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Furnished rental options when Immigrating to Toronto

DelSuites Helps You Make Your New City Home

Moving is a major life decision—and that change is even bigger when you’re relocating to a new city, province, or country. Whether you’re putting down permanent roots in Toronto or just looking to stay a year or two, a fully furnished short-term rental apartment can help you make your adjustment as comfortable as possible—and give you a warm welcome to your new city.

Start your Toronto Life with all the Essentials

You’ve arrived ready to start a new job, build new friendships, and start a new routine in your brand-new city—but that all starts with finding a home. A short-term furnished rental condo gives you a head start on your new start in Toronto by taking some of the work of immigration off your hands.

All our comfortable, professionally-cleaned condo suites come fully equipped with beautiful modern furniture, a full collection of kitchen supplies, soft sheets and pillowcases, towels, and more, so you don’t have to put your first Toronto home together piece by piece—or spend money on temporary household items you’ll just replace later. If you’re shipping your personal belongings after arriving, we’ll help you live in a comfortable home until they’re here to meet you, and our units—ranging from family-sized to snug and single—are sized for your needs.

With our fully equipped kitchens, you can cook the food you love and remove the stress of finding vegetarian, halal, kosher, or allergy-friendly meals in a new city. And our recommended grocery delivery services($) can help you place a first order before you arrive, so you can start your first night in Toronto with a full fridge and no worries.

We equip every unit with high-speed wireless Internet and North American long-distance phone service, so you can find local information, call or write family, set up real estate viewings, enroll your children in school, connect with local employers and support programs, and do everything you need to set up your life—from the comfort of home.

If something in your unit breaks or is confusing, you don’t have to navigate whose responsibility it is or find a contractor for repairs. Our guest services line will make sure a repair is done swiftly and well, and work with the building to keep your stay comfortable.

Between the work of immigration, our buildings’ fitness amenities—beautifully maintained exercise rooms, pools, and outdoor gardens—will let you keep up your health routine, and there’s a full cable TV package to sit back and relax in the evening.

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Get a Sample of Toronto Living on Your Schedule

Canadian immigration law firms recommend renting your first Canadian home: a short-term rental lets you research neighbourhoods, settle in, and make sure that when you buy a house or sign a long-term lease, it’s the right one for you.

Our fully furnished short-term rentals are the perfect way to follow their advice and make the best decision about your first permanent home, not just the easiest. Located in every part of Toronto and select Greater Toronto Area communities, DelSuites buildings let you experience daily life in our city’s wide-ranging neighbourhoods and find the right one for you.

Each of our buildings have 24-hour security features and most with in-suite active alarm systems.

Our discounts for longer-term stays and flexible checkout policies let you take the time to find the right neighbourhood—and the right home—without worrying about a long-term lease or when you might have to give up a hotel room. It’s a small piece of stability that can help you make your best choices for a permanent home.

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Our Locations are in Your Community

Moving to a new city doesn’t mean you have to stop living the life you love or being yourself. Toronto is a huge, vibrant, multicultural city whose diverse cultural and religious communities are here to support each other. Our locations around the city can help you start off your Toronto life close to transit, your new job, your new school—but also close to places of worship, cultural centres, your favourite hobbies, and the grocery stores that stock your favourite foods and ingredients.

It’s much easier to make a big move with community support—whether that’s a religious community, a cultural community, or people who love to knit! Our multiple locations can help you live closer to that community and build the new relationships that will last you a lifetime.

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Short-Term rentals: Your stepping-stone to a Toronto life

Immigration is a life-altering experience but a good start in Toronto can make it much easier. Call us at 647-370-3504 or email to find out how we can welcome you home to Toronto.

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