The Guaranteed Lease Program

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Condo Type
1 Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom

The Lease Program is offered by DelSuites which allows you to take advantage of fixed Leases for either 3, 5 or 10 Year Terms. Under this Program, DelSuites signs a lease agreement with the Homeowners for a fixed term. DelSuites then furnishes the property to their brand standards and sub-lets the furnished accommodation to executives for a shorter term (generally 30 days or more). Homeowners that work with DelSuites under the traditional lease program benefit from a steady income stream in a stress-free relationship as the Suites are inspected on a weekly basis and maintained to 5 star standards.

DelSuites - a proud member of the Tridel Group of Companies is the leader in the furnished condominium rental industry; with over 300 suites across the GTA in their portfolio and more than 15 years' experience. A dedicated team of employees will work hard to ensure that you receive a maximum return. When you partner with DelSuites, you are providing yourself a long term opportunity to have a stress free experience. Now that's Peace of mind.

What Are The Benefits

Handover of Suite

  • Coordinate warranties with Tridel
  • PDI Predelivery inspection
  • Closing & Post Closing Follow up

Management of Suite

  • Guaranteed Lease (3, 5 or 10 Year terms available)
  • Maintenance program: (Maintenance below $250 will be covered as part of the program for the first five years. Yearly program fee is $500 for the first 5 years)
  • Less wear and tear on the unit - Executive clientele
  • All warranties and maintenance are coordinated by DelSuites
  • Lower repair costs with proactive maintenance. Suites are inspected and professionally cleaned weekly by DelSuites
  • On time rents: Electronic transfer of Rents to homeowners
  • Actual bills emailed to home-owners (No added cost)
  • 24/7 Customer service & maintenance support

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Guaranteed Lease Program
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