Travelling? Make the Most of Your Short-Term Rental in Toronto
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Travelling Internationally? Make the Most of Your Short-Term Rental in Toronto

October 21, 2020
short term rentals in toronto

No matter where you are travelling from, Toronto has a place for everyone. With a diverse cultural community and just as vibrant entertainment, food and art scene, there is always something to do in the city.  

When it comes to your stay, keeping your accommodations as stress-free as possible is a must. After you come off the plane, or however you land in the city, with DelSuites, your short-term rental in Toronto will be always ready when you get here.  

Welcome to Toronto: Your Options for Pickup 

Whether it is your first time here or a return trip, navigating the diverse neighbourhoods and streets of Toronto can be tricky. Like with any major city, Toronto has an array of unique neighbourhoods, spanning over 100 distinct communities. 

Are you looking for the easiest way to reach your DelSuites rental? We recommend a private limo, an airport taxi, or public transit through the TTC.

Providing a Safe, Secure, and Comfortable Home Away From Home 

Travelling to a new city can be stressful especially during COVID-19. When first coming to Toronto, there is a mandatory 14-day self-isolation period for international travellers and social distancing precautions for everyone. With these restrictions, it can be hard to fully enjoy your trip.  However, having a temporary home in Toronto to meet your needs is something we’ve got covered. 

Making your stay in the city as relaxed and comfortable as possible is something that every traveller wants. When it comes to travel security and safety, you can be confident you are in good hands. 

Protecting our guests and associates is our number one priority. Along with abiding by government public health guidelines, we make sure that we are keeping on top of standards of cleanliness and hygiene to keep everyone safe, no matter where you are travelling from. 

When you check-in, you can immediately enjoy the fully furnished living spaces and round the clock reliable and consistent customer service. With a strong in-house maintenance team and trusted security, we take care of your property and well-being so you can focus on getting the most out of your stay and this beautiful city. 

Whether you are here for leisure or business, out on the town, or in your suite, you can be certain that your short-term rental in Toronto is a secure and safe home away from home. 

Explore the City in Our Many Locations

DelSuites have properties all around the city! You can take your pick on where and how you’d like to discover Toronto. 

With locations in the downtown core, the heart of the city, and other parts of the GTA, you have lots of great options on where your adventure will start. Whether for the convenience of doing business near Front street in the downtown core or the love of great parks in the west end of North York, your short-term rental can always be catered to you. 

Hidden Gems and Must-Sees in the City 

With the confidence that knowing when you drop off your belongings, they are safe with us, you can finally explore Toronto. While maintaining social distancing guidelines for your travel safety and that of others, there are lots of activities to do and places to discover. Like many bustling cities, Toronto has an array of hidden gems that make this place unique. 

Whether you are getting around town through the TTC, North America’s best transit agency of 2017, or using the advanced network of ride-hailing or car rental services, the right mode of transportation is accessible from any of our 15 DelSuites locations for your short-term rental in the GTA. 

No matter when you land in Toronto, there is something to discover at any time of the day. From a city that never sleeps, activities throughout Toronto can cater to whatever your schedule and travel budget may be. 

If you’re looking for a fun day activity, you could try:

If you are looking for something more easy-going towards the evening, Toronto has many great independent restaurants, cafes, and speakeasies that can satisfy whatever you’re in the mood for. This includes:

  • Indulging in Greek food on the Danforth or Italian delights in Little Italy
  • Live jazz and blues at The Rex in the downtown core
  • Enjoying a flight at a local brewery in the Junction

Visiting Toronto? Find Your Next Short-Term Rental With DelSuites

Understandably during these unprecedented times dealing with COVID-19, some businesses and activities may be limited. Fortunately, with such a colourful city, Toronto always finds a way to entertain whenever you are here. 

And whatever you choose, you can be confident you have a comfortable and safe place to call home at the end of the day with DelSuites. Call 647-370-4313 or visit our website to find your perfect short-term rental in Toronto today.

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