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Make Investment Condo Management Simple with DelSuites

May 10, 2022
Investment condo management image by Mizianitka from Pixabay

Renting out a condominium is an investment—in more ways than one.

Being successful as a condominium landlord requires many skills: knowing Toronto’s rental laws, procuring reliable tenants, securing a roster of reliable and responsive trades, and putting in the time to manage your tenancy. Keeping your suite full and in good repair can be a second career—especially if you’re hosting guests as a long-term rental.

The solution? Working with an expert property management company can bridge the gap between the rental you want and the effort it takes to keep both your investment and your free time safe.

Here’s how DelSuites makes managing your investment condo stress-free—and prevents problems before they start.

Expert investment condo management you can trust

DelSuites brings you a unique expertise in condo management. We are backed by the Tridel name—and more importantly, Tridel know-how. With Tridel’s more than 85 years of experience at our fingertips, we have the depth of knowledge and experience to collaborate with your condo board, understand your building, and keep your suite maintained.

As an independent landlord, making repairs to your suite can be a race against the clock and knowing which contractors are available and trustworthy can be a challenge. Working with DelSuites lets you take a proactive approach to maintenance: happier guests, lower repair bills and a better-looking suite that keeps its value—without stress, lost hours, or inconvenience to you.

Our professional property management team regularly assesses what your suite needs are and has a directory of trustworthy, affordable contractors on hand—especially for emergency repairs. If there’s an urgent problem in your unit, we’ll fix it—and you’ll still get a full night’s sleep.

It’s hard for one person to be a rental agent, cleaner, market researcher, tenant-screener, housing lawyer, advertiser, accountant, and problem-solver. But DelSuites is all that and more, and our expertise is ready to work for you.

Round-the-clock coverage that won’t miss a thing

While most independent landlords aren’t running their units full-time, property management firms are—which means a full-time and fully staffed commitment to knowing what’s current in your neighbourhood. Our dedicated hospitality professionals keep their finger on the pulse of corporate and long-term furnished rentals. We know what’s reasonable to ask for our units, which communities guests prefer, and how to keep suites looking their best.

But we also know what’s needed to keep on the right side of your condominium board, your neighbours, and the law.

The legal landscape around investment condo management has changed due to COVID-19. Short-term rentals have been banned for everything but primary residences in Toronto, and city enforcement is increasing. Outside legal channels, many condominium boards are developing or changing their policies on rentals in their buildings. And Ontario’s Condo Authority has been established to help regulate disputes in buildings, adding another important factor to how you run your rental business.

An experienced property management company is an essential asset as Toronto condominium laws evolve. DelSuites can make sure you stay up to date on what’s allowed, and what’s off-side—and keep the business of running your suite friendly, positive, and simple.

The reliable guests you want

Independent landlords agree: the biggest stress in renting is choosing tenants.

There are as many ideas about what makes a good guest as there are guests, and DelSuites has the experience to understand which of them truly matters. DelSuites guests love us for our top-notch service—and we appreciate them for their top-notch care for the spaces they share.

Our guests go onstage in Toronto’s biggest theatre productions, delivering front-line healthcare, and make multi-million-dollar business deals. They are everyone from Toronto’s thriving film industry to grandparents visiting from across the world to meet their grandchildren for the first time.

DelSuites and our diverse community of guests keep your suite rented, tidy, and productive—and keep your neighbours happy that you’re around.

Be part of life-changing stories

The DelSuites program isn’t just a simpler, more affordable way to run your rental business well: it’s a way to take part in the inspiring stories that make Toronto beautiful.

DelSuites furnished rentals in Toronto have provided a home away from home for families who’ve lost their house to fire or flooding. We’ve been the safe place to stay at the end of the day for medical travellers fighting cancer on Hospital Row. And we’ve been the first place new Torontonians call home, whether they’re here for work, school, or to start a whole new life.

Being a part of the DelSuites means being part of everything that’s vibrant in Toronto communities. It’s a way to know that the investment that improves your life also starts amazing Toronto stories—or catches people when they’re in need.

After our decades-long partnership with DelSuites, we appreciate our professional relationship with the team (management, maintenance, and accounting) where we have constant communication and feedback about the property. We know that the property is visited frequently by the housekeeping team and the maintenance team, and any issues are resolved with multiple quotes from trusted trades or with the in-house maintenance crew without the owner having to step in. The team goes above and beyond to also liaise with building property management when necessary, and assist with insurance and warranty claims if required on your behalf. This peace of mind continues to be tremendously helpful, knowing that our property and investment is efficiently cared for by a professional company 24/7. 

For rental income, there is no disruption in the income stream regardless if the property is rented to guests or not. Rent is always paid on time.  — Emily P., Property Owner

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