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The Support You Need to Treat Long COVID in Toronto

May 31, 2022
Long COVID photo by Alexandros Chatzidimos from Pexels.

COVID-19 has brought new challenges everywhere—and post-COVID condition, or Long COVID, is one of the most complex. Treatment and research centres are opening their doors to help people understand Long COVID—and see what can be done to heal. But it means many long-haulers are facing complicated travel arrangements to access care, with little energy and resources to spare.

If you’re coming to Toronto for Long COVID care, DelSuites can be a vital part of your support network—and let you focus on your body, mind, and family.

Stay close to your Long COVID care

The Long COVID energy drain makes staying close to your medical care more important than usual. Luckily, DelSuites has comfortable, fully furnished, private suites close to most major Toronto treatment and research centres.

Our accessible, comfortable suites at The Livmore are literally around the corner from Toronto Rehabilitation Institute—on the same block. James Cooper Mansion is two short city blocks from Toronto Grace Health Centre’s new Respirology Outpatient Clinic. Both are a 10-minute drive from Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital’s Ambulatory Care Centre.

In Toronto’s west end, our Old Mill suites are an 8-minute drive from Runnymede Healthcare Centre.

We’re close enough that you don’t have to choose between a comfortable, welcoming place to stay and easily getting to your medical appointments—whether you’re traveling there by car or transit.

Flexible enough to use your energy well

DelSuites units were built for everyday living—and organized for busy professionals, who know that every minute counts. All those time-savers can support you in managing a Toronto Long COVID medical stay.

We provide everything you need to handle the basics of living without having to figure out a new neighbourhood—or pay extra charges. We have laundry machines in each suite and full kitchens stocked with pots, pans, dishes, and utensils. There’s no need to find a laundromat, pack heavily, or figure out the best coffeeshops for an early breakfast: our partner grocery delivery services can bring everything to you.

Our fully included cable, long-distance telephone, and internet packages mean you can stay in touch with loved ones, handle medical appointments or remote work, and just sack out with a good movie at the end of the day.

Our regular, professional linens and cleaning service means you don’t have to worry about more than basic tidying. And if you have mobility needs that crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs help with, our partnership with AGTA Home Healthcare delivers any medical aids to you.

We can arrange our spaces to be kid-friendly—whether it’s for visits or to help juggle treatment and remote school.

When it comes to booking and paperwork, we’re flexible: Use our Bookings Portal at any time of day, or call our team to get personalized help. We’re equally happy to work with you on your arrival and departure dates. If your care is extended, or you need to go home early, we can help find a solution that works.

Our Guest Services team is used to handling all kinds of daily lives—from the long hours of movie crews to the sudden needs of people forced out of their homes by fire and flood. We can go the extra mile to provide, source, or advise on anything you need while you’re staying with us. We’re not just a place to stay: we’re a piece of support while you work on getting well.

A space to be human, and not just sick

Most of all, DelSuites furnished rental apartments are homes. They’re spaces designed for everyday living, where you can be part of a community, enjoy dinner on the balcony, stretch out on a comfortable couch, and just enjoy the little things.

Half of dealing with chronic illness can just be finding the space to feel human. We understand that, and we’re set up so those little joys are within reach. Whether it’s listening to your favourite radio station, having your pets nearby, or being able to host friends and family for dinner: there’s space for that at DelSuites.


Traveling for health care can be difficult, but we’re ready and willing to make Toronto Long COVID stays easy on you. Call us at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how we can help you reach the care you need successfully. We’re here, and we’re ready to help.


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Setting Your Furnished Rental Up for Spring

March 8, 2022
Furnished rental spring cleaning Photo by Tatiana from Pexels.

Hard to believe, but spring is coming to Toronto. While we’re still mired in cold weather now, the long-range weather forecast calls for sunny days and soft wind on the way. And that means it’s time for another difficult but necessary shift: moving from winter hunkering-down to spring habits.

There’s less need for a full spring cleaning in a temporary furnished rental condo. But there are still ways to get into a brighter mood—and really get to enjoy your space. Here are a few ideas on how you can set up—and enjoy—your long-term furnished rental for spring weather.

Tidy up so your building can do the work

One of the biggest advantages of condo living is that year-to-year maintenance is off your To Do list. Most condominium buildings get busy with the essentials once the warm weather hits: duct cleaning, air filter changes, carbon monoxide alarm tests, common area painting, and more. And our built-in biweekly cleaning service is ready to take care of the rest.

With a pandemic-induced maintenance backlog to work through, it’s expected that buildings are going to be busier than usual. Since you’ll have the luxury of experts coming through, make sure your panels, vents, and alarms are accessible—and your space uncluttered. It’s considerate, and it lets maintenance staff notice any issues or small repairs faster, so they can be tackled with minimum fuss.

If you’ve noticed any small issues in your unit, spring is a great time to let Guest Services know about them. We can dispatch an expert to handle it while the general seasonal maintenance happens—or see what your building can do.

Fill out your closet

Spring’s a great time to switch your closet around—bring lighter clothes and colours to the front, and send the winter wool to the back. Luckily, all our units have more than enough closet space to make the swap easy: just move those heavy sweaters one shelf upward.

If you’re on an extended stay, the winter-ready clothes you brought might not be what you need for warm spring afternoons. It’s a great time to think about switching up your wardrobe—whether that means sending some things home, and shipping some things here, or buying a few new pieces.

But beware: Toronto spring weather can be a little unpredictable, with occasional little snowfalls into early April. It’s worth being careful before you jump into a spring wardrobe with both feet.

Enjoy your outdoor spaces

It’s a little hard to feel the pull of your balcony when it’s -10 C out. But now that we’re headed into nicer days, that little piece of the outside is about to earn its keep. The balcony is one of the biggest underused stars of condominium life—whether you’re living in a condo temporarily or year-round. And it’s perfect for work, dining out, or play.

Most condo balconies have electrical wiring available—there’s at least one weather-protected plug on the wall. If you’re looking for a new remote office, it’s a simple and huge change to grab a deck chair and table and get some sun.

If you’ve got the space, you can move your exercise routine outside by setting up a yoga mat or weights. One phone playlist later, and your balcony can be your own outdoor gym.

It’s also a favourite space for gardeners, whether you’re going long-term and ambitious or just trying out a little container of lettuce and flowers. Last frost in Toronto is traditionally around mid-May, and you can get seeds from big-box stores like Canadian Tire or even delivered from local farmer’s markets.

What’s more, most condominium buildings have common outdoor areas, which are much less likely to have pandemic restrictions attached. If you’ve been itching for a little safer social time all winter long, find out your building’s rules for its green roof, terraces, barbeque area, or courtyard. They’re spaces that are usually underused by residents and just perfect for a distanced or safer outdoor get-together.

While each building has its own expectations for using common areas, booking the space with your property manager or concierge desk is a good start. Find out about damage deposits, decorating, capacity limits, and any alcohol or noise rules involved, and put together a get-together.

Get back to the patio

The City of Toronto’s restaurant patios are—we say this with love!—notorious for opening at the slightest hint of spring weather. And that’s going to be even sooner this year, as pandemic dining capacity improves.

Once it’s actually warm enough—or you just want to believe it is!—check out the patio options in your neighbourhood. Whether you’re dining out or bringing new treats back home, it’s a great way to meet up with friends, try new flavours, and be a real part of the neighbourhood.

Anything that’ll make your spring in Toronto memorable? Call us at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how you can warm up to Toronto furnished rental living this spring.


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Advice for First Time Toronto Visitors

April 27, 2017

First Time Toronto VisitorsA visit to Toronto is a thrill – there is so much to discover in this exciting Canadian metropolis. Here are some very important things that you should know for first time Toronto visitors.

First Time Toronto Visitors : Make the Most of Public Transit

When you are visiting Toronto you will probably not want to rent a car, unless you want to be able to go on road trips outside of the city. Inside the city it is possible to get around quickly and easy using public transit. Plus, you will save money on parking fees and you will avoid getting stuck in rush hour. The city is a giant grid pattern, so it’s pretty easy to navigate.

The transit system in Toronto includes subway lines, streetcars and buses and it will take you to anywhere in the city that you want to go, including well out into the suburbs. You can get a day pass for $12 that will allow you unlimited travel on all TTC services

Stay in a SerFirst Time Toronto Visitorsviced Furnished Apartment

Staying in an furnished apartment for first time Toronto visitors many advantages compared to staying in a hotel. You will have much more space to relax, a fully equipped kitchen so that you can cook your own meals and you will be able to use the building facilities such as swimming pool, fitness centre, bowling alley and much more. This is especially advantageous if you are travelling as a family or staying for a while.

No One Pronounces the Second T

The name of the city is pronounced “Torono” or “T’rana” by the locals. This is due to the Canadian accent, which causes the consonant between two unstressed vowels to be silent. If you pronounce the second T in Toronto it will be clear to all of the locals that you are not a Torontonian.

Don’t Forget About Sales Tax

You will notice that the price tag of an item in the store doesn’t always correspond to the final price when the cashier rings it up. That’s because a 13% harmonized sales tax is added to almost all of the goods and services purchases in the province of Ontario. Sometimes purchases are tax exempt and some have the tax already built into the price, so if you aren’t sure you can always ask the store staff to clarify.

First Time Toronto VisitorsIf You Don’t Like the Weather, Wait 20 Minutes

The weather in Canada is extreme and in Toronto it can fluctuate wildly, especially in the spring and fall. You might have a sunny morning, which turns into freezing cold rain by the afternoon. The weather in the summer is hot and humid and the winters are snowy and cold. Be prepared with many different layers so that you can adjust your clothing to the situation and do some research into the weather forecast before your trip.

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Cool and Quirky Toronto Markets

September 2, 2016

Toronto MarketsToronto is an intriguing and multi-faceted city with a lot of different layers to uncover. One of the most interesting aspects of the city is its abundance of quirky and unique markets. These Toronto markets have a fascinating collection of everything from locally grown produce to antiques to handmade jewellery and much more. You can spend hours searching through, finding treasures and chatting to the friendly local sellers.

Here are some of the most interesting Toronto markets to check out during your stay in your furnished rental nearby:

Brick Works Farmer’s Market

This Saturday morning market is the ideal place for foodies to scout out delicious local treats. It offers a great selection of eggs, produce, meats, cheeses, baked goods, tea, preserves and much more. It is one of the largest farmer’s markets in the city and is only 6KM from the Republic furnished apartments in Toronto. It’s a fantastic place to find your next favourite treat, whether that is a Toronto Marketshomemade vegan brownie, a strawberry basil ice pop or fresh gluten free spicy Mexican salsa.

Parkdale Flea Market

Parkdale is a cool and quirky west end neighbourhood and this great market features beautiful handicrafts made by the creative locals. There are many great finds here, such as handmade jewellery, antiques, locally designed clothes, vegan baked goods and so much more. It has a lively and welcoming atmosphere and runs the second Sunday of the month from 10am until 5pm.

Withrow Market

The Withrow Market happens every Saturday from 9am until 1pm rain or shine at Withrow Park. It has a fantastic selection of regionally grown produce and baked goods, as well as yummy treats such as preserves and ice cream sandwiches. Shopping here is a great way to support the local farmers around Toronto and buying locally grown pToronto Marketsroduce is so much better for the environment. The James Cooper Mansion short term rentals is only a 10 minute drive.

Sunday Antique Market

If you love antiques you will be in heaven at this Sunday Market, a treasure trove of old fashioned finds from vintage jewellery to old books to home décor and much more. There is a great collection of items that is ever changing and you can find everything from quirky retro items to pieces that are quite old and valuable. It takes place at the historic St. Lawrence Market which is only about a 5 minute drive from the 300 Front St. West furnished rentals.

Junction Flea Market

Every second Sunday of the month from 10am until 5pm from June 8th to October 12th you can check out the Junction Flea market, a very trendy hipster hotspot. There is a lot to discover here, from food to vintage clothing to records to antiques and much more. There’s something for everyone and a great friendly and laid back atmosphere.

These are just a few of the coolest and quirkiest markets that Toronto has to offer. Give yourself lots of time to explore these Toronto markets so that you can meander through slowly, taste all of the yummy treats, hunt for a vintage treasure and chat to some of the local sellers. It’s not just a market, it’s a Toronto cultural experience.

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Business Travel Toronto

July 8, 2016

Business Travel TorontoIf you are travelling to Toronto on business, having a good place to stay is crucial. You’ll be focused on getting things done and achieving your business goals, so your accommodation needs to facilitate this by being convenient and comfortable. Delsuites business travel Toronto has been providing high quality corporate housing for over 17 years, offering business travellers the ideal place to stay for projects, relocation, assignments, training, conferences or any other corporate visit.

We understand that the needs of a business traveller are very different to the needs of someone visiting Toronto on vacation. We know that offering good service and excellent amenities saves you time and increases your productivity. We understand that a convenient location keeps you close to your work and networking events. We have worked to create comfortable furnished rentals in Toronto that provide you with everything you need to feel well rested and prepared to take on a busy day.

Why Staying in a Furnished Apartment is Perfect for Business Travel Toronto

If you are visiting Toronto on business, staying in a furnished apartment is a much better alternative to staying in a hotel. Here are some of the advantages:

  • You’ll have a productive workspace and high speed internet, so that you can get work done during your stay – because we know that work doesn’t always stop when you return to your room.
  • The locations within Toronto are close to the main business area and are well connected with public transport.
  • Local calls are free, so that you can network with your contacts in the area.
  • Early Check in and Late Check Out are an option (based on availability).
  • We also offer a free one-way transfer to or from the airport.
  • The high quality beds are extremely comfortable, ensuring that you will be well rested for that big presentation or important meeting.
  • The fully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare breakfast before an early morning meeting or make a quick and easy dinner for yourself when you are tired from work and don’t want to head out to a restaurant.
  • When you want to relax and unwind after a hard day of work, you will have access to the recreational amenities within the building including the fitness centre, swimming pool, whirlpool and billiards room.

Our accommodations offer advantages over hotel rooms because they are more than just a bed for the night. We provide a total package that will make business travel Toronto convenient and enjoyable.

If your company needs excellent corporate accommodation solutions at an affordable price, please fill out our Corporate Client Form. One of our account managers will contact you to put together a corporate package that is tailored to your needs. Also, we have a network of partners around the world so we are able to find accommodations internationally for your employees. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.