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Short-Term Rentals and Cold Weather: What You Need to Know

January 22, 2021
short-term rentals in winter

Whether you’re here for business or personal travel, Toronto is a beautiful city that has a lot to offer. It’s also known for its infamously cold weather, so it’s important that you’re prepared for a Toronto winter. 

In addition to packing a winter jacket, it’s important to look for short-term accommodations that are prepared for winter temperatures.

What are some things to be aware of when searching for a short-term rental in Toronto during the winter season? Make your trip a pleasant and comfortable one by making sure your destination is properly “winterized.”

Are You Looking at Home-Sharing Options?

Thousands of homes are available on popular home-sharing services in Toronto. But there are a few things you should be aware of, especially during the colder winter months. Home-sharing services don’t always verify hosts, which means you may encounter things like:

  • Poorly maintained roof, windows and doors. This may lead to leaks, cold air drafts, and other unpleasant experiences.
  • Problems with plumbing and hot water. It’s not uncommon for pipes in older homes to freeze, which could leave you without access to hot water or a place to stay.
  • Issues with the primary heating source. A winter stay in Toronto means you need access to a reliable heating source. Heating in older homes can quit unexpectedly if it’s not properly maintained.

You shouldn’t have to deal with these complicated issues by yourself. Find a location where the management is responsible enough to cover these potential problems.

Will You Be Close to Amenities?

For the few times you will need to be outside, see how far you will need to travel. Ideally choose a property that’s close enough to grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, or other locations so that you won’t be outside for long.

Some properties can provide internal services like laundry to minimize the need to go outside. Others might even have some hot chocolate or coffee makers included in the package.

Does the Property Have Supplies Already?

It’s not uncommon for some short-term rentals to have extra equipment in case the cold weather hits hard. Your unit may contain extra blankets and other supplies to improve your stay. 

If you’re planning to drive, make sure your rental has parking spaces that are shoveled and salted, or underground parking that’s protected from the weather.

What About Safety?

Safety is extremely important when dealing with cold winter conditions. We recommend looking for a unit that receives proper snow removal and salting.

You also want to rent a unit that comes with frequent cleaning. Given the current pandemic, look for short-term rentals that offer deep cleaning services.

Will You Be Ready to Stay Indoors For a While?

While it may sound silly, getting bored while being stuck indoors is always a possibility. Check if your short-term rental includes high-speed Internet, television, or even a space to put all your books and board games in case you find yourself inside for too long.

How Responsive Is the Property Manager?

Excellent communication is key to a positive experience in a short-term rental. Check reviews or references from other clients to see whether a property manager responds to concerns and support tickets.

In the event an accident or issue does occur, you want to make sure you will have help available. Ask how quickly the response from the property is and whether the property manager was able to fix the problem.

Visiting Toronto This Winter Season? Stay With DelSuites

Need a short-term accommodation in Toronto but not sure where to start looking? Find a property managed by DelSuites. We provide properly furnished rentals to both business users and those looking to relax in one of Canada’s most active and cultured cities.

Because we help manage, furnish, and maintain our properties, we can ensure every offering we have listed matches up to our high standards. Check out all available units on our website today.

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What Times Call For Short-Term Rentals in Toronto?

January 19, 2021
landscape of short-term rentals in toronto

The next time you’re browsing the Toronto real estate market, think about how long you need your new accommodation for. Unless it’s a truly long-term stay, it’s worth looking at the short-term rental market in Toronto for potential savings while still retaining the benefits of a fully-furnished living space.

Many property renters think that short-term accommodations are just a niche market and aren’t aware of the many use cases of such a rental. In truth, it’s an incredibly lucrative market that offers the perfect balance between cost and quality for certain situations.

Don’t dismiss the possibility of getting a great experience from a short-term rental, which can offer significantly more flexibility compared to a standard hotel. 

Let’s talk about some use cases for short-term rentals in Toronto and when exactly you would need one.

Why Short-Term At All?

Short-term stays are popular with many renters in the city, who flock to these locations for several reasons:

  • The ubiquity of smartphones and the Internet have enabled a massive market for short-term listings, especially in major cities like Toronto.
  • The result is a large selection to choose from, ensuring that you will likely find exactly what you want.
  • Because the spaces are fully-furnished, it will feel more like home as opposed to other temporary rentals.
  • They save money in the long run compared to hotels which charge by the day. Booking a short-term rental is easy as well.

A short-term accommodation makes sense when other options are either too expensive or insufficiently furnished for your needs. This setup is also ideal for providers of the rental properties, who have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling and maintenance. You won’t have issues finding a suitable location in Toronto as a result.

Specific Use Cases For Short-Term Rentals in Toronto

What are some situations that call for short-term rentals? There are many instances when you need a place to stay without the heavy commitment of a long-term home or apartment. At the same time, perhaps a hotel room that charges by the day doesn’t make financial sense, and you need something a little more professional than just someone’s private room.

There are no limitations to what role a short-term rental can fulfill, so don’t be afraid to consult this market if you feel like your specific case calls for one. However, some examples to get started include business trips, immigration, holidays, moving between houses, and disaster recovery.

Business Trips

Because Toronto is considered an economic hub for Canada, the most common reason people stay in the city is business trips. With the city’s high property prices, going short-term is often the best decision.

Many companies host meetings and events in the city, resulting in many professionals living in Toronto for a few months. Fully-furnished short-term rental spaces are there to serve their needs.


For similar reasons to business trips, Canada is a common destination for foreign immigrants thanks to the business opportunities and available space in the nation. Short-term rentals work well in this case since you have the chance to learn about your local area and complete any paperwork before you find more permanent housing.

The flexibility of this type of accommodation goes into play significantly here. When you haven’t entirely figured out your general working and living situation, look to the short-term market for answers. You’ll be glad you did.


A short-term rental that lasts a few weeks or months is often an excellent alternative to hotels for long-distance tourism. Instead of allowing the high rates of hotels to eat into the travel budget, many vacationers choose a short-term rental instead.

While Moving

When it comes to selling and buying a new home, you can’t always line up the dates perfectly. There’s likely an amount of time after you’ve sold the old property and before you can move into your new one.

In this case, the short-term rental market is the perfect way to fill the gap. You don’t even have to move all your belongings in either, since most furniture is already available at the temporary location.

Disaster Recovery

While we don’t want to think about it, we have to plan for major incidents like house fires or natural disasters. While you’re looking to repair or replace your old home, a short-term rental works as a cheaper alternative to hotels for a few months.

Furnished Short-Term Rentals From DelSuites

Whether you need a short-term condo or corporate housing for your business travel, find your perfect temporary home in one of Canada’s leading cities for business, entertainment, and culture.

Interested in a short-term accommodation but not sure where to start in Toronto’s massive property market? DelSuites can help you find exactly what you need. Get in touch with us today and find out why so many of our reviewers recommend our services.

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Travelling Internationally? Make the Most of Your Short-Term Rental in Toronto

October 21, 2020
short term rentals in toronto

No matter where you are travelling from, Toronto has a place for everyone. With a diverse cultural community and just as vibrant entertainment, food and art scene, there is always something to do in the city.  

When it comes to your stay, keeping your accommodations as stress-free as possible is a must. After you come off the plane, or however you land in the city, with DelSuites, your short-term rental in Toronto will be always ready when you get here.  

Welcome to Toronto: Your Options for Pickup 

Whether it is your first time here or a return trip, navigating the diverse neighbourhoods and streets of Toronto can be tricky. Like with any major city, Toronto has an array of unique neighbourhoods, spanning over 100 distinct communities. 

Are you looking for the easiest way to reach your DelSuites rental? We recommend a private limo, an airport taxi, or public transit through the TTC.

Providing a Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Home Away From Home 

Travelling to a new city can be stressful especially during COVID-19. When first coming to Toronto, there is a mandatory 14-day self-isolation period for international travellers and social distancing precautions for everyone. With these restrictions, it can be hard to fully enjoy your trip.  However, having a temporary home in Toronto to meet your needs is something we’ve got covered. 

Making your stay in the city as relaxed and comfortable as possible is something that every traveller wants. When it comes to travel security and safety, you can be confident you are in good hands. 

Protecting our guests and associates is our number one priority. Along with abiding by government public health guidelines, we make sure that we are keeping on top of standards of cleanliness and hygiene to keep everyone safe, no matter where you are travelling from. 

When you check-in, you can immediately enjoy the fully furnished living spaces and round the clock reliable and consistent customer service. With a strong in-house maintenance team and trusted security, we take care of your property and well-being so you can focus on getting the most out of your stay and this beautiful city. 

Whether you are here for leisure or business, out on the town, or in your suite, you can be certain that your short-term rental in Toronto is a secure and safe home away from home. 

Explore the City in Our Many Locations

DelSuites have properties all around the city! You can take your pick on where and how you’d like to discover Toronto. 

With locations in the downtown core, the heart of the city, and other parts of the GTA, you have lots of great options on where your adventure will start. Whether for the convenience of doing business near Front street in the downtown core or the love of great parks in the west end of North York, your short-term rental can always be catered to you. 

Hidden Gems and Must-Sees in the City 

With the confidence that knowing when you drop off your belongings, they are safe with us, you can finally explore Toronto. While maintaining social distancing guidelines for your travel safety and that of others, there are lots of activities to do and places to discover. Like many bustling cities, Toronto has an array of hidden gems that make this place unique. 

Whether you are getting around town through the TTC, North America’s best transit agency of 2017, or using the advanced network of ride-hailing or car rental services, the right mode of transportation is accessible from any of our 15 DelSuites locations for your short-term rental in the GTA. 

No matter when you land in Toronto, there is something to discover at any time of the day. From a city that never sleeps, activities throughout Toronto can cater to whatever your schedule and travel budget may be. 

If you’re looking for a fun day activity, you could try:

If you are looking for something more easy-going towards the evening, Toronto has many great independent restaurants, cafes, and speakeasies that can satisfy whatever you’re in the mood for. This includes:

  • Indulging in Greek food on the Danforth or Italian delights in Little Italy
  • Live jazz and blues at The Rex in the downtown core
  • Enjoying a flight at a local brewery in the Junction

Visiting Toronto? Find Your Next Short-Term Rental With DelSuites

Understandably during these unprecedented times dealing with COVID-19, some businesses and activities may be limited. Fortunately, with such a colourful city, Toronto always finds a way to entertain whenever you are here. 

And whatever you choose, you can be confident you have a comfortable and safe place to call home at the end of the day with DelSuites. Call 647-370-4313 or visit our website to find your perfect short-term rental in Toronto today.

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5 Ways You Can Stay Productive While Working Remotely

July 30, 2020
working from short-term rentals in toronto

Whether you’re working from home as a result of the lockdown across Toronto, or you have just started a new remote job, adjusting to life without an office can be trickier than you initially imagine. 

While the idea of rolling out of bed at 8:20 a.m. and starting work at 8:30 a.m. sounds like a dream come true to many, after a few days or weeks of remote working, you may find yourself struggling to stay productive.

Here are five ways you can increase your productivity levels and stop procrastinating as you continue to work remotely.

1. Schedule Breaks in Your Day

If you’re struggling to get work done from a remote location, you may think that adding more breaks to your day would be counterproductive. However, studies have shown that carefully scheduled work breaks can actually improve the quality of the work you produce. 

The Pomodoro Technique is a pretty extreme, regimented version of this concept. In this technique, you. Break your day into 25-minute work periods separated by 5-minute breaks. After four rounds, you will get a longer break of 15 to 20 minutes.

While you may find this structure a bit too intense, it’s still helpful to schedule in breaks. This way, your day will feel more purposeful. Because you have set break times, you’ll stop feeling aimless as you work. Instead, you’ll begin working towards mini-deadlines throughout the day. 

2. Set Up an “Office” in Your Home

Asian business woman work from home and stretching her body because feel tired and sleepyafter working on computer, smart female working at home. Lifestyle woman relax after working at home concept.

Whether you’re working at home, or you’re staying and working in one of our downtown Toronto apartments, it’s inevitable that your workspace and your living space will somewhat overlap. Many remote workers make the mistake of getting a little too comfortable when working at home. While you may love the idea of grabbing your laptop and typing away while still in bed, this can be a seriously unproductive setup. 

In order to trick the mind into feeling productive, you need to feel like you are in a work environment. Set up a well-lit, organized desk in your home that will serve as your office. Be vigilant about using this area for work and only for work. This way, your muscle memory will get in the habit of treating this home office as a special place of productivity, and you should find it easier to get stuff done.

3. Turn Off Your Phone

The modern world is filled with constant distractions — and most of them originate from our smartphone devices. In 2017, a shocking study revealed that Americans tend to check their phones once every 12 minutes on average. No wonder we find it so hard to concentrate and keep our levels of productivity up!

To keep your mind focused on what you’re doing, remove this major distraction by turning off your device, or, even better, by sticking it in a drawer. This way, you won’t be tempted to absent-mindedly open Twitter or Instagram every few minutes throughout the day.

4. Use Video Conferencing to Maintain Contact With Colleagues

toronto short term rental zoom call

If you’re used to working in a close-knit team, you may be finding remote working conditions pretty tricky. Working alongside colleagues can help us to feel inspired and motivated. When we get stuck, we can bounce around ideas; when we get bored, we can have a quick chat, then get back to it. 

In order to maintain a sense of teamwork and community, try to schedule a few Zoom sessions a week with your colleagues. This will break up the monotony of at-home working, plus, it will give you a much-needed boost in energy so that you can finish off your week with high levels of productivity. 

5. Get Outside

When we commute to an office every day, we are forced to spend at least a few minutes in the fresh air. However, many remote workers find that they can go days on end without seeing the sun. Aside from the dangers of developing a vitamin D definitely, a lack of outdoor time can be pretty stifling for the mind. 

Try to find time to get outside for a daily walk. The fresh air and change of scenery can help you to rethink problems, while the exercise will boost your energy levels for the rest of the day.

Our downtown Toronto apartments are all perfectly situated near some of the city’s best parks so that you can step out your door for a quick stroll, and find yourself in a green oasis in just a few short minutes.

Discover Toronto Short-Term Rentals With DelSuites Today

Are you looking for short-term rentals in Toronto? Our downtown Toronto apartments are perfect for students and professionals alike. Whether you need to work from your new home, or you need a base in the downtown area, DelSuites has you covered.

We can help you find the perfect place to call home. Get in touch with our sales team today by calling 647-370-4313.

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Your Guide to Online Professional Development 

June 23, 2020
online learning from short-term rentals in toronto

As Canada begins the deliberate process of reopening the economy, we’re left wondering whether key changes brought on by the pandemic will stick around for good. Will our new normal consist of online schooling, virtual doctor’s appointments, and working from home? Only time will tell.

What we know for sure is that things will never be the same, and even something as basic as short-term rentals in Toronto has been changed forever. And while the employment market has taken a hit, certain sectors have thrived under COVID-19, including areas within tech, supply chain manufacturing, logistics, and shipping. But what about everyone else?    

For employers and employees alike, now is the time to learn new skills while sharpening your existing set. We’ve done the legwork and gathered the best resources for you to build your knowledge and gain a competitive advantage in the post-COVID marketplace—all for free. 

It should be noted that the benefits of professional development extend well beyond the workplace—they empower you in your daily life. Learning improves your health and wellbeing, drives curiosity, and creates unexpected opportunities.

Let’s take a look at what free online learning resources are available to you while staying in a furnished suite in Toronto.  

Professional Development Courses Offered by Canadian Universities 

Canada’s leading universities are providing a wide variety of free online courses in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Participating institutions include: 

  • University of Toronto. UofT is using Coursera to offer online courses across disciplines, including topics such as programming, introductory psychology, and Aboriginal worldviews and education. They’re also providing a course on managing your mental health during COVID-19. 
  • University of British Columbia. UBC Is providing courses through edX on subjects such as coding and software development, novel-writing, climate change, and a wide range of business topics. 

Other well-known institutions, including Harvard and MIT, have followed a similar route. Take a look at what interests you:  

  • Princeton University. Princeton has taken the Coursera route, with 14 courses currently available. Its selection primarily revolves around computer science theory and computer architecture—the standalones include a course called Buddhism and Modern Psychology.  
  • Stanford University. Stanford’s selection is similar to Princeton’s, with 23 courses offered on Coursera. Start dates range from currently available to launching October of this year. Some highlights include Game Theory, Love as a Force for Social Justice, and Understanding Einstein: The Special Theory of Relativity. 
  • Yale University. Yale is also using Coursera to offer its selection of 30 courses, many of which specialize in American law. Health-related courses include Introduction to Breast Cancer, Essentials of Global Health, and Health Behaviour Change: From Evidence to Action. 

More Resources to Boost Your Potential

A number of well-known organizations are currently offering free online courses and webinars to further your knowledge across a vast range of topics. Check out what’s available: 

  • The Linux Foundation Training. An expanded mentorship program was launched in response to COVID-19, offering free educational content on open source technologies. Check out their 45-page ebook introducing open source strategies and software for enterprises. 
  • CPA Canada. Their blog updates you on the latest podcasts, webinars, and training to expand your skillset. Keep yourself in the loop with a stream of relevant resources and reading material. 
  • LinkedIn Learning. Pick up in-demand skills from real-world professionals with over 14,000 courses to choose from. Free trials last for a month. Not sure where to start? Check out LinkedIn’s course on how to use LinkedIn Learning

A Quiet Space to Learn and Work 

short-term rentals in toronto for online learning

For many of us, the lockdown has been far from peaceful. With our usual outlets unavailable, little to no contact with family and friends, and the anxieties of a viral pandemic weighing on us at every turn, what we really need is a break from isolation. But we need to be careful. 

The solution is to find a space away from home (but not too far) where you can relax and focus while staying as safe as possible. Think of it as a temporary wellness retreat or a second home office. So, what’s the answer? 

Short-term rentals in Toronto allow you to work and learn without constant interruptions. In particular, a furnished suite by DelSuites lets you take a breath and unwind while providing you with everything you need to stay exactly where you are, from a fully-stocked kitchen and ensuite laundry to high-speed internet. Our furnished apartments in Toronto offer the luxury, comfort, and safety of a hotel—only without the hefty price tag and high turnover of guests. 

Are you looking for a calm space to rest, rejuvenate, and learn new skills? Book your suite today by visiting our website. Feel free to get in touch with our team if you have any questions.