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DelSuites: A Home for Digital Nomads in Toronto

August 2, 2022
Digital nomads toronto photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

Your job’s gone fully remote and you’ve decided to see the world—starting with a few months in Toronto.

Now that so many of us are free to leave the office, thousands are taking to the road to try out the digital nomad life. But working while you explore all the places and lifestyles you’ve always dreamed of needs a few steady building blocks: good WiFi, a bit of privacy, and a comfortable home base to start from.

Whether you’re coming from down the highway or across the world, here’s why DelSuites is your perfect Toronto home base for digital nomad life.

A Toronto home for digital nomads

Travelling for a while means travelling light—and a DelSuites fully furnished rental apartment has everything you need to step into a Toronto lifestyle.

Our units are located in modern, high-end condo buildings across the city, complete with concierge service, underground parking, and the amenities you need to keep your lifestyle moving. All our guests can access every building amenity: from the swimming pool where you can get in morning laps to party rooms and garden decks so you can host new friends.

We fill each unit with comfortable, stylish furniture, appliances, and décor. You’ll never have unwelcome surprises in a DelSuites unit—and you’ll always look professional, no matter where you set up your desk. And once you’ve put in your workday, our soft beds, cozy couches, and high-end televisions can help you relax.

Our rates include high-quality, reliable WiFi that’ll handle your work connectivity needs without a flicker. Our inclusive long-distance calling packages—covering both Canada and the United States—will let you keep up with work and family without having to buy expensive roaming plans. And our full cable TV packages—and complete neighbourhood guides—mean it’s just as easy to plan nights out and nights in.

Explore Toronto with a neighbourhood’s-eye view

Travel’s all about getting the real flavour of a new place—and DelSuites puts you in the real Toronto. Or any of Toronto’s vast, exciting neighbourhoods you’d like.

If you’re looking for fast-paced professional networking, Qwest and The Livmore set you up near Toronto’s tech, arts, and social innovation hubs. If you’d rather be close to the city’s restaurants and nightlife, 300 Front Street West and Republic get you close to two different fine dining neighbourhoods. For nature-lovers looking for regular hikes, living active, and a more laid-back, intimate urban vibe, Old Mill puts you in the city—and right at the door of High Park.

All our locations around the city are fully embedded in living, vibrant neighbourhoods: bustling residential buildings that ease you into Toronto’s daily life. Our digital neighbourhood guides can help you find your local coffee shop, parks, necessary services like pharmacies and groceries, and highlight what’s near you.

While you’re finding your feet, our recommended grocery delivery services can get your kitchen set up—or help you find that one ingredient you need for a perfect meal.

And if you’d rather keep the office at the office, our partnership with Regus Office Space Rentals lets you step into a fully working office space—just as easily as your fully working temporary home. Regus’s 10% discount for DelSuites guests can help you keep your work-life balance affordable.

Travel with everyone you love

Digital nomad living isn’t just for twentysomethings with time to kill. With schools going virtual, there’s lots to discover for the whole family—and you still have a chance to travel and explore without leaving your pets behind.

DelSuites fully furnished apartments are flexible enough to fit your lifestyle. Our two- and three-bedroom suites are big enough to travel with friends or family without getting in each other’s way. There’s enough privacy to set up separate offices—inside, or on our sunny balconies—during the day, or co-work when you like.

If you want to take the kids along, our family-friendly packages will have cribs, highchairs, playpens, and change tables ready and waiting in your unit—or just a complimentary Kids’ Care play package to make sure they have some fun. And your full access to our building amenities means it’s easy to have pool parties or play dates whenever you like.

If you’re hesitating about trying digital nomad life because of a furry friend: DelSuites has you covered. Our pet-friendly units provide a comfortable home for you and your pet—and service animals are welcome everywhere.

A springboard for your digital nomad lifestyle

Digital nomad living doesn’t have to mean roughing it—and in Toronto, it can take any shape you’d like. Whether you’re setting up in the city for a month or six, call us at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how we can help build a comfortable, hyperlocal home base for your Toronto adventure.


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A Guide to Hosting Virtual Corporate Meetings From Your Remote Location

September 25, 2020

By now, we’ve all attended at least one virtual meeting. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it essential for all of us to learn new ways of conducting business—even if it means migrating to an online setting and working remotely. Luckily, we do have access to exceptional technology that allows us to continue to do business, even if in-person meetings are no longer a possibility in many cases. 

While video conferencing tools like Zoom are helping millions of businesses to conduct meetings and events seamlessly throughout the pandemic, for many, it’s proving a little difficult to master the art of the online meeting. After all, to run an effective meeting, a whole new host of skills are required. Using this guide, you’ll be able to run an efficient and productive virtual meeting. 

Have Someone Present to Let People Into the Meeting

With video conferencing apps like Zoom, the host often needs to be present to let attendees into the meeting room. To make the meeting as seamless as possible, assign someone to the role of “virtual receptionist.” 

Make sure they are on hand a few minutes prior to the meeting’s start time to let people into the meeting room and introduce them to other early birds. This will give the meeting an extra professional feel and will set people at ease from the get-go. 

Set Ground Rules

As you can easily imagine, virtual meetings can easily get confusing and chaotic, especially when there are lots of attendees. To ensure that the meeting runs smoothly, set some ground rules in advance. The following points can be extremely helpful in keeping things on track:

  • Ask people to mute themselves when they don’t have the floor. This will help the speaker to get their points across and will prevent background noise from creating unnecessary distractions. With some apps, people’s video feeds will take over the screen when they make noise, which can be distracting for obvious reasons!
  • Set rules for how people will contribute. A good way to do this is to assign someone the role of the meeting organizer. Ask people with questions or points to write a message in the chatbox. When an appropriate moment arises, the meeting leader can give this person the floor. 
  • Set rules about staying on topic. The meeting leader should have the power to divert the conversation back on track if the meeting veers off course onto a tangent. 

With clear, pre-set rules, you won’t have to worry about the meeting taking a wrong turn. Plus, you’ll ensure that every speaker gets their turn!

Create an Itinerary and Make Sure Attendees are on the Same Page

In addition to sending attendees some ground rules in advance, send them a rough itinerary of what will be covered. Set aside a specific amount of time for each item on the agenda. This way, you can stay on course and cover everything you need to in the meeting. 

Write a Script or a Guide for Presentations

If you are presenting ideas or products during the meeting, don’t feel as though you need to think on your feet. Prepare as you would for an in-person presentation, and jot down some notes on what you want to say. For more formal presentations, you might even write a rough script. 

Make Use of Features Like Screen Sharing

While video conferencing isn’t always ideal, it does have some perks. Namely, that there are many features that can make sharing information quick and easy. Screen and file sharing is an excellent feature that allows you to share slides, images, and documents with all attendees. Some might even say it’s better than a projector!

Use Breakout Rooms for Smaller Group Sessions

Another excellent feature of many video conferencing apps is the breakout room feature. For longer business meetings, you may wish to split the large group into a few smaller groups. This will give people a chance to come up with ideas, reflect, and discuss. 

Depending on the purpose of your breakout rooms, you can set the app to choose groups at random, or you can set the groups in advance. Using this feature will give the meeting structure and will help to keep all attendees engaged and active throughout.

DelSuites: Find the Perfect Home Office Away From Home

Even though businesses are operating largely online, lots of people are beginning to travel for business. Here in Toronto and the GTA, we’ve seen more and more executives visiting the city. 

We offer beautiful, temporary accommodation and corporate housing that is perfect for people visiting the city on business. With our enhanced cleaning regime and our fully-fitted suites, you’ll find yourself in the perfect place to set up a temporary office—and host those virtual meetings like a pro! Find out about our short-term rentals in Toronto today.