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We believe that our success stems from our shared purpose, common principles and belief in our fellow workers. This peer-nominated Award is given to the staff member who has made a significant contribution to the company during the previous 3 month period /year and has demonstrated true commitment to the company's mission.

Nominees are evaluated on Tridel's Core Values. Everything we do represents the values of the organization, as set out by its founder, Jack Delzotto, over 70 years ago.

DelSuites has adopted Tridel's core values:

  • Integrity - Do the right thing.
  • Quality - Deliver an exceptional product and personalized customer service.
  • Innovation - Build on new ideas that will benefit clients, staff and company
  • Teamwork - Work together to meet our commitments.
  • Family - Conduct business with respect and pride.

"As a Company, we are proud to say we work with the "best of the best". We manage to create winning teams by surrounding ourselves with brilliant and creative minds." Dino Carmel, Tridel Chief Operating Officer.