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Outdoor Activities You Can Enjoy in Toronto During the Pandemic

June 14, 2021
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The problem we face is that the COVID pandemic has been going on for over a year, but we still need to travel or feel like we’re getting away from our routine, everyday lives. But there is a way to still do this: plan a getaway to Toronto.

Whether you go on a staycation or a business-related trip, you can enjoy the perfect stay in Toronto, taking advantage of countless options for COVID-friendly outdoor activities. Here are the ways you can enjoy the natural, beautiful side of Toronto, even during the lockdown. 

1. Go on a Relaxing Stroll or a Hike

Want to escape from the business of life and immerse yourself in nature? There are numerous walking and hiking trails spread out all across Toronto, so there’s sure to be a trail to suit you. You could take an easy 20-minute stroll at the Glen Stewart Ravine (located just south of Kingston Road and north of Woodbine Beach) or challenge yourself with a 9-km hike on the Beltline Trail (located all across Eglinton West). 

Looking to get close to the Beltline Trail? Then you’ll want to stay in the Republic as it’s only a short drive away. What about the Glen Stewart Ravine? We recommend either our James Cooper Mansion or Ten York locations.

Relieve your stress and relax in a peaceful, natural environment. Go to a trail in Toronto to experience its beautiful landscape, such as its lush forests and tranquil rivers.

2. Take a Trip to the Beach

Even though many recreational attractions are closed, Toronto’s beaches are still open. And they can help you take some time to unwind and get outside in the summer. 

Take a refreshing swim at one of Toronto’s swimming beaches, like Cherry Beach, build sandcastles with your family, or enjoy a picnic in the sun. You could even simply walk along the beach while taking in the sights.

Want to soak up some sun or lounge on a beach seat under the shade of an umbrella? With its visually pleasing pink umbrellas and white sand, Sugar Beach is just the right place. It’s also a popular site to visit in the winter when it’s topped with soft white snow.

3. Visit Nature Parks

During the pandemic, everyone is spending a lot more time indoors than they’re used to. If you’re missing being outside and want to get some fresh air at a park, Toronto has a lot to choose from. 

At a park, you could spend some time outdoors with your family or see your friends in person while socially distancing. Have a picnic, walk through gardens, or go on short trails.  

High Park is a popular choice that offers a wide variety of activities, including a small zoo. It’s also famous for being a park where you view the cherry blossoms in bloom in the summer. 

4. Walk Through a Public Garden

Toronto’s outdoor public gardens, such as community and allotment gardens, are also open. 

Stroll through them while admiring trees and attractively arranged flower beds. Take pictures in beautiful settings, such as the small bridges in Edwards Gardens. And take a moment to pause and sit on a bench while admiring your surroundings in the Toronto Music Garden

Stop and smell the flowers during your business retreat or vacation from work. 

5. Take Advantage of Outdoor Recreational Amenities

Although COVID restrictions are constantly evolving, certain recreational amenities, including playgrounds and dog off-leash areas, are currently open. Take advantage of the opportunity to get outside and use these amenities. 

Taking your kids to the playground can also help them get moving and be active instead of being cooped up at home. 

If you go to High Park, you could take your kids to Toronto’s largest playground, the Jamie Bell Adventure Playground, or give your dogs a feeling of freedom at the High Park Dog Off-Leash Area

DelSuites: Have the Perfect Stay in Toronto

Here at DelSuites, we understand that you may need to get away during this difficult pandemic. That’s why we’re here to give you the most pleasant stay possible at one of our luxurious, beautifully furnished, and spotlessly clean units. 

And with 7 locations spread out across Downtown Toronto, you can have countless outdoor activities waiting at your doorstep. 

Our fully trained cleaning staff also follow additional cleaning regimens so you can enjoy a safe stay and have peace of mind. 

Get a change of pace without needing to get out of town. Browse through our collection of curated short-term rentals in downtown Toronto today.

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