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What’s Behind the Trophy? Deciphering The DelSuites Awards Shelf

January 18, 2022

What’s in an award? Sometimes, it’s hard to tell. With a dizzying amount of industry-specific awards handed out every year, sorting what it all means—and what it says about the trip you’re about to book—can take a little expert knowledge.

With that in mind, we’re happy to explain the bottom line on the badges and honours DelSuites has collected—and what they mean when you spend the night in a DelSuites furnished apartment.

Consistency: The TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

TripAdvisor‘s one of the biggest travel platforms out there, letting you rate, book, and browse everything from accommodations and airlines to local attractions.

In a word, Certificates of Excellence mean consistency. Snagging a spot on this coveted list means keeping at least a 4 out of 5 rating—that’s at least 80% satisfaction—over the past year, with a minimum amount of reviews required. Only the top 10% of listed businesses manage to keep their quality and customer satisfaction that steady.

With seven consecutive years on the TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence list, it means you know you’re likely to get a positive experience—and not run into sudden problems or confusion.

Sustainability: Corporate Housing Providers Association Best Green Progress Award 

The Corporate Housing Providers Association is where corporate housing companies go to learn, network, advocate, regulate, and recognize excellence in the industry. It’s an international trade association that does the heavy lifting of making our industry better.

Its Best Green Progress award means a judging panel of cross-industry experts recognized we’ve not just made one-off green improvements, but made sustainability an ingrained part of how DelSuites does business. Because it emphasizes policies that put eco-friendliness at the centre, it means you can trust that a company’s thinking about the bigger picture—and constantly working to think up the next innovation.

Doing a lot with less: Consumer Choice Award

Market research firm Léger Marketing has handed out the Consumer Choice Award for almost 35 years to honour excellence in small- and medium-sized businesses. It’s based on a survey they conduct with consumers in 28 cities—now driven by AI—and highlights businesses that are getting huge results with smaller staff.

As a six-time winner, this means you know a stay with DelSuites is a stay where you can enjoy the personal, relationship-driven service of a smaller company without sacrificing efficiency or comfort.

Thinking globally: Americas Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards

The Americas Expatriate Management and Mobility Awards are given out by the Forum for Expatriate Management—a community for the everyone in the huge business of helping people immigrate, emigrate, and relocate for work.

The EMMAs judges look for businesses that meet expats’ unique requirements: translating a new country’s housing market for their guests, working across cultural differences, and being a bridge with landlords and service providers.

As a three-time nominee—and the only Canadian corporate housing provider to be nominated in those years—the EMMAs send a simple message: that DelSuites can handle the unique challenges international guests deal with when moving across borders for work, and do it with sensitivity, care, and a smile.

What our awards bring to the table

So, what’s the story those statues tell you? That no matter what country you’re travelling from—or whether you’re one traveller or a multinational company—you can count on personal, thoughtful customer service that’ll always live up to our high standards.

And that whether it’s innovative technology or bringing in sustainable practices in our sustainable buildings, we’re always finding the newest way to make your stay better.

We’re proud to have been recognized by our industry for the DelSuites commitment to excellence: the best compliments come from the people who know what it takes to deliver great work. But we’re even prouder to bring that excellence to our guests every day—and live up to the promises our awards shelf guarantees.

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