COVID-19 Health & Safety - DelSuites Update



Your suite has been set up with unlimited hi-speed wireless internet.

From your device select the network. All connections are encrypted so a password is required. The password is the 10 digit telephone number.

If you are unable to locate your network, reset the modem by unplugging the power source, plugging it back in and waiting for all lights to come on. If you are still unable to get a wireless connection you can contact the service provider Frontline directly at 416-307-1530.

  • Q:- How do I access the wi-fi?
  • A:- Locate your suite's assigned network and enter the password you were provided in your welcome package
  • Q:- What is the speed?
  • A:- Internet speed is 50 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload
  • Q:- How much is the internet?
  • A:- There is no additional cost for internet service
  • Q:- I'm having trouble sending or receiving email.
  • A:- Please contact Frontline Technical Support at 416-307-1530
  • Q:- How do I block websites/content that is inappropriate for my child?
  • A:- Currently this is not a feature that is offered by Frontline Broadband.