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What’s Behind the Trophy? Deciphering The DelSuites Awards Shelf

January 18, 2022

What’s in an award? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. With a dizzying amount of industry-specific awards handed out every year, sorting what it all means—and what it says about the trip you’re about to book—can take a little expert knowledge.

With that in mind, we’re happy to explain the bottom line on the badges and honours DelSuites has collected—and what they mean when you spend the night in a DelSuites furnished apartment.

Consistency: The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

TripAdvisor‘s one of the biggest travel platforms out there, letting you rate, book, and browse everything from accommodations and airlines to local attractions.

In a word, Certificates of Excellence mean consistency. Snagging a spot on this coveted list means keeping at least a 4 out of 5 rating—that’s at least 80% satisfaction—over the past year, with a minimum amount of reviews required. Only the top 10% of listed businesses manage to keep their quality and customer satisfaction that steady.

With seven consecutive years on the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence list, it means you know you’re likely to get a positive experience—and not run into sudden problems or confusion.

Sustainability: Corporate Housing Providers Association Best Green Progress Award 

The Corporate Housing Providers Association is where corporate housing companies go to learn, network, advocate, regulate, and recognize excellence in the industry. It’s an international trade association that does the heavy lifting of making our industry better.

Its Best Green Progress award means a judging panel of cross-industry experts recognized we’ve not just made one-off green improvements, but made sustainability an ingrained part of how DelSuites does business. Because it emphasizes policies that put eco-friendliness at the centre, it means you can trust that a company’s thinking about the bigger picture—and constantly working to think up the next innovation.

Doing a lot with less: Consumer Choice Award

Market research firm Léger Marketing has handed out the Consumer Choice Award for almost 35 years to honour excellence in small- and medium-sized businesses. It’s based on a survey they conduct with consumers in 28 cities—now driven by AI—and highlights businesses that are getting huge results with smaller staff.

As a six-time winner, this means you know a stay with DelSuites is a stay where you can enjoy the personal, relationship-driven service of a smaller company without sacrificing efficiency or comfort.

Thinking globally: Americas Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards

The Americas Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards are given out by the Forum for Expatriate Management—a community for the everyone in the huge business of helping people immigrate, emigrate, and relocate for work.

The EMMAs judges look for businesses that meet expats’ unique requirements: translating a new country’s housing market for their guests, working across cultural differences, and being a bridge with landlords and service providers.

As a three-time nominee—and the only Canadian corporate housing provider to be nominated in those years—the EMMAs send a simple message: that DelSuites can handle the unique challenges international guests deal with when moving across borders for work, and do it with sensitivity, care, and a smile.

What our awards bring to the table

So, what’s the story those statues tell you? That no matter what country you’re travelling from—or whether you’re one traveller or a multinational company—you can count on personal, thoughtful customer service that’ll always live up to our high standards.

And that whether it’s innovative technology or bringing in sustainable practices in our sustainable buildings, we’re always finding the newest way to make your stay better.

We’re proud to have been recognized by our industry for the DelSuites commitment to excellence: the best compliments come from the people who know what it takes to deliver great work. But we’re even prouder to bring that excellence to our guests every day—and live up to the promises our awards shelf guarantees.

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DelSuites Gives Travellers the Tridel Advantage

January 11, 2022

At DelSuites, we believe travel and hospitality aren’t complete without community: being part of something bigger than ourselves.

Which is part of why we’re part of something bigger, too: a group of companies whose know-how stretches from pouring foundations to developing green technologies and plumping your pillows before you arrive.

As part of the Tridel Group, DelSuites offers Toronto furnished apartments exclusively in Tridel-constructed buildings—showcasing one of Canada’s most innovative, forward-thinking, and celebrated developers. And it’s not just for the name brand: It’s because staying with DelSuites means having the whole Tridel team treating you like part of our community.

Here are three reasons why DelSuites furnished rental units are located exclusively in Tridel-constructed buildings—and what it means to stay in a Tridel suite.

Built on generations of experience

DelSuites is one of the most established short-term housing providers in Canada, but we’re part of a much larger—and older—family.

Tridel built its first houses in 1934, using everything founder Jack DelZotto knew about stonemasonry and bricklaying. Over the next three generations, the DelZottos built their family business into one of Canada’s biggest and most celebrated condominium developers—one that’s still family-owned and going strong 85 years later. And since that first house, Tridel has developed affiliate companies that have reached the top of their game in property management, rentals, realty brokerage, seniors’ housing, and developing the future of how we live.

It’s that long view on what makes a building home—every single aspect of how we live in condominiums—that’s made Tridel such a success. It’s a unique understanding of condominium as real community, transformed into in-house expertise through affiliated companies dedicated to supporting each other. With that powerhouse team managing every aspect of Tridel buildings, it’s clear why for almost a century, the Tridel name has meant reliability, excellence, and unmatched expertise.

It also means that DelSuites opens our doors to you with the support of every Tridel Group member at our backs. When you stay with DelSuites, a Guest Services call is your portal to everything from smooth, professional property management, 24-hour assistance, intimate knowledge of our neighbourhoods, and an exquisite, inside-out understanding of how our units and buildings work.

Being part of the Tridel alliance lets you have confidence in a stress-free, seamless stay—with hundreds of team members who’ve got your back.

Stay in Toronto’s most innovative suites

No company lasts over 85 years without changing it up a little—or a lot. That’s why a stay with DelSuites also gives you access to one of Tridel’s signature advantages: pushing the limits of what a condominium suite—or community—can be, in real-time.

DelSuites units are located in some of Tridel’s newest, most cutting-edge condominium communities. That’s more than a modern short-term rental; it’s a chance to spend your trip living on the cutting edge of emerging ways to live in our homes.

Sustainable heating and cooling systems pioneered at the uniquely eco-friendly Element let you keep the temperature where you like it without guilt. At Ten York, tech lovers can use built-in smart home technology for hands-free entry, a video buzzer, digital keyfobs, and unbeatably fast wireless internet.

Staying with DelSuites also gets you access to cutting-edge building amenities and extras. Our buildings feature amenities designed in response to what residents wanted and asked for: workout rooms, social spaces, and swimming pools.

Tridel buildings haven’t stopped pushing to discover what’s next. As a co-founder of Tower Labs at Toronto’s prestigious MaRS Discovery District, Tridel is breaking ground on technologies to make high-rise living greener, cleaner, and smarter. And as new innovations come online in Tridel’s current projects, DelSuites will be there to offer a taste of what’s next.

Eco-friendly travel—from the ground up

The future is green living—and staying with DelSuites means the future’s already here.

Tridel leads across Canada in building sustainable, eco-friendly condominiums—with the most LEED-certified buildings in the country and a Corporate Housing Providers Association Best Green Progress Award recognizing our commitment to living green.

With cutting-edge technology being rolled out with every project, you can be confident your DelSuites stay is green from the ground up—and you’re meeting your personal or company goals to do your part for our climate.

On paper, that means typical Tridel buildings use 34% less electricity, 57% less natural gas and 43% less potable water than your average high-rise. What that means for you?

When you walk through the door of your suite, you’ll breathe cleaner air, not feeling too warm or too cold, and using less water and power as you enjoy your normal day. And with a fully stocked kitchen, ensuite laundry facilities, and on-site recycling, you can pack lighter, wash more, and throw out less.

Tridel buildings are also carefully planned to offer green space, eco-friendly transit, and be a real part of a sustainable neighbourhood. At each of our locations, you’ll find Toronto’s famous parks and ravines at your door—or bikes, transit, and walkable, vibrant city life ready for the taking.

Built on an 85-year promise

DelSuites is committed to old-fashioned hospitality—with a modern, convenient twist. And as part of the Tridel Group, we know our welcome is backed up by a history of proven quality and a fierce appetite for doing things the better way.

That’s why all our luxury furnished apartments call Tridel buildings home—and why we’re proud to be part of the Tridel community.

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DelSuites Celebrates 2021 TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Award

October 21, 2021

The DelSuites mission is being there for our guests: bringing you stable, luxurious furnished Toronto short-term rentals to enjoy worry-free.

As travel changed in 2020 in response to COVID-19, we’ve kept up that goal of being there—whether you’re local or international, here for a month or a year—as the world shut down in response to COVID.

DelSuites is pleased and proud that that unprecedented work has been recognized by the 19th Annual Travellers’ Choice Awards: the guest-voted award for hotels, hospitality providers, and attractions millions of TripAdvisor users agree “consistently deliver fantastic experiences to travellers around the globe.”

TripAdvisor is the world’s largest travel discovery platform, connecting 463 million travellers a month with reviews, accommodations, bookings, reservations, and rates.

DelSuites takes a place among winners from six continents and 83 countries as a standout provider in the top ranks of TripAdvisor’s almost 9 million listed businesses. The award is based on consistently excellent user reviews and high guest ratings across all of our Toronto locations.

The DelSuites team is happy to receive this honour for the seventh year in a row. But we’re especially celebrating because of this year’s challenging circumstances: the first year TripAdvisor’s annual travel industry ratings were collected under the impact of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

As much international travel ground to a halt, our guests booked room nights to help or comfort loved ones, stay close to their essential workplaces, protect family members at higher risk, and navigate a year of uncertainty.

Our dedicated team was called upon to not just provide our guests with a comfortable, friendly welcome, but adjust nimble booking policies, offer stability in unstable times, and create safety precautions they could rely on when a place to call home meant more than ever.

“The hospitality industry has been hit extremely hard, including DelSuites,” said DelSuites Marketing Manager Suelyn Bloye. “We rely on visitors from all over the world, and with Canadian borders closed to all non-essential travel this had a huge impact on our business. Despite these challenges, we have pushed through and supported our guests through uncertain times. We are honoured to be recognized directly by them for excellence in hospitality, service, quality, and customer satisfaction.”

We are incredibly proud that we could rise to this unprecedented challenge and provide our guests with not just comfort, but safety precautions they could rely on and the welcome of a true Toronto community.

DelSuites is excited to continue our record of excellence with TripAdvisor—seven Certificates of Excellence since 2014—and extend the pride we take in consistently creating a welcome for our guests into 2021.

Any day, anytime, we at DelSuites are ready to welcome you to Toronto and be your home away from home in one of the world’s most unique, diverse, and dynamic cities.

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DelSuites and The Keg Partnership Program

November 30, 2018

The KegAs a guest of DelSuites, we want to make your stay in Toronto as easy and enjoyable as possible.  And what better way to do that, than to offer you a great deal on a delicious dinner at The Keg?

We have teamed up with Canadian luxury steakhouse The Keg to offer all of our guests 20% off all food at two Toronto locations (North York and Midtown Toronto). That means you can treat yourself to succulent, juicy steak, artisanal cocktails and other great dishes – for less.  If you arrive at your DelSuites accommodation feeling hungry, we highly recommend that you make your way down to this restaurant – you’ll get a very warm welcome along with the great discount!

What Is The Keg?

If you’re not from Canada and therefore not familiar with The Keg, you’re in for a treat.

Founded in 1971 in North Vancouver, this steakhouse chain has 160 locations all over Canada (as well as locations in five American states). They are known for offering an upscale dining experience and are often built within beautiful restored and refurbished historic properties.

What can you expect from the food at The Keg? Well, first of all – the steaks are their pride and joy.

The KegThey only serve the finest cuts of meat, aged for tenderness and seasoned with a unique blend of spices. You’ll have a choice of cuts, from the grilled top sirloin to the bacon-wrapped filet mignon to the New York striploin. It’s obvious that a lot of tender loving care goes into preparing these steaks, and you can taste the difference. f seafood is more your thing, you can feast on a big juicy lobster, or some spicy

Cajun shrimp.

Not into steak or seafood? They also do some pretty amazing ribs – doused in house-made BBQ sauce and served with cabbage slaw and crisp, chunky Keg fries. The menu also features classic cocktails, an array of appetizers, succulent seafood and a dazzling wine list. Plus, you can finish the meal with something sweet – like a Billy Miner Pie, featuring mocha ice cream on a chocolate crust with gooey hot fudge sa

uce, caramel and almonds.

(Are you drooling already? I know I am. )

It’s a popular spot for getting together with friends, celebrating with family members or impressing your sweetheart on a date night.

The LocationsThe Keg

This special offer of 20% off all food at The Keg is available for guests staying at our Midtown or North York locations. The discount is applicable at the North York or Yonge and Eglinton locations of The Keg – and only for the duration of your stay. It’s a chance for you to discover one of Canada’s favourite restaurants during your visit to Toronto.

So, whether it’s an anniversary meal, a celebration of a promotion, a family dinner or a special meal out “just because” – we hope you enjoy The Keg!

If you have any questions about this special promotion – feel free to reach out to the DelSuites team. We are happy to help!

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DelSuites Turns 20 Years Old!

November 15, 2018

DelSuites Turns 20DelSuites Turns 20!

In October 2018, DelSuites turns 20 – reaching a milestone. Our company has been around for a full two decades. On the year DelSuites launched, Titanic was dominating at the Oscars, the first Apple iMac was released, the last episode of “Seinfeld” aired, and Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were still a thing.

Crazy, huh?

Looking back over the years, we are incredibly grateful for all of the wonderful guests and clients we have been able to work with. It’s a thrill DelSuites turns 20 and to be able to be part of the serviced apartment industry in Toronto and we’ve learned so much – so thank you.

DelSuites Turns 20

Oakwood Worldwide 2017 Partner Award

We’re also honoured by the awards that we have received over the last few years, including:

  • Oakwood Worldwide 2017 Partner Award – DelSuites had the highest guest satisfaction across their internal and client surveys. ‘DelSuites always works diligently to serve our guests and their Guest Services jumps on the service issues if they arise. They are all around great suppliers to work with’ – Oakwood Worldwide Employee.
  • TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence (5 years running!)
  • CHPA (Best Green Progress) 2017 – The Best Green Progress Award recognizes a company exemplifying environmental responsibility and social performance through policies, plans and activities.

During the last 20 years, we’ve grown to become the largest serviced housing provider in Toronto with over 450 suites throughout the Greater Toronto Area. We are part of the Tridel Group of Companies, Canada’s leader in condo living.

Not bad for a 20 year old!

What Will the Future Bring?

Like many 20 year olds out there, we feel like this is the beginning of our story and we are just getting started.
Here’s what you can expect from us at DelSuites in the future:

Support for Causes We Believe In

DelSuites Turns 20

Toronto Humane Society

From donating towels and linens to Anguilla to support hurricane relief efforts, to providing blankets and bed sheets for animals at the Toronto Humane Society, to donating linens and towels to a primary school in Jamaica, we have always made the effort to support causes that are close to our hearts. We will continue in the future, as this is really important to our company values.

Commitment to Sustainability

We will continue to care about the environment. In 2017, we combined offices with our sister company Del Condominium Rentals and underwent office renovations at Tridel’s Head Office – to ensure that our working environment is sustainable as possible. We cut down our paper consumption by 75%, switched to LED light bulbs, implemented Eco Pens and made many other tweaks to reduce our carbon footprint.

Improving Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are really important to us, so we are always working to improve our customer satisfaction. We do this in a number of ways, including our Preventative Maintenance program that inspects suites regularly to keep them in tip-top shape. We’ve also launched our Guest Appreciation Program, where we thank our guests with a thoughtful gift and let them know how much we appreciate their business.

Cheers to another 20 years!

DeSuites Turns 20We are always looking to the future and thinking about how we can be the best company we can be… so we are pretty excited to see what the future will bring! Whether you’ve been with us since the beginning, or we have just met… we send a sincere “Thank You” your way. We couldn’t do it without you!