There is no charge for local calls. A 30% administration fee will be added to any outgoing long distance or pay-per-use calls. Long distance charges are automatically applied to your credit card [or security deposit after departure], and a copy of the charges provided to you. We recommend using a calling card to avoid the administration fee.

A continuous fast dial tone when you pick up the phone signals that there are messages for you. To pick up messages in the house dial *98. You will be prompted for your password. Your password, is the 0049. From outside the house, dial your telephone number. When you hear the greeting press ‘#’ immediately. Enter your password, which again is the 0049.

Your house has been set up with hi-speed wireless internet. From your device, you will see the available wireless networks. Select the network name that reads DelSuites49. All connections are encrypted so a password is required. The password is your house 10 digit telephone number. If you are unable to locate your network, reset the modem by unplugging the power source, plugging it back in and waiting for all lights to come on. If you are still unable to get a wireless connection you can temporarily use the Ethernet cable and contact your Guest Services Representative.
DelSuites offers unlimited internet usage. If you receive the message below, please click “I acknowledge that I have received this message” and continue enjoying your free unlimited internet.

Your house is equipped with a digital box and your TV has been programmed to respond to the Rogers remote provided. Follow the directions below to operate the TV and box. Contact your Guest Services Representative with any questions. A 30% administration fee will be added to the charge for any movies ordered.