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The Support You Need to Treat Long COVID in Toronto

May 31, 2022
Long COVID photo by Alexandros Chatzidimos from Pexels.

COVID-19 has brought new challenges everywhere—and post-COVID condition, or Long COVID, is one of the most complex. Treatment and research centres are opening their doors to help people understand Long COVID—and see what can be done to heal. But it means many long-haulers are facing complicated travel arrangements to access care, with little energy and resources to spare.

If you’re coming to Toronto for Long COVID care, DelSuites can be a vital part of your support network—and let you focus on your body, mind, and family.

Stay close to your Long COVID care

The Long COVID energy drain makes staying close to your medical care more important than usual. Luckily, DelSuites has comfortable, fully furnished, private suites close to most major Toronto treatment and research centres.

Our accessible, comfortable suites at The Livmore are literally around the corner from Toronto Rehabilitation Institute—on the same block. James Cooper Mansion is two short city blocks from Toronto Grace Health Centre’s new Respirology Outpatient Clinic. Both are a 10-minute drive from Hennick Bridgepoint Hospital’s Ambulatory Care Centre.

In Toronto’s west end, our Old Mill suites are an 8-minute drive from Runnymede Healthcare Centre.

We’re close enough that you don’t have to choose between a comfortable, welcoming place to stay and easily getting to your medical appointments—whether you’re traveling there by car or transit.

Flexible enough to use your energy well

DelSuites units were built for everyday living—and organized for busy professionals, who know that every minute counts. All those time-savers can support you in managing a Toronto Long COVID medical stay.

We provide everything you need to handle the basics of living without having to figure out a new neighbourhood—or pay extra charges. We have laundry machines in each suite and full kitchens stocked with pots, pans, dishes, and utensils. There’s no need to find a laundromat, pack heavily, or figure out the best coffeeshops for an early breakfast: our partner grocery delivery services can bring everything to you.

Our fully included cable, long-distance telephone, and internet packages mean you can stay in touch with loved ones, handle medical appointments or remote work, and just sack out with a good movie at the end of the day.

Our regular, professional linens and cleaning service means you don’t have to worry about more than basic tidying. And if you have mobility needs that crutches, walkers, or wheelchairs help with, our partnership with AGTA Home Healthcare delivers any medical aids to you.

We can arrange our spaces to be kid-friendly—whether it’s for visits or to help juggle treatment and remote school.

When it comes to booking and paperwork, we’re flexible: Use our Bookings Portal at any time of day, or call our team to get personalized help. We’re equally happy to work with you on your arrival and departure dates. If your care is extended, or you need to go home early, we can help find a solution that works.

Our Guest Services team is used to handling all kinds of daily lives—from the long hours of movie crews to the sudden needs of people forced out of their homes by fire and flood. We can go the extra mile to provide, source, or advise on anything you need while you’re staying with us. We’re not just a place to stay: we’re a piece of support while you work on getting well.

A space to be human, and not just sick

Most of all, DelSuites furnished rental apartments are homes. They’re spaces designed for everyday living, where you can be part of a community, enjoy dinner on the balcony, stretch out on a comfortable couch, and just enjoy the little things.

Half of dealing with chronic illness can just be finding the space to feel human. We understand that, and we’re set up so those little joys are within reach. Whether it’s listening to your favourite radio station, having your pets nearby, or being able to host friends and family for dinner: there’s space for that at DelSuites.


Traveling for health care can be difficult, but we’re ready and willing to make Toronto Long COVID stays easy on you. Call us at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how we can help you reach the care you need successfully. We’re here, and we’re ready to help.


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