Here at DelSuites, we have fully furnished condos available throughout Toronto and the GTA.

Get in touch with our team today to explore our wide selection of short-term rentals.

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10 Ways to Optimize Your Work from Home Space and Schedule

March 29, 2021
work from home space

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, millions of people around the world are working from home for the first time. Whether you’re working from home part or full-time, there are a few important things you can do to optimize your work from home space and the time dedicated to working. 

Bear in mind that these tips are dependent on your personal space and budget. Use what you can and ignore what’s not relevant. 

That said, here are the 10 ways to optimize your work from home space and schedule:

1. Create a Designated Work Space

One of the most important steps to take, but also one most dependent on your available space, is to have a designated space just for work. This space can really be anywhere in your home, in any room, in whatever corner. But this spot should be used only for working from home. This way, your mind and body know when you are at “work” and when you are at home. 

The physical and mental division between work and home will benefit your motivation and mental health greatly. If you are renting through DelSuites, it’s good to check beforehand if there is a desk/chair for working from home. 

2. Be Near a Window

If possible, having your desk near a window has numerous benefits. You’ll be receiving Vitamin D from the sunlight, avoiding the possibility of seasonal depression. Also, the sights and sounds outside the window provide good background noise and just the right amount of distraction when brainstorming or zoning out in thought. Natural sunlight will help as a secondary light source as well.

3. Have Multiple Light Sources

Speaking of a secondary light source, it is great to have multiple light sources around your workspace. Ceiling lights can be too dim or too fluorescent and could be casting shadows on your desk. All of this leads to headaches and strain on your eyes. Having a desk lamp, especially if you’re writing, and being near a window will illuminate your desk. This should lessen the chances of getting headaches from poor lighting and straining eyes. 

4. Invest in a Comfortable Chair

Spending the money on an actual office chair will do wonders on your back. Being able to adjust the height of the chair will make sure your feet are comfortably on the ground while your arms are the correct height for typing and writing. The armrests will help support your arms as you work to remove the strain on your shoulders. And the support on your back will keep your back in good shape. Your chair doesn’t have to be an office chair though. Just make sure any chair you use is comfortable, at the correct height, and preferably has armrests. 

5. Eliminate Clutter

To keep your mind clear and able to focus on work, a workspace without clutter is best. Unnecessary papers, cords, or other knick-knacks will just distract you and get in your way. Have what you need quickly accessible but if there’s anything around you that you don’t use often (or at all), put it away in a designated storage space. For those things that you do use every once in a while, a cabinet or drawers around your desk can provide easy storage and accessibility. 

6. Greenery 

Even though clutter is bad, there are benefits to having greenery and appealing decor nearby. Easy to care for greenery adds color and oxygen into your workspace. Humans benefit from being near nature of any type, and studies have even shown that plants in a home can stimulate creativity. If you aren’t near a window, choosing a low-light plant or a succulent will help. For those of us with busy schedules, the less maintenance required from the plant, the better. 

7. Use Green and Blue Decor

Other forms of decor can be helpful if they aren’t on your desk and are of the right color. Interior designers prefer to use greens and blues while decorating to create an atmosphere that is refreshing, motivating, and even nurturing. 

8. Set a Schedule

As much as possible, create a daily routine of work time, break time, and after-work time. Also, if you have a flexible schedule, set your work time at your most productive hours. There’s no reason to wake up very early if you’re just not a morning person. Having this schedule creates boundaries in your life, letting your body and mind know when to focus and be productive and when to relax and forget about work. 

9. Leave Your Workspace for Breaks

When you do take your scheduled breaks, step away from your desk and your computer. Doing this will keep the physical and mental boundaries you have created between work life and home life. This will also reduce screen time if you’re looking at a computer during your whole workday. Go to another room and really take that break that you deserve. 

10.  Dress for Success

This might be the most controversial suggestion so far but this can have a big impact on your productivity. Do not stay in your pajamas when you begin working. You will physically and mentally want to continue snuggling down in bed and will not want to work. Now, it isn’t necessary to put on full office attire but changing into actual clothes before beginning to work lets yourself know your day has started. And you’ll always be ready for an unexpected video meeting!