Building Information


Visitor Parking
Visitor parking is located on the P1 level and is available on a first come, first served basis. A parking permit must be obtained from the electronic kiosk in the vestibule leading into the building. Spots cannot be reserved. If the car is removed from the parking space and later returned, there is no guarantee a space will be available. Overnight visitor passes are required when guests intend to spend the night past 2:00 a.m. and can be obtained from the Concierge. Any vehicle parked without a permit will be tagged and at risk of being towed. Please note that DelSuites guests are considered building residents and are not permitted to park in Visitor spaces.

DelSuites Parking
If parking was not arranged prior to your arrival or if you only need it on occasion, contact DelSuites. Charges may apply. Do not park anywhere but your own assigned parking space or you are at risk of being ticketed or towed. Your vehicle must be registered with DelSuites and you will be provided with a parking tag that is to be displayed on the rear view mirror. To register your car, please email your car details (make, model and license plate) to DelSuites will not assume any responsibility for tickets or towing charges if a guest parks illegally. If you find your spot occupied, contact DelSuites immediately at 416-296-8838.

Avondale is a pet friendly building. We are permitted a maximum of 2 pets, weighing 30lbs or less. DelSuites charges a non-refundable pet cleaning fee. This fee only covers the cost of cleaning. Extra charges will apply for any damage to the suite and or furnishings.

Bikes and Lockers
Bikes cannot be brought into the elevators or common areas or stored in your suite/balcony. There are designated bike storage areas available for a fee. Lockers are available in very limited supply. If you require additional storage space and availability permits, lockers can be rented through DelSuites. Contact your Guest Service Representative for more information.

Carts and Dollies
Avondale offers a luggage cart and dolly to assist you with the transporting of your luggage upon arrival and departure or for any larger purchases (grocery shopping, etc.) during your stay. You can sign these out at any time from the concierge desk. They are available on a first come, first served basis.

Building Amenities and Location
The amenities are located on the main floor and second floor above the lobby.
The Recreation Facilities on the second floor include an indoor Swimming Pool, Spa, Exercise Room and Men’s and Women’s change rooms. The Billiards Room, Card Room, Party Room, Board Room, Virtual Golf Room, Barbeques, Tennis Courts and Bowling Alley can be found on the main floor. Avondale also offers Guest Suites that can be reserved through the management office for a fee.
Your FOB is used to obtain access to the Recreation Facilities (pool, change rooms, exercise room and card room only).
An adult resident must accompany children under the age of 16 when using the pools or exercise room.
The Party Room, Board Room and Guest Suites are booked through the management office for a fee. Please call 416-512-8099 for rates and availability.
The Billiards Room, Bowling Alley, Tennis Court and Virtual Golf can be reserved through the Recreation Coordinator located on the second floor. Please call 416-512-6550 to book. The Recreation Coordinator is available Monday to Friday 2pm – 11pm and Saturday- Sunday 10am – 11pm.
The Barbeques are available from May 1 – October 31 and can be reserved through the concierge. Please call 416-512-0752 to book.
Please click here to view the hours and further information on the amenities that Avondale offers.