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Healthy Eating Tips for Business Travelers

June 27, 2023

While business travel can be good for your career, it’s not always good for your waistline.

Traveling to another city for a networking opportunity, a business meeting or to attend a conference is a great opportunity. However, sometimes your packed schedule means that you don’t have the time to eat a healthy meal. Grabbing fast food on the go is convenient, but it will also leave you feeling sluggish rather than healthy and energized.

Here are some healthy eating tips for every business traveller to keep in mind.

Be Prepared

When you bring your own snacks with you, you’ll avoid being tempted by the quick and easy yet unhealthy options on the way. For example, bring along some fruit, a granola bar or carrot sticks that you can munch on while waiting for your flight. (Just keep in mind airport security and customs restrictions.)

Also, sometimes morning conferences and meetings run late, leaving you starving and more likely to overeat when you finally get to lunch. Having a banana or a bit of trail mix in your bag can be a lifesaver.

Stay in Self-Catering Accommodation

When you stay in a hotel during a business trip, you’ll have no option other than to eat all of your meals in a restaurant (or order room service). Since restaurant portions are often larger than necessary and include plenty of salt and fat, this is a huge factor in why many business travellers return home with their clothes feeling a little too tight.

When you stay in self-catering accommodation, such as a furnished apartment with a kitchen, you’ll be able to shop at the local supermarket and cook your own healthy meals. That way, you can make fresh and tasty recipes and you’ll know exactly what is going into them.

Have Protein for Breakfast

When you start your day, consider some eggs and wholegrain toast rather than sugary cereals or pastries.

The protein will leave you feeling fuller for longer so that you don’t get that mid-morning sugar crash and subsequent cravings. Plus, there are so many tasty dishes that you can make with eggs – from scrambled to fried to poached and much more.

Choose One Treat – And Really Enjoy It

Part of the fun of travelling somewhere else on a business trip is the chance to try the local cuisine, so you don’t want to completely restrict yourself from enjoying the food. The key is to limit yourself to one or two indulgent treats on your trip and to really focus on the experience of eating them.

So, if you are on a business trip to Vancouver Island you might treat yourself to the finest, gourmet Nanaimo Bar. Or, if you are heading to Montreal you can dig into a huge plate of delicious poutine. Get the very best and sit down and really focus on enjoying it.

These are just a few healthy eating tips. How do you eat healthily when you travel for business? Let us know in the comments below.

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Toronto in Film: Toronto’s Film Festivals

July 20, 2022
Toronto film festival photo by Martin Lopez on Pexels.

The film industry is big in Toronto. Everything from major Hollywood movies to Emmy-winning TV series like Schitt’s Creek and Orphan Black have been shot here. We’ve hosted superhero battles, futuristic space cities, and an endless stream of prop New York taxicabs.

Toronto’s known for an expert local talent pool, great locations, and thriving studios like Pinewood and Revival. But it also has a sophisticated, international audience of local moviegoers to show your finished product.

Whether it’s audio, video, documentaries, or short films: here’s a tour of the Toronto film landscape for both film lovers and filmmakers.

Toronto International Film Festival

When it comes to Toronto film events, the granddaddy of them all is TIFF: an 11-day extravaganza of gala premieres, industry sessions, awards, and networking opportunities.

Founded in 1976, it’s one of the biggest public-accessible film festivals in the world. It’s big enough to have grown its own dedicated five-story film centre: home to a film reference library, learning studios, event spaces, galleries, and vibrant year-round international programming.

With dedicated tracks for national cinemas, pulp, and documentaries, TIFF has nurtured an incredible range of film cultures in Toronto and abroad.

The 2022 edition of TIFF runs from September 8-18.

imagineNATIVE Film + Media Festival

All things Indigenous media—and we mean all of them—make it to imagineNATIVE. The world’s largest Indigenous media and film festival, imagineNATIVE puts on a blizzard of screenings, concerts, industry events, and interactive showcases—all from the vibrant world of Indigenous arts.

Running as a festival since 2000, it’s made a significant mark: early winners of its Best Dramatic Feature award have included Taika Waititi and Reservation Dogs creator Sterlin Harjo. Films produced as part of its Embargo Collective commissions have screened at TIFF and Sundance.

Today, that initial concept has bloomed into partnerships with the Canadian National Film Board and the Berlinale, a film producer mini-lab, tours, and community screening series.

ImagineNATIVE 2022 takes place from October 18-30, both physically and virtually through their digital platform.

Toronto After Dark Film Festival

Can’t get enough horror, science fiction, or action movies? Toronto After Dark Film Festival is all about the pulp, the cult, and the straight-up fun.

With over 10,000 eager viewers each year, Toronto After Dark hits both the highbrow and low, with enough room for moody Scandinavian horror, Troma films, Hollywood hits, and homegrown creations. It boasts a thrillingly international lineup, having showcased films from Israel, Thailand, Mexico, Iran, and Korea.

Hosted at Toronto’s downtown Scotiabank Theatre, the 16th edition of Toronto After Dark takes place from October 19-23, 2022.

Inside Out Film and Video Festival

Canada’s largest and most prestigious LGBTQIA+ film festival had a grassroots beginning in 1991 at Toronto’s Euclid Theatre. Since then, Inside Out has grown into an entertainment juggernaut, with funding and training programs, a school distribution program for new artists, grants, scholarships, and funding forums.

Now hosted at the TIFF Bell Lightbox and co-screens selected films with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Netflix, and Crave. Its own permanent distribution platform operates year-round, and its awards have recognized films from Canada, China, Australia, Argentina, and everywhere between.

Inside Out’s next edition takes place in May 2023.

Hot Docs

Toronto’s all-documentary film festival, Hot Docs, screens over 200 films from around the world every year—and adds on professional development programs, a full industry conference, and a developed schools program.

An annual festival since 1993, Hot Docs expanded to its own dedicated theatre—the Hot Docs Ted Rogers Cinema, formerly the Bloor Cinema—in 2012. It also recently launched a podcast festival, complete with a dedicated creators’ and industry forum devoted to the art of audio drama.

Hot Docs is set for an April 2023 return, and the Hot Docs Podcast Festival goes live in January 2023.

A city for movie-lovers and movie-makers

Whether you’re enjoying hot new films, making them, writing about or selling them, DelSuites can be your home base during Toronto’s film festival season. Call us at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how we can offer you a comfortable, fully-featured furnished rental—and help you reach the stars.

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The New Era in Business Travel: 2022 Trends

May 17, 2022
2022 business travel photo by mentatdgt from Pexels.

Business travel is dead. Or—not?

Since the world pulled inward to combat COVID-19, the business travel industry has been declared dead and resurrected with every pandemic wave. What’s certain, however, is that the growing corporate housing industry, after weathering quick and unpredictable pivots, is starting to see broader change emerge.

The global COVID pandemic hasn’t killed or revived business travel, but it’s definitely changed what business travellers value—and how to approach making guests feel at home.

We’d like to share what we’ve learned about 2022 business travel: how it’s evolving, what’s changed, and what we’re seeing grow into the future.

Trend: 2022 business travel budgets are all about supply chain

The COVID-19 pandemic saw business travel all but shut down as borders closed, offices went remote, and conferences wheeled to a stop. We saw the majority of our 2020 and 2021 bookings come through B2C channels: health care workers staying closer to work, insurance housing, and medical stays for patients travelling to access treatment.

But as 2022 has opened, vaccines have rolled out, and restrictions have loosened in Ontario, we’ve seen employer-assisted travel make a comeback.

Companies are navigating an uncertain landscape as businesses update travel policies to reflect our new reality. Travel managers are reporting new challenges around fuel costs, environmental concerns, continuing supply chain backlogs, and how an evolving employment market has changed per diem expectations.

They’re also facing a changed continent-wide demand for furnished apartments, according to a Corporate Housing Providers’ Association report. Rising urban rents and disruptions in the furniture and housewares supply chains have made furnished housing more expensive.

As industries find the tempo of 2022 business travel, we’ve found they value providers that meet them halfway with stability, flexibility, and transparent options.

Trend: How business travellers use our space

COVID-era living has demanded a new flexibility from our everyday spaces—and that need has carried over to furnished rentals and corporate housing. When more time is spent inside the suite, our guests want to eat, sleep, work, and live comfortably, without feeling constrained.

We’ve noticed an understandable desire for larger spaces, as guests rethink their accommodations as multi-functional space. 2022 business travel is prioritizing spaces that adapt: where guests can move between functional “zones” throughout their day.

But we’ve also supported our guests in making their business travel accommodations do more. We’ve provided more permanent office furniture to enable remote work, helping set up temporary office nooks in spaces that, pre-pandemic, were geared toward off-work hours.

That desire for a fully-stocked temporary office space is a trend we see continuing, as remote work—full-time or sometimes—keeps its place in our lives.

Trend: A COVID plan that works

COVID-aware business travellers are prioritizing safety when they choose their accommodations—and a clear, transparent protocol is more important than ever.

DelSuites implemented a layered response to protect our guests and staff from COVID. We added new cleaning and safety protocols at all levels of interaction, shifted to lighter and no-touch operating models, and incorporated quality PPE into our procedures. All guests are issued standard COVID-19 questionnaires and informed of our protocols on booking.

We’ve seen travellers respond to not just the presence of our COVID plan, but its clear standards and layered components. Each business traveller’s experience of COVID-19 has been different, and a multifaceted plan lets us provide a good welcome to guests from all over the world.

Trend: A stay based on flexibility

After two years of uncertainty, good planning has shifted to mean flexibility. More than ever, business travelers are privileging the ability to flex, adjust, and accommodate their travel plans. At DelSuites, we’ve seen positive responses to all the flexibility we can build into our service offering.

More client-friendly terms and conditions, which allow guests to cancel on shorter notice, extend their stays, or modify their travel dates, have been met with enthusiasm as travel requirements change. Our ability to accommodate guests has been deeply appreciated when they’ve faced delayed or cancelled travel due to flight rescheduling or government COVID mandates.

Our guests have also appreciated flexibility in how we welcome them. The age-appropriate kids’ activities in our family welcome kit have made family travel easier in an era of changing travel requirements. Our pre-arrival grocery request service has also seen more use, as guests shift to using our fully equipped kitchens over local restaurants.

We’ve also found ways to “door drop” guest requests and service, such as grocery orders, cleaning supplies, linens service, and more. While the services we’ve traditionally offered—linens service, suite cleaning—are appreciated, our business travel guests have also reacted positively when we can modify them to keep everyone safe.

While the state of the COVID pandemic constantly evolves, and we won’t be living with extreme levels of COVID forever, we’ve learned important things from that desire for flexibility. Whatever conditions we’re facing, business travelers appreciate being heard and accommodated—and when their provider works with them to make a stay good.

Trend: Balancing technology and the human touch

The social distancing COVID-19 brought us has turbocharged the use of technology for established corporate housing providers. From sales to service delivery, we’ve taken many of the ways we do business digital: live bookings, 24/7 Guest Services availability.

With digital bookings soaring, we’ve upgraded our suite photos and virtual tours to help guests understand our suites from a distance.

We’ve also introduced digital solutions for guest support, with how-to videos for some of our suites’ unique features, such as wall beds and AEG microwaves.

While we can sometimes think tech solutions and personal connections rarely mix, industry experts are actively exploring how to connect with our guests in different ways. We believe the personal touch that real hospitality brings isn’t going away, but ubiquitous digital solutions will change how it’s delivered. Establishing the right balance for our guests—making the digital feel personal, with the right amount of human touch—is going to be a growing trend for successful corporate housing providers.


Our knowledge of corporate housing is always growing—and we’re always eager to share!

For more DelSuites insights into how business travel is evolving, join us at our blog or get in touch at 647-370-3504 or

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DelSuites Returns to the Global Business Travel Association Conference

April 26, 2022
GBTA 2022

Business travel is picking up across the world, and DelSuites is stepping out to meet it at this spring’s Global Business Travel Association Conference.

We’re pleased to announce our first event of the year: exhibiting at the GBTA 2022 Conference on May 2 and 3, at downtown Toronto’s Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel.

What is the GBTA?

The Global Business Travel Association is the business travel industry’s premier professional association. With operations on six continents and over 9,000 members, the GBTA lets us take the international perspective on business. With members from all corners of the business travel industry, GBTA Canada alone represents more than $23.5 billion in business travel.

The GBTA’s annual Toronto event is the leading business travel & meetings conference in Canada. With over 40 exhibitors, a full schedule of industry education sessions, networking opportunities, and sector-focused lunch sessions, it’s a 360-degree look at where business travel is now, and where it’s going.

Growing our industry savvy to help you

DelSuites has been a member of GBTA Canada for over 5 years. The connections we’ve fostered there are an essential part of meeting our guests needs. As GBTA members, we’re in touch with the cutting-edge research, partnerships, and programs that take your stay from good to incredible.

With this year’s theme of (Re)Connect, (Re)Imagine, and (Re)Create, GBTA 2022 is the place to rebuild the networks that sustain business travel—and look forward to what’s new. We’re looking forward to being a part of the conversation as business travel comes back to life.

Join us at GBTA 2022

Join us at Convention Hall 1, Booth 45 to meet our team and discover how DelSuites makes business travel feel just like home. We’ll be there to talk about how DelSuites fits into the new business travel landscape—and bring back what’s next to our guests.

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Business Travel Toronto

July 8, 2016

Business Travel TorontoIf you are travelling to Toronto on business, having a good place to stay is crucial. You’ll be focused on getting things done and achieving your business goals, so your accommodation needs to facilitate this by being convenient and comfortable. Delsuites business travel Toronto has been providing high quality corporate housing for over 17 years, offering business travellers the ideal place to stay for projects, relocation, assignments, training, conferences or any other corporate visit.

We understand that the needs of a business traveller are very different to the needs of someone visiting Toronto on vacation. We know that offering good service and excellent amenities saves you time and increases your productivity. We understand that a convenient location keeps you close to your work and networking events. We have worked to create comfortable furnished rentals in Toronto that provide you with everything you need to feel well rested and prepared to take on a busy day.

Why Staying in a Furnished Apartment is Perfect for Business Travel Toronto

If you are visiting Toronto on business, staying in a furnished apartment is a much better alternative to staying in a hotel. Here are some of the advantages:

  • You’ll have a productive workspace and high speed internet, so that you can get work done during your stay – because we know that work doesn’t always stop when you return to your room.
  • The locations within Toronto are close to the main business area and are well connected with public transport.
  • Local calls are free, so that you can network with your contacts in the area.
  • Early Check in and Late Check Out are an option (based on availability).
  • We also offer a free one-way transfer to or from the airport.
  • The high quality beds are extremely comfortable, ensuring that you will be well rested for that big presentation or important meeting.
  • The fully equipped kitchen allows you to prepare breakfast before an early morning meeting or make a quick and easy dinner for yourself when you are tired from work and don’t want to head out to a restaurant.
  • When you want to relax and unwind after a hard day of work, you will have access to the recreational amenities within the building including the fitness centre, swimming pool, whirlpool and billiards room.

Our accommodations offer advantages over hotel rooms because they are more than just a bed for the night. We provide a total package that will make business travel Toronto convenient and enjoyable.

If your company needs excellent corporate accommodation solutions at an affordable price, please fill out our Corporate Client Form. One of our account managers will contact you to put together a corporate package that is tailored to your needs. Also, we have a network of partners around the world so we are able to find accommodations internationally for your employees. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.