There is no charge for local or long distance (within North America) calls. A 30% administration fee will be added to any outgoing international calls. Charges are automatically applied to your credit card and a copy of the charges provided to you. We recommend using a calling card for inernational calling to avoid the administration fee.


A continuous fast dial tone when you pick up the phone signals that there are messages for you. To pick up messages in the suite dial *98. You will be prompted for your password. Your password, is the suite number. If your suite number is only 3 digits, add a “0” and then your suite number. From outside the suite, dial your telephone number. When you hear the greeting press ‘#’ immediately. Enter your password, which again is the suite number.

Enter Phone for Visitor Access

If you are expecting visitors, advise them of your Suite Name, which is included in your Welcome Letter in your arrival package. To gain access to the building, your visitors select Your Suite Name on the Enter Phone panel and call your suite. Quick rings on your phone tell you it is an Enter Phone call. Pick up the phone to speak and dial ‘6’ to allow access If you are on the phone, you will hear the call waiting beep on the line to signal an Enter Phone call. Press the hang-up button to speak to your visitor, then press ‘6’ to grant access to the building and press the hang-up button to return to your call. All visitors must register with the Concierge. The concierge may call to confirm you are at home and willing to have the guest authorized to enter the property.