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Why Serviced Apartments in Toronto Are the Best Option for Your Stay

November 1, 2023
serviced apartments in toronto

When you’re travelling to a new city, the array of options for where you might stay can be overwhelming. Depending on the purpose of your trip, whether it’s business or leisure, popular choices like hotels and Airbnb-type lodgings have their perks and drawbacks. 

But which one is better? Fortunately, there is a third option. When deciding on where to stay, choosing serviced apartments in Toronto can give you the best of both worlds.

With a combination of the specialized and tailored customer service of luxury hotels and the home-style comforts of short-term rentals, you can have it all. 

1. More Space and Private Common Areas

Serviced apartments, like traditional apartments, provide privacy and ample space for you to settle into and enjoy all to yourself. This means no interactions with other guests in common living spaces and having to share seating or dining areas. Instead, you can enjoy a nice and quiet meal in your own rental or have a relaxed night without outside interruptions. Make your temporary home your domain and live at your own pace. 

2. High-Quality Customer Service

Renting a service apartment means you are in good hands. With 24/7 reliable and consistent customer service and specialized care, your stay is always catered to you. Unlike Airbnb housing, at DelSuites, we offer maintenance at your disposal and bi-weekly housekeeping to enhance sanitization to keep your home fresh and clean. Likewise, without hundreds of hotel rooms to tend to, we can focus on your needs and make your stay the best it can be.

Our highly trained team is dedicated to service culture and maintaining top standards of care and cleanliness. Protecting and focusing on the well-being of our guests and associates is our number one priority. So if you have any questions or requests, service is just one call away. 

3. Saves You Money

You do not have to worry about hidden fees. That means you don’t have to compare hotel rates and additional fees that come with luxury hotels or pay added fees per guest like some Airbnb listings charge. Serviced apartments in Toronto offer fully furnished living spaces with amenities for short-term or long-term stays are all included in the rental price. Along with more savings, be confident you are getting consistent world-class service and accommodations. 

With all that space and more savings the longer you stay, there is more to love every time you choose a serviced apartment for your trip to the city. 

4. A More Local Feel

While the big seller of hotels is the number of locations and hotel chains that are offered in many major cities, there is often a disconnect between the culture of the neighbourhood and the hotel bubble. Luckily, with serviced apartments in Toronto, you can really feel like a part of the community. 

With carefully selected locations around the city, you can get the most of where you are staying. At DelSuites, we take pride in offering residential housing that really immerses you in the cultures and values of Toronto’s distinct neighbourhoods. With 15 locations throughout the city and surrounding GTA, have your pick on where you’d like to experience Toronto. 

Feel like a local and get the best intel on great restaurants, attractions, and hidden gems on your trip. Whether you’re on business or here on vacation, your serviced apartment will be your home base where you can explore and discover the city.

5. All the Amenities You Need at Your Fingertips

Amenities are one of the biggest advantages of serviced apartments in Toronto. Everything you need is included in your rental:

  • Save money and prepare a meal in your fully operational kitchen
  • Make the most of the comfortable fully furnished living spaces
  • Hand fresh linens and cleaning supplies right at your disposal
  • Release some stress in our state-of-the-art gyms, pools, saunas, and more. 
  • Conveniently do laundry right in your suite with available washer and dryer combos

6. Work Effectively Right From Your Living Space

As working from home becomes a reality for more and more of us, having the right tools at your disposal is a must in conducting business and everyday tasks. With our fast and reliable Wi-Fi and high-speed internet, staying connected online and with the outside world is never a problem. You never have to worry about cutting out of a virtual meeting or losing the signal inside your serviced apartment.

We also provide local and North American long-distance calling within each of our suites.

DelSuites Serviced Apartments in Toronto: The Best of Both Worlds

These days, many travellers are looking for alternatives to mainstream hotel chains and looking for more home-like accommodations. With Airbnb often being either a hit or miss, serviced apartments provide what makes both options great. Offering freedom with consistent and reputable customer service, you can live independently in this home away from home. 

At DelSuites, we have the move-in ready solution for your trip to Toronto. With flexible pricing and an array of serviced apartments for you to choose from, you can get the most out of your stay in the city.

Visit our website and book your perfect stay today. We have suites great for corporate travel, medical stays, and stays during renovations.

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Splashing Back Into Business Travel: What You Need to Know

July 30, 2021
business travel toronto

The lively city of Toronto is finally opening up as COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted by local governments. Much like other major cities around the world, business travel is going up in demand as a result.

However, a “business trip” doesn’t have to be all work despite what you might think. If you choose the right rental provider, most of the heavy stuff will be off your plate so that you can enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Corporate Stays & Business Travel Are More Than Just a Dormitory

DelSuites wants to redefine the notion of “corporate housing.” We believe that your short-term rental should alleviate any stress of the workday, not add to it. DelSuites renters have come to expect features like:

  • A welcome package. It contains basic starting items like toiletries, soaps, and other needs.
  • Room features. There’s a fully equipped kitchen, a washer and dryer room, an intrusion alarm system for home security, and multiple utilities at your disposal.
  • Entertainment. Get ready to unwind during off-hours with our HD television package and large flat screens. Don’t forget about the DVD and stereo system in case you want to bring that next season of your favorite show. Our smart TVs are also compatible with Netflix and other popular streaming apps.
  • Outside amenities. Now that they’ve opened up again, why not take advantage of all the gymnasiums, swimming pools, and even bowling alleys during your stay?



Of course, one of the best features is the price. DelSuites is actually less expensive than many of the hotels around the area.

The Next-Best Thing to Your Home Office

Now that working from home has never been easier, it’s not uncommon for professionals to have home offices. Our designated work desks available in most suites have a minimalistic design that will help you stay focused on the task at hand.

Never fear being disconnected. We have upgraded, secure wireless Internet alongside local and long-distance calling within the US and Canada. It’s practically the next-best thing to your home office.

A Positive First Impression

We believe the first few hours of move-in are extremely important. That’s why we always make pre-arrival inspections to ensure the room is working exactly as intended before you even get here.

Don’t worry about struggling to find a parking spot in the busy city either. DelSuites offers underground, indoor, and other secure parking options.

There’s also our pre-arrival grocery shopping service. Do you want to focus on move-in and don’t have time to pick up essential groceries first? Let us know, and we’ll have them delivered directly to your fridge and pantry. Delivery dates are perfectly aligned with move-in so that the food stays fresh.

Talk to your dedicated account manager to walk you through the customer-focused reservation process.

Your Health Is Our Priority

COVID-19 may be ending, but you can never be too careful. DelSuites is dedicated to our Enhanced Hygiene Practices and Protocols:

  • Virtual tours are offered to prospective guests in lieu of physical visits.
  • Housekeeping services always use disinfectant cleaners with bleach. We use a special bathroom bleach that kills 99.9% of bacteria as well as a spray cleaner with bleach for protection against germs, viruses, and fungi among others.
  • Staff members are given personal protective equipment like masks and gloves.
  • They also go through a daily Self-Assessment Health Check and are asked to stay home if they experience any symptoms.
  • New linens and towels are available in your suite upon request to supplement standard laundry services.
  • The garbage disposal procedure respects social distancing.

Need additional resources? Get in touch with Toronto Public Health for all your needs.

Find Out How Easy Business Travel Can Be With DelSuites

As far back as 1998, DelSuites started off helping single families find beautifully crafted homes throughout the city of Toronto. Today, our teams are still continuing that tradition in one of Canada’s most lucrative and active cities.

Get in touch with us today and find out why so many of our previous clients recommend us on platforms like TripAdvisor, Yelp, and LinkedIn.

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Downtown Toronto Apartments: Stay Close to the Heart of Toronto

March 1, 2021
downtown toronto apartments

Toronto is one of the world’s most recognizable cities. With a multicultural and diverse undersetting, you can often see Toronto posing as other cities like New York and Detroit in movies and television. 

Many production studios film projects here, many corporations have offices here, and many people immigrate here from around Canada and the rest of the world. 

Toronto is also taking the coronavirus pandemic very seriously. If you are looking for a short-term rental in a safe city, look no further than Toronto.

Downtown Toronto apartments are even better, with more hustle and bustle nearby than the average Toronto neighborhood. 

Downtown Toronto Is Near the Action

Even during the pandemic, Toronto is a place where the action happens. People, staying in their bubbles, are still out and about, wearing masks and social distancing as best they can. The spirit of Toronto has not faltered by this pandemic, as it did not falter when there was a SARS outbreak over a decade ago. 

The key to Toronto’s ability to remain a top destination is that there is always something to do and always something going on, combined with a communal effort regarding maintaining safety and security.

The shared culture and diversity of Toronto means there is a wide variety of places to go and things to experience. In a way, Toronto culture is a condensed version of global culture.

Experience the Best of a Global City

While options are currently limited in Toronto due to coronavirus, Toronto still offers incredible experiences, even a year into the pandemic. With vaccine distribution happening now and people continuing to distance socially, we hope this pandemic will soon be over, and economic opportunity will grow.

Short-term rentals are the perfect solution for prospective condo owners and visiting working professionals to experience a global city like Toronto fully. 

Downtown Toronto is not only walkable, but it is also bikeable. If you would instead take transit, you are also in luck. Our transit lines run 24/7, and you can easily purchase a transit pass at machines and stations spread throughout the city.

Getting across town is a breeze. We have buses, subway trains, and streetcars available to you, ensuring that you will get from our suites to your destinations in record time.

Although many businesses may be closed and crowds are discouraged, you can still sightsee like never before. The skies at night are clearer. With the end of winter not that far away, the birds are coming back.

Toronto has many architectural and cultural achievements you can view, like Casa Loma, the Harbourfront, Little Italy, city parks, and more.

Concerned About the Pandemic? We’re Here for You

We take the pandemic very seriously. As such, we have updated our health and safety policies, which you can find on the top bar on our website. 

  • Our in-house cleanings are temporarily suspended in order to guarantee the safety of our guests.
  • Bleach-based disinfectant cleaners are being used to sanitize units between stays.
  • Our staff is wearing full PPE to minimize contact with surfaces and clients.
  • In-house and ongoing training for staff regarding coronavirus
  • Our office staff can work from home
  • Video-based suite orientations and online virtual tours

Want to learn about the latest health and safety changes at DelSuites? Please check out our health and safety guide.

Providing a clean, healthy, and safe living experience to our clients is paramount. Safety is our top priority, and our ability to quickly pivot and offer our clients these and other services shows our commitment to you and your experience while staying with us.

We also offer travel flexibility for new reservations, in-house reservations, and third-party reservations, with generous cancellation and rebooking policies. We understand that the world is on hold and that your plans to travel to Canada or Toronto may be limited or impossible at this time, and we are willing to work with you to ensure you have the best short-term rental experience possible. 

Discover the DelSuites Difference

Toronto is still alive, hustling, and bustling. And despite the ongoing pandemic, the city continues to demonstrate why it’s considered a world-class city. 

We take pride in our ability to offer bespoke furnished short-term rentals to clients in Toronto. Look at our listings for downtown Toronto on our website, and contact us today to begin the process of becoming a DelSuites customer.


Looking at Short-term Rentals in Toronto? Here’s How You Can Stay Safe

June 10, 2020
short-term rentals in Toronto amenities

Finding the right short-term rentals in Toronto is challenging in a pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and interact with one another. But most of all, the outbreak has brought health and safety to the forefront of our thoughts. We ask ourselves the same question every time we leave the front door: How do I keep myself and my loved ones safe from a highly infectious and potentially deadly virus?  

If you plan on relocating during the COVID-19 pandemic, your first concern should be safety. Whether you’re a frontline healthcare worker determined to self-isolate closer to Toronto’s network of hospitals, or you’re hoping for a brief escape from isolation, we’ve done the legwork and put together a comprehensive guide to staying safe while enjoying your stay in Canada’s most famous city.     

The Latest From the City of Toronto

city of toronto logo

What we know about COVID-19 changes almost daily. The City of Toronto has created a detailed set of coronavirus resources that Toronto residents can use to understand the latest bylaws, suggestions, and more.

Browse Short-Term Rentals in Toronto With Virtual Tours 

So, where’s the safest place to stay in Toronto during a viral pandemic? When it comes to safety, short-term rentals in Toronto must adhere to the rigid disinfection standards that home-sharing platforms like Airbnb have no way of enforcing. At the same time, these suites provide the luxury experience that you get with a hotel room—only without the hefty price tag or high turnover of guests. 

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s the value of preparation. Before deciding on a short-term rental company, check for flexible pricing and cancellation terms. Moreover, what amenities are offered? How close will you be to grocery stores and pharmacies? What do properties look like on the inside? 

DelSuites offers virtual tours with 360-degree interactive panoramas of each room in its properties. A “walk” score assigned to each listing informs you whether errands can be accomplished on foot. “Bike” scores tell you a property’s proximity to bikeable areas. 

Food Delivery 

uber eats delivery covid 19

The best part about short-term rentals in Toronto is the abundance of delivery services available. Whether we’re talking about fresh produce or fresh loaves of bread, Toronto is home to a broad network of grocery delivery services. Have the essentials and more delivered directly to your furnished suite by connecting with the brands we recommend:

  • Instacart. Download the Instacart app or visit their website to find exclusive deals with same-day delivery (or order up to six days in advance). Instacart lets you purchase from well-known brands like Loblaws, Walmart, T&T Supermarket—even Bulk Barn to satisfy your sweet tooth. 
  • Walmart. You can always rely on the world’s largest company in times of need. Keep in mind that Walmart only offers home delivery for orders of $50 or over. 
  • Metro. Metro’s Online Grocery Service has same-day delivery with a fee of $12 plus tax. Just make sure to reserve your time slot before you start shopping. New time slots are added every day to meet increasing demand. 
  • Grocery Gateway. For gourmet groceries and perhaps some adult beverages on the side, check out Longo’s grocery delivery service. Same-day deliveries are made during a 90-minute window. 
  • Fresh City Farms. Shop from local farmers’ markets all year long with Fresh City Farms’ organic and artisanal suppliers. Minimum order values are set at $27, with delivery fees waived at the $75 mark. 

Avoid crowded supermarket aisles by taking advantage of same-day grocery delivery. Plus, DelSuites provides you with everything you need to reignite your love of cooking, from a spacious kitchen area to top-shelf equipment. But what if you’re not in the mood to cook?

Takeout Options

Toronto is famous for its diverse flavour profile—we’ve got something for everyone. The COVID-19 pandemic has seen crowd favourites hop onto third-party apps like Uber Eats and DoorDash to stay in business. 

What are the city’s most treasured food spots, and where can you order from them?

  • TORA. If you’re craving flame-seared aburi oishi, beef tataki salad, or crispy pork gyoza, one of Toronto’s top higher-end sushi spots is available to order from through Uber Eats and Ritual. 
  • Oretta. For fresh pasta, pizza, and salad, look no further than Oretta’s authentic Italian menu. You can find them on Uber Eats and Ritual. 
  • Aba’s Bagels. If you’re in the mood for freshly-baked bagels, check out Aba’s. Plus, their Bagel It Forward program lets you deliver a bagel care package to loved ones, family, and friends. 

Curbside Pickup

Shop for the essentials without ever getting out of your car. So, which brands are offering curbside pickup?

  • Apple. Do you need a new set of Airpods to work from home? Order any Apple product online and pickup in-store or curbside within the next hour—or have them delivered directly to your suite. 
  • Bed Bath and Beyond. To hang a mirror or roll out a rug, stop by Bed Bath and Beyond. If you choose to have items delivered instead, shipping is free for orders over $39. 
  • Best Buy. Are you looking for a new headset for video conferences? Do you need a second monitor for work? Best Buy will hold your items for up to five days.
  • Home Depot. Do you finally have time for that side project? Select the tools you need for the job and have an associate bring them straight to your car. 

Keep Yourself Protected With DelSuites 

DelSuites has a wide selection of short-term rentals in Toronto, making it easy for you to choose the neighborhood you love—complete with all the amenities you need in this new world.

Are you thinking of moving to Toronto for work, school, or for a medium-term stay? Visit our website to book a furnished suite today. 

For more information on how you can stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, get in touch with our team by emailing